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Recap of PLL 7x02 “Bedlam”: Liars Turn to Mary Drake

Hanna’s out of danger, but Alison is the one who needs rescuing in Pretty Little Liars episode 7x02 “Bedlam”. The Liars are concerned about Alison and become suspicious of Dr. Elliot Rollins. Despite Spencer’s repeated warnings, Emily turns to Mary Drake for help. Mary Drake and Dr. Elliot Rollins may have worked together, but they seem to be having some issues with each other. And Liam’s back in town and he’s more than a little jealous of Ezria.

The episode starts off with Hanna getting a ride from Mary Drake. Mary offers to take Hanna to the police, but Hanna insists on seeing her friends. Hanna says Alison never mentioned her mom had a twin sister. Mary says that families are complicated and most have many secrets. Sometimes, those secrets are actual people.

Back with her friends, Hanna refuses to see a doctor. She doesn’t want to deal with the questions. Once her friends explain who Mary Drake is, Hanna becomes convinced that Mary is A.D.. She doesn’t understand why Mary didn’t run her over instead of bringing her to Spencer’s house. Her friends explain that they already gave A.D./Uber A evidence that Alison killed Charlotte.

Hanna needs something a lot stronger than coffee to deal with everything that's happened. While Spencer gets Hanna some alcohol, Caleb gives Hanna her engagement ring back. Spencer watches them from the kitchen.

The Liars always get creepy "presents" from "A", but the presents are a lot nicer now that the Liars helped "A". Uber A sends the Liars a huge flower bouquet. The note on the bouquet says “Couldn’t have done it without you. Glad we’re on the same team. A.D.”

Hanna goes back to Lucas’s loft with Caleb, Emily and Spencer. Caleb and Hanna talk alone. Caleb asks if Hanna is going to start a fashion business with Lucas's money. That conversation quickly turns to the kiss Hanna and Caleb had at the Lost Woods Resort. Hanna says that she was scared that night, but she always felt safe around Caleb. She thinks they went back to what the used to be, but only for a minute.

Emily finds Spencer crying in the hallway. Emily asks if Alison is safe at Welby. Emily is afraid Uber A will find a way in to attack Alison. Emily wants to warn Elliot, but Spencer doesn’t see how. They can’t say that they told someone his wife killed her sister, who was actually her cousin. They’d get locked up themselves if they told that story.

Caleb takes Spencer home, but before leaving Spencer asks Emily to look after Hanna. Hanna has that ‘dollhouse look’.

Spencer stays up late working on some papers for her mom’s campaign. Spencer admits to Caleb that she feels guilty Hanna got kidnapped. She should have stopped Hanna’s dangerous plan. Caleb says Hanna is like an aircraft carrier. Lot of firepower, but difficult to maneuver. Spencer cries after Caleb goes back to bed.

Emily gets a desperate call from Alison in the middle of the night. Alison begs Emily to help her. Emily can hear Alison sobbing as a nurse takes the phone away from her.

Emily immediately heads to Welby State Psychiatric Hospital, but the staff won’t let her see Alison. Dr. Elliot Rollins thinks Alison needs to be in isolation, so only family can visit her. Elliot says it is best for both Alison and Emily. Emily sees a janitor removing a phone from the wall. Clearly, the hospital is making sure Alison can’t call her friends for help anymore.


Lucas and Hanna meet up to discuss business. Lucas was serious when he offered Hanna a million dollars to help her build her own fashion business. He gave Hanna papers to sign, but Hanna is reluctant to accept. Lucas asks why Hanna makes it so hard for someone to do something nice for her.

Hanna thinks people have the wrong impression of her. Lucas thinks Hanna is smart, brave and sharp, but Hanna doesn’t think she is. Lucas wants to help Hanna make her dreams come true, but he needs an answer soon. Otherwise, they will lose the tax credit. Hanna says she isn’t good at making decisions. Lucas points out that Hanna is making a decision by refusing to make a decision.

Emily is worried about Alison, so she turns to Spencer for advice. Emily wants to use Mary Drake to get access to Alison, since Mary is Alison’s aunt. Spencer immediately vetoes that idea. The Liars all think Mary Drake is Uber A. They can’t risk bringing Uber A directly to Alison.

Given the Ezria kiss in the season 6 finale “Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars”, it doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone except Liam when Aria decides to break up with him. She explains that she has a lot of unresolved things in her life and it wouldn’t be fair to keep seeing him. She assures him that the breakup has nothing to do with the book or Ezra.

