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Recap of PLL 6x08 "FrAmed": Who is Rhys Matthews?

In Pretty Little Liars episode 6x08 “FrAmed” Red Coat returns and it looks like Red Coat is “A”’s ally.  Alison has sympathy for her long-lost brother Charles, so she unapologetically betrays Lorenzo to get some answers.  Aria’s new friend Clark acts suspicious, the Liars discover a Carissimi Group employee named Rhys Mathews who looks just like Jason DiLaurentis and “A” destroys Aria’s big art gallery moment despite heavy police presence.

Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Aria and Alison watch a news report about Charles DiLaurentis.  The media speculates that Charles killed Jessica DiLaurentis.  Spencer hopes the police will make an age progeression sketch of Charles based on the home videos of Charles as a child.  Maybe they can finally put a face to the name. 

Hanna is glad everyone now knows how vicious Charles is, but Alison isn’t ready to condemn her brother just yet.  At Charles’s birthday party, he gave Alison his birthday cake frosting.  He also cried when it was time to leave.  He said it was the best birthday he ever had.  Alison can’t understand how that kid could become so vicious.

Hanna can’t believe Alison has pity for Charles after everything he did to them.  Alison only went to the arcade with Charles one time.  That isn’t exactly family bonding.  Hanna isn’t going to give Charles the benefit of the doubt and she's going to say what her friends are too afraid to say to Alison.  She hopes the police catch him.  There’s nothing the police can do to him that would be worse than what he did to them.

Hanna suspects the Carissimi Group scholarship money came from Charles DiLaurentis, so she wants to hand it over to the police.  Maybe it will help them track down Charles.  Her mom refuses to let go of the money that easily.  Hanna deserves to go to college after everything she’s been through.  Hanna’s mom thinks they should talk to Kenneth DiLaurentis about the money, but the press outside Mr. DiLaurentis’s office is out of control.  They’ll have to talk to him another time.

Clark, Aria’s photography friend, heard about the Liars trying to catch Charles.  He has tons of questions for Aria.  He wants to know how they figured out Charles would be at the arcade.  Aria doesn’t really want to talk about it.

They switch topics and talk about Aria’s creepy doll photographs.  The photos will be shown at an art gallery, but Aria can’t go.  Her mom is acting super protective after the run-in with Charles at the arcade.  She’s making Aria go to Mike’s sports banquet instead.

Clark leaves and Ezra expresses his concerns to Aria about Clark and his numerous questions.  Clark isn’t a blue-eyed and blond haired DiLaurentis, so Aria isn’t concerned.

Lorenzo got hurt when they tracked Charles to the arcade, so Alison goes to his place to take care of him and make him some soup.  Alison explains that her friends and her dad are upset with her.  Alison’s dad is shutting her out, but he’s been talking to Lt. Tanner about Charles.  She deserves to know about Charles, too.  Lorenzo has a buddy on Lt. Tanner’s team, so he calls in a favor to get some information for Alison.

Spencer and Hanna do some sleuthing to find out more about the Carissimi Group.  Spencer initially wants to intern there to get some inside info, but the application deadline passed two weeks ago.  The only other option to get in the door is to close Hanna’s account and return the scholarship money to the Carissimi Group.

Aria asks Lt. Tanner if she can get a police escort to the art gallery.  Lt. Tanner is impressed with Aria’s declarative and succinct photos.  Lt. Tanner is more than happy to station officers in unmarked cars at the gallery.  She assures Aria’s mom that there will be enough manpower there to keep Aria safe. 

Meanwhile, “A” uses surveillance cameras to watch the art gallery.  Red Coat joins “A” in his lair and sits next to him.  Is Red Coat the friend that sent “A” his birthday present?

Emily gives Aria fashion advice for her big night at the art gallery.  Emily, Spencer and Hanna will all be there to support Aria, but Alison isn’t coming.  Aria already has a prom dress in her closet, but she doesn’t want anyone to see it yet.  Emily tells Aria about a memo Principal Hackett sent to their parents.  Rosewood High is trying to ban the Liars from attending prom.  Apparently there are safety concerns.

