Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ian Harding Wants Marriage & Babies for Ezria

The seventh season of PLL is supposed to be the most romantic season ever. We will have a PLL wedding, but we don’t know which Liar will get married. Ian Harding, Ezra on PLL, would love to see his character marry Aria.


Ian wants to see lots of Ezria scenes in season 7. “I’m excited to see where they go, because they no longer have any impediments. We’re all adults now. I don’t work at a school, and she works at this publishing company,” he told Hollywood Life.

It won’t be smooth sailing for the couple, though. Lucy Hale has said that there will be a love triangle. Lucy will have to decide between Ezra and Liam.

Ian Harding also hinted at trouble for Ezria. “There will be impediments to that relationship, though. We’re going to see what happens with them, but from what we shot so far, things look… bright. The same way it gets bright from say, a nuclear bomb.”

How does Ian want PLL to end for his character? “I hope just happy and successful. He’s had some things happen to him, especially with Aria. If they end up together in the end, it would be wonderful to see them have a nice calm boring life, if that’s possible. Maybe a child or two and a lot of Netflix.”

That’s pretty much what Lucy Hale said, minus the Netflix. Although Lucy initially said she wanted PLL to end tragically, she later said she wants Aria and Ezra to get married and have babies.

Do you want to see an Ezria wedding at the end of PLL season 7? How great would a double wedding be? I wouldn’t mind seeing both Haleb and Ezria marry by the end of the season. Which Liars do you want to see get married? Comment below!

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