Monday, June 30, 2014

PLL Star Keegan Allen’s Bromance with Ian Harding and his Celebrity Crush

Keegan Allen answered questions for People’s Choice in the Q&A game People’s Choice Against the Clock.

Who is his favorite Pretty Little Liars character besides his own?

Ella Montgomery (Aria’s mom) played by Holly Marie Combs.

Which castmate does he hang out with the most off-set?

Keegan says that, surprisingly, it would be Ian Harding (Ezra). He also hangs out with Ashley Benson a lot.

His favorite Pretty Little Liars couple?

Hanna and Caleb.

One thing he has in common with his Pretty Little Liars character?

Toby reads a lot of the books that Keegan likes.

What TV show would he love to guest star on?

True Detective looks like its right up his alley. Breaking Bad would be fun if it was still on.

A guest star he would love to have on Pretty Little Liars?

He wishes they could raise Marlon Brando from the grave and have him on the show.

Keegan Allen’s celebrity crush?

Jennifer Lawrence.

How does Keegan unwind on set?

Keegan is never really wound up to start with. He’s pretty calm.

Who is the funniest Pretty Little Liars cast member?

Troian is so funny that Keegan sometimes has trouble focusing on the scene they’re filming because he’s laughing so hard.

And Keegan Allen supports the idea of a Pretty Little Liars movie.

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