Aria doesn’t have a date for prom, so she suggests that Emily be her prom buddy.  She’ll even slow dance with her.  Emily wants to slow dance with Sara Harvey, though.  Emily tells Aria about the kisses.  Emily never told Sara about the tracking devices, though.  She didn’t feel a tracking device on Sara’s neck.

Prom is a huge deal, so Emily isn’t sure how to ask Sara.  Aria suggests that they make it a group thing.  They will all make sure Sara has an amazing time.

Aria is probably going to go to prom solo.  She’s sure Toby and Caleb will throw her a bone and dance with her.  Aria doesn’t want to ask Clark to prom.  He asks her so many questions it’s as if he’s interviewing her.

Spencer and Hanna get into Rhys Matthew’s office at the Carissimi Group.  Hanna gets paranoid while they are waiting.  She suspects that a mirror is actually two-way mirror and that the room is bugged.  Hanna goes crazy and thows a crumpled piece of paper right as Matthew Rhys enters the room.

Matthew Rhys sort of looks like Jason DiLaurentis.  Spencer asks a bunch of questions about the scholarship while Hanna takes a photo of Rhys with her phone.  Rhys isn’t exactly forthcoming and doesn’t answers all of Spencer’s questions.  He’s surprised that Hanna is returning the thirty thousand dollar scholarship money.  They’ll wait until the next round of applicants comes in and then decide who will get the money.

The Carissimi Group offers scholarships selectively.  Candidates are recommended through personal recommendations.  His employer chooses who will be awarded the money.  The private trust exists to provide his employer with discretion, so it’s unlikely that the girls can meet him.  He’ll tell his employer about Hanna’s change of heart during the weekly conference call.

Lorenzo is able to get some information for Alison.  Lt. Tanner has been recording her meetings with Alison’s father.  It seems like her dad is cooperating with the police.  Lorenzo isn’t able to access the transcripts of the meetings, but he does know that the police called in a profiler to determine who Charles has become. 

Lorenzo has to take some pain medication for his arm, so he’ll be completely knocked out for a while.  He tells Alison that she should take off, but Alison offers to stay to do the dishes and the laundry.  As soon as Lorenzo falls asleep, Alison steals his police key card.

Spencer and Hanna show up late to the art gallery, which is crawling with undercover police.  Spencer doesn’t want to ruin Aria’s night, so they agree not to show her the photo of Rhys.  They do show the photo to Emily, though.  Emily immediately thinks it is a photo of Jason DiLaurentis.  Hanna is sure that Rhys Matthews is actually Charles DiLaurentis. 

Aria is pleasantly surprised that Ezra came to the art gallery to see her work.  Aria spontaneously decides to ask Ezra to prom, but he doesn’t immediately answer.  Before he can explain his hesitation, Emily’s Habitat for Humanity friend Nicole shows up.  Aria is completely thrown by the fact that Ezra invited Nicole to the show.  Aria sees Clark and makes a quick getaway before things get really awkward. 

Aria tries to talk to Clark, but he’s acting a little strange.  Aria makes a reference to Clark having experience showing his work, since he supposedly was up for an award before.  Clark doesn’t seem to know much about that, though.  And his parents aren’t at the show, even though they live close by and Clark is up for an award.  Clark cryptically says that he respects Aria no matter what happens.  Then he quickly disappears before Aria’s big moment.

It is time for the finalists to be announced for the photo contest.  The winner gets five thousand dollars in cash and a summer internship at a travel and leisure magazine in Los Angeles. 

It’s time for Aria’s photos to be revealed.  Instead of Aria creepy doll photos, there are even more creepy photos hanging on the gallery wall.  “A” put up photos of the Liars looking like they are dead in a morgue.  The work is titled ‘Stolen Dolls’.

Lt. Tanner thinks “A” is sending a message to her.  He left a message in Spanish that translates to “They are pretty”.  It’s also a play on words, since it can also mean “They are Linda’s”.  Lt. Linda Tanner took the girls from “A” when they were rescued.  Tanner grew up in a bilingual household.  She thinks “A” is proving he can uncover her identity as much as she is uncovering his.