Liam has some surprise news, too. Unfortunately, his news is awkward now that Aria just dumped him. Turns out Liam is working on the book again. He convinced Jillian to let him prep the manuscript. He’s more than just an editor. He’s also the creative gatekeeper. It’s his job to make sure everyone stays reasonably happy. Aria isn’t excited to learn that they still have to work together, but Liam says they can cross the finish line together.

As Hanna wonders if she should take Lucas up on his offer, she has a flashback to the day she first met her fiancé Jordan. Hanna was at a bar making calls for her boss. Jordan put his drink on Hanna’s napkin, smudging an important telephone number written on it. Hanna snapped at him, but Jordan showed her that she could still read the number where the pen pressed into the napkin. Hanna and Jordan ended up chatting all night long.

Aria, Emily and Spencer go to talk to Dr. Elliot Rollins together. Unfortunately, Elliot still refuses to let them speak to Alison. Elliot and Spencer have a heated discussion during which Spencer accuses him of lacking objectivity as both Alison’s husband and doctor.

Elliot fires back at Spencer, saying he spent five years taking care of both Alison and Charlotte. So maybe he’s lacking the clarity that Spencer has from being away from Rosewood and Alison for so many years.

Aria intervenes and stops the fight. This isn’t a competition about who cares for Alison the most. They all want Alison to get better. Elliot claims he’s doing exactly that. He’s even spoken to Jason DiLaurentis, who approves of Alison’s treatment.

The Liars asks about Mary Drake. Elliot won’t let her visit Alison, either. He’s worried about Alison seeing someone who looks so much like her dead mom.

Elliot steps away to take a call. They Liars get another message from Uber A that says “She’s mine now. No take backs, no do-overs. A.D.” The Liars stare suspiciously at Elliot and wonder if A.D. is already inside Welby.

Hanna heads to New York to surprise Jordan. She puts on a sexy red dress as part of her ‘hostile takeover’ of Jordan. Hanna hasn’t been a model fiancé lately  and she wanted to put in a little more effort.

Jordan is glad to see her, but he reminds her that being his fiancé isn’t supposed to be a job. It’s supposed to be fun. Ever since returning to Rosewood, Hanna has become the most serious person he’s ever known.

Hanna wants to go back to the bar where they first met. She wants to start all over again. They go back, but the bar is already gone. Hanna starts freaking out. She wanted to start over with Jordan and make everything perfect. Now that the bar is gone, everything is ruined.

Jordan, who really does seem like a sweet guy, asks what Hanna wants. Jordan will move heaven and earth for Hanna. Unfortunately, that’s not enough for Hanna. Hanna apologizes and gives the engagement ring back to Jordan.

Emily continues to push Spencer into getting Mary Drake’s help. Spencer refuses to make a deal with the devil. They can’t trust Mary. Besides, Elliot made it clear that Mary isn’t welcome in the hospital either. Emily refuses to back down. She brings up Spencer’s stint in Radley, saying that Spencer should know what that can do to a person.

Aria catches Ezra up with everything that’s been going on. Ezra is surprised Elliot talked to Jason. Toby hasn’t been able to contact Jason. Toby wants to confirm the Mary Drake story with Jason, since no one in Rosewood remembers Jessica DiLaurentis ever having a sister.

Aria expresses her concern about the Liam situation. It’s going to be hard to work with Liam after the breakup. Ezra promises to make things work. Ezra and Aria hold hands. Liam happens to see them holding hands and he definitely isn’t happy with how close they are.

Ezra’s meeting with Liam is more than a little awkward. Liam suddenly sees problems with Ezra’s book. He says Ezra’s main character is a predator because he dated an inappropriately younger girl. Liam compares it to Lolita and says it will make the readers’ skin crawl.

Ezra says there isn’t much of an age difference between the two characters. Liam says Ezra is justifying his actions. Liam thinks there is a friction between Ezra’s chapters and Aria’s chapters. He doesn’t want Aria to look foolish, like she got talked into something she didn’t want.

Ezra immediately notices that Liam slipped and said “Aria” instead of “Aria’s character”. Clearly, this isn’t just about the book. Liam claims it is his job to protect both Ezra and Aria from poor judgment and avoidable bad choices.

Mary Drake stops by the Veronica Hastings campaign office to speak to Spencer. Spencer asks why Mary was in Radley Sanitarium when she was younger. Mary says that she and her sister had issues. When she was fourteen, Jessica was babysitting Teddy Carver, a ten-month-old baby. Jessica called Mary and complained that the baby wouldn’t stop crying. Jessica begged Mary to come over.

