Tuesday, July 15, 2014

PLL Star Janel Parrish Crushes on Ryan Gosling

Janel Parrish, Mona on Pretty Little Liars, played a round of People’s Choice Against the Clock.  She talked about her celebrity crush and gave some details about the PLL cast.  (You can also read Keegan Allen’s answers in “Against the Clock”).

Janel’s favorite PLL character besides her own is “A”. 

The PLL co-star she sees most often off-set is Brendan Robinson (Lucas on Pretty Little Liars).

Janel is a Haleb fan.  Her favorite PLL couple is Hanna and Caleb.

Something she has in common with her character Mona Vanderwaal is that she wasn’t popular in high school.

She would love to guest-star on ABC’s show Revenge.

Her celebrity crush is Ryan Gosling and she would love to have him guest-star on the show.

Janel unwinds on set by watching funny Youtube videos.

She thinks the funniest PLL cast member is Lucy Hale.

One thing Janel would steal from Mona’s closet?  Shoes.  Mona has great shoes.

And the craziest “A” theory Janel has heard so far?  That “A” is one of the parents.

Would love to see Janel Parrish on Revenge sometime.  She’d be great on that show.  And what do you think of the theory that a parent is "A"?

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