Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lucy Hale’s “Lie a Little Better” GMA Performance

Lucy Hale gave a performance of her new single “Lie a Little Better” from her album “Road Between” on Good Morning America yesterday.  Lucy Hale performed the song live in Times Square.

ABC US News | ABC Sports News

Lucy Hale talked about her Opry debut last weekend.  She said it was probably the coolest moment of her life.

Lucy also laughed about messing up a few words when she sang “Lie a Little Better”.

ABC US News | ABC Sports News

Looks like Lucy had a great time on GMA.  She even bonded with a dog that they had on set for another segment they were shooting.

Lucy Hale’s music video for “Lie a Little Better” is on the way, so watch out for that coming soon.

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