Aria’s mom is understandably furious at Tanner.  Tanner said there wasn’t a threat, yet “A” did this to the Liars and put it on display for everyone to see.  When are the police going to catch this lunatic?

Lt. Tanner has hours of security footage to examine and will dust the whole gallery for fingerprints.  This is just another piece to the puzzle.

Alison uses Lorenzo’s key card to break into the police station and looks at Lt. Tanner’s room filled with evidence.  There’s a board with the DiLaurentis family tree.  Alison picks up a baby rattle in an evidence box just as Lt. Tanner comes in.

Alison sees ‘superficial charm’ written on the whiteboard and asks if that is what the profiler thinks of her brother.  Alison recognized the baby rattler because it was hers.  It was part of a christening set.

Lt. Tanner explains that it was found in the bunker.  Alison doesn’t think it is a big deal.  She thinks Charles took it because he feels bad about trying to hurt her when she was a baby.  Alison thinks the home movies were Charles’s way of staying connected to the family.

Lt. Tanner has a more sinister explanation for the mementos Charles kept.  Murderers can be sentimental.  They keep mementos of their victims.  Charles may view that baby rattle as an intimate piece of Alison.

Lt. Tanner is prepared to use lethal force if necessary to bring Charles to justice.  He is a predator who put six girls through absolute hell when he kidnapped and tortured them.  Lt. Tanner takes Lorenzo’s key card from Alison before she leaves.

Hanna, Emily and Spencer spot Rhys Matthews across from the gallery.  He’s in his car talking on the phone.  The girls wonder if he’s the one who screwed Aria out of her internship.  They watch as he goes into an abandoned doll warehouse.  Moments later, Clark shows up and also goes inside the warehouse.  The girls don’t follow them in the dollhouse, though.  They don’t think it is safe.

Outside the art gallery, Ezra explains that he wasn’t on a date with Nicole.  He’s been talking to her because he is interested in Habitat for Humanity.

Aria tells Ezra that Charles wants them back.  She was drugged when Charles posed them for those morgue photos.  She was so cold when the drugs started wearing off.  She thought she was back in Iceland with her family.  Her family used to watch for the Northern Lights in the sky.  They’d sit in the freezing cold waiting for something magical to happen.

Instead, Aria woke up to feel a cold metal table under her bare skin.  Aria has been freezing cold ever since then.

Alison returns to Lorenzo’s apartment to find him awake and waiting for her.  Lt. Tanner already called him.  He’s going to be disciplined when he goes to work in the morning. 

Lorenzo can’t believe Alison manipulated him like that, especially after he called in a favor for her.  Alison made his soup and did his laundry just for the opportunity to steal his key card.

Alison isn’t that apologetic about her actions and she doesn't seem concerned that she got Lorenzo in trouble with Lt. Tanner.  She’s more concerned with the fact that the police might kill her brother when they find him. 

Lorenzo wishes Alison would have asked for his key card instead of manipulating him, but it wouldn’t have matter.  Alison admits that she would have stolen the key card even if Lorenzo said no.

Aria’s mom visits Hanna’s mom to talk about their daughters.  Aria’s mom doesn’t think the police are doing enough to protect their girls.  They need to do something, but they don’t know what to do.  Red Coat stands outside the house and watches them talk.

Spencer, Hanna and Emily go to Aria’s house to break the bad news about Clark.  They also talk about Rhys Matthew’s eerie resemblance to Jason DiLaurentis. 

Lt. Tanner examines the security footage from the art gallery and zooms in on a guy who is handling the photos.

“A” puts six syringes in the trunk of his car.  Red Coat, who is driving the car, hands “A” tickets to Rosewood High’s ‘The Enchanted Forest’ Senior Prom.

What did you think of "FrAmed"?  It’s hard to believe Alison has sympathy for the person who kidnapped and tortured her friends, especially when she only has one childhood memory of him.  Who do you think Red Coat is?  Do you think Rhys Matthews is actually a DiLaurentis?  And what do you think of the syringes?  The Liars plus Alison are five girls, so who is the sixth syringe for?

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