When Mary got there, Jessica said the baby was fine. She told Mary that the baby had fallen asleep upstairs after a bath. Jessica took off to meet up with Matt Brooks. Mary stayed until the Carvers came home. When Mrs. Carver went upstairs, she started screaming like she was on fire. The baby, Teddy, was dead.

Jessica told everyone that the baby was fine when she left. Everybody always believed Jessica, since she was the warm one. Mary’s parents put Mary in Radley Sanitarium, since that would be safer than prison.

After the disastrous meeting with Liam, Ezra tells Aria what happened. Liam wasn’t just criticizing the book. There was genuine anger at Ezra. Ezra promises not to fight with Liam, but he’s not sure what will be left of the book if Liam continues to conduct every meeting with that much animosity. Aria doesn’t understand why Liam would behave like this. Ezra asks how much Liam really knows about Aria and Ezra’s relationship.

Emily is filling out an employment application at The Radley hotel when Mary Drake walks into the lobby. Emily introduces herself. Mary gets emotional when she remembers her time spent at Radley Sanitarium. Mary says a little tenderness is all anyone needs to survive. Although Radley was frightening, she was able to find some tenderness there.

Emily ignores Spencer’s advice and decides to get help from Mary Drake. Emily explains that Elliot won’t let her visit Alison. Emily was the one who took Alison to Welby. Now Emily wonders if that was the right thing to do. Since Mary is Alison’s aunt, she may be able to talk to someone at Welby. Mary is reluctant to challenge Elliot, but she suggests that they both go to Welby together.

Hanna meets up with Lucas again and decides to sign the papers. She wants this more than anything. Lucas notices that Hanna isn’t wearing her engagement ring, but he doesn’t comment on it.

Aria confronts Liam about his hostility towards Ezra. Liam says he used to admire Ezra, but now he’s suspicious. Liam finally connected all the dots. He thinks Aria was seduced by her English teacher when she was still in high school.

Aria explains that a lot of complicated things have happened. Still, Aria wouldn’t take back any of the deaths or the disappointments. Even if her life would be less messy. Everything she’s been through has made her who she is today. She is the person that she because of what has happened, what she’s done and who she loves. “I like that person. That me. Mess and all”, Aria explains.

Emily finally gets to see Alison at Welby. Alison is out of it. She tells Emily that they are going to miss their flight.

Alison sees Mary Drake and thinks she is her dead mom. “Mommy? Why did you leave me?” Alison asks her. “I woke up and there was dirt all over me and you wouldn’t help.” Alison asks why she left her in the cold ground.

Then Alison says “You were wrong about Elliot. It’s not like what you said at all”. (In PLL 6x19 “Did You Miss Me?”, Mary visited Alison and pretended to be Jessica DiLaurentis. As Jessica, she assured Alison that Elliot is a good man who loves her. She told Alison that Elliot would protect her.)

Before Mary Drake can respond, Dr. Elliot Rollins burst in the room. He didn’t authorize any visits. He orders them out of the room while Alison screams for Emily to stay.

Emily asks what happened to Alison. She wasn’t like that when she came in. Elliot and Mary go into a room to speak privately. Elliot drops his fake American accent and, in his British accent, confronts Mary. She isn’t supposed to be at the hospital. Mary has been calling Elliot for two days.

Mary and Elliot get in an argument as Emily watches from outside. What Elliot is doing to Alison wasn’t part of the plan. Mary tells Elliot that he’s gone too far. Elliot says that Mary already got what she wanted. Mary says that she hasn’t gotten the DiLaurentis money yet.

Spencer’s really not having a good day. She feels guilty that Hanna was kidnapped, she senses something going on between Hanna and Caleb, and she just got fired (by text) from her job as a lobbyist in D.C.. Although, that’s not surprising given how long Spencer and the other Liars have been hanging out in Rosewood. Spencer pulls out her dad’s good booze and Caleb joins her.

Spencer asks Caleb if they made a mistake by dating each other. Caleb says no, but Spencer asks why Caleb is talking about their relationship in past tense. Before he can answer, they get a text from Emily. Emily says Ali’s much worse. Also, there is something going on between Mary Drake and Elliot.

In the final scene, someone injects something into Alison’s IV. Alison is then rolled out of her room and down the hall.

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars episode 7x02 “Bedlam”? Do you believe Mary Drake’s story that Jessica was actually the one that killed the Carver baby? (And doesn’t this story sound eerily familiar to Mr. DiLaurentis’s story about Alison drowning in the bathtub as a baby?) What do you think Elliot plans to do to Alison? Comment and leave your theories below!

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