Sunday, July 13, 2014

Who Lucy Hale Wants “A” to Be

Lucy Hale had an interview with The Wrap and talked about “A”, Tyler Blackburn’s return and how Aria deals with Mike and Mona’s relationship.

If Lucy had to choose who she wants “A” to be among the existing “Pretty Little Liars” characters, she would choose one of the main girls.  She isn’t sure that the writers would go that way, but it would make for a really interesting twist.  Having one of the girls as “A” would change the whole show and make you re-think everything.

Lucy also talked about how great it is to have Tyler Blackburn (Caleb) back on the show.  They all love Tyler and were thrilled that he got his own show (“Ravenswood”), but she is selfishly excited that “Ravenswood” got cancelled and they get him back on “Pretty Little Liars”.  Lucy thinks Tyler is a doll and is amazing.

Aria wasn’t thrilled with Mike and Mona’s relationship last season and now it looks like it’s starting up again.  Lucy says that Aria is hyperaware and plays momma bear to protect her little brother.

Lucy Hale would summarize “Pretty Little Liars” as 100 moments of confusion.  Lucy jokes that it still confuses her and she never knows what is going on.

Anybody else agree with Lucy that it would be A-mazing if one of the main liars turned out to be “A”?  Maybe Aria?

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