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PLL Recap of 6x19 “Did You Miss Me?”: Hanna's Fake Murder Confession

The Liars take drastic measures to fight Uber “A” in Pretty Little Liars episode 6x19 “Did You Miss Me”.  Uber “A” sends Alison to the hospital with a concussion.  Realizing that Uber “A” will attack Spencer and Hanna next, Hanna decides to confess to murdering Charlotte.  Caleb agrees to help Hanna with her plan.  Reluctantly, the rest of the Liars support Hanna’s dangerous plan.

Mona tells Emily that she called Charlotte from the Two Crows Diner.  Mona waited for two hours with coffee and a slice of apple pie, but Charlotte never showed up.

Charlotte knew everyone’s secrets.  Mona wanted to find out what Charlotte was going to do with her new freedom.  Emily is convinced that Mona would have killed Charlotte to keep her quiet.  Mona asks Emily what she would have done.  Would Emily be willing to kill Charlotte to keep her quiet?

Mona also denies trying to run Emily over at the Two Crows Diner on Friday.  At the time, Mona was still working on the Phillips campaign.  Their conversation is cut short when they are startled by a noise behind them.

Emily tells Spencer and Aria that Mona was the caller from the Two Crows Diner.   Emily thinks Mona is capable of killing Charlotte, but Aria doesn’t really care if Mona is innocent or guilty of murder.  She wants to clear her name with Lt. Tanner and get off the suspect list.  Spencer doesn’t want to go to the cops yet.  A free-range Mona might lead them somewhere.

Alison and Dr. Eilliot Rollins are happy on their honeymoon at a bed and breakfast.  They make plans to have a picnic by the lake, but Alison trips down the stairs.  Alison is knocked unconscious and Elliot rushes her to the hospital.

Alison is fine despite her concussion, but she has to stay in the hospital for observation.  Alison wonders if she is being punished for surviving.  Elliot assures her that the universe doesn’t work that way.  Her fall was just an accident.

Meanwhile, the Liars aren’t so sure that Alison’s injury was an unfortunate accident.  With election night three days away, it looks like Uber “A” is stepping up the game.  The Liars are still suspicious of Mona, despite Hanna’s insistence that Mona didn’t kill Charlotte.  Spencer says that Mona has changed too many time.  Hanna once again defends Mona.  Haven’t all the Liars tried to reinvent themselves more than once?

The hospital is only an hour away, so Hanna decides to visit Alison.  Alison’s hospital room is overflowing with bouquets of flowers, supposedly all from Elliot.  Among the flowers from Elliot, Hanna finds a bouquet with a card from Uber “A”.  There is a picture of a staircase on the front of the card.  Inside there are emjoi illustrations of the Liars.  Aria, Emily and Alison are all crossed out, leaving just Spencer and Hanna as Uber “A”’s next targets.  Hanna doesn’t want to scare Alison with the news that her injury wasn’t an accident, so Hanna sneaks the card into her purse.

Dr. Elliot Rollins is surprised and happy that Hanna showed up to visit Alison at the hospital.  He’s starting to understand just how loyal the Liars are to each other.  It’s remarkable how they all look after each other.  Hanna, always with the best lines, says “We’re all connected like a big bowl of linguine”. 

Emily video chats Spencer to show her a video of Mona talking to Sara Harvey’s driver (the guy who walked Sara down the aisle at Charlotte’s funeral).  Spencer rushes over.  They watch as he leaves city hall with a poster tube and a black duffel bag.

Emily rams her car into his parked car.  While she distracts Sara Harvey’s driver, Spencer opens the tube.  She finds Radley’s floor plans and an envelope with a room key in it.

Spencer goes to city hall to get a copy of the Radley’s floor plan while Emily continues to follow Sara Harvey’s driver.  He stops at an ice cream truck.  Sara Harvey drives by and the driver casually throws the tube into the window of her moving car.

Ezra and Aria are busy writing their book.  Ezra isn’t happy with the goodbye scene in his novel.  He initially wrote it as a romantic scene where the guy looks back at the girl while he drives away.  Ezra decides to rewrite the scene.

Aria reads Ezra’s revision of the goodbye scene.  In the new version, Ezra writes what really happened the day he and Nicole said goodbye.  They had a fight because Ezra wanted to spend more time with Nicole.  Ezra left angry.  It wasn’t a sweet or romantic goodbye.  Ezra isn’t sure which version is best for the novel.  The truth or the fiction? 

Hanna is ready to take Uber “A” down.  She goes to Caleb for help with her plan.  Spencer comes home to find Caleb and Hanna waiting for her.  Spencer tells them that Sara Harvey checked into the Radley again, but this time under a fake name. 

Hanna shocks Spencer with a confession.  Hanna claims that she murdered Charlotte.  Hanna says that she followed Aria and Ezra to the square.  She saw Charlotte go into the church.  Hanna followed her, picked up a candlestick and stabbed her in the back of the neck.  She then threw Charlotte off the bell tower.  The real reason she stole the hotel’s security drive was to protect herself, not Aria.  Crying, Hanna says “I murdered Charlotte”.

Hanna immediately turns to Caleb, confident she can pull off her plan.  If she was able to convince Spencer with her fake confession, even for a minute, then she can also trick Evil Emoji/Uber “A”.

Aria and Ezra have dinner with Aria’s boss (Jillian).  Jillian seems confident in the two of them as writers.  Later, Jillian tells Aria to communicate directly to her rather than through Liam.  Liam needs some distance from the project.  Jillian knows Aria and Liam “used to” be an item.  Does that mean Aria and Liam broke up?  (At Byron and Ella's wedding, Aria and Liam kissed.  It seemed like they were still dating.)

Emily thinks Hanna’s plan is crazy.  It is a rat trap for Uber “A”, but they are using Hanna as the bait.  Emily worries Uber “A” will turn Hanna over to the police if Hanna confesses to the murder.  Caleb doesn’t think that will happen.  Uber “A” is out for revenge, not justice. 

Hanna and Caleb hold hands on the couch, while Spencer gets drunk.  Clearly, she’s not too happy with how close Hanna and Caleb are.  Emily wants Spencer to put a stop to Hanna’s crazy plan, but Spencer thinks the plan might work.  Besides, Hanna and Caleb will go through with the plan even if the rest of them refuse to help.  What is Spencer supposed to do, wedge herself between Hanna and Caleb on the sofa?

In a flashback, we see Spencer and Caleb in Spain.  Spencer seems to admire Caleb’s spontaneity.  Caleb planned to go to Morocco after Spain and he invited Spencer to come with him.  However, Spencer had to go back to Georgetown.

Back in the present, Hanna heads back to Lucas’s loft and Lucas is waiting there with a new controller.  After Aria got burned by the fireplace, Lucas rushed back and ran diagnostics on the loft.  He promises his smart loft is now completely safe. 

Hanna sees Lucas’s plans to buy an empty factory near the lake.  Lucas asks what Hanna would do with it.  Hanna would set up with new designers, start a new brand and get out of the city.

Lucas offers to give all that to Hanna.  He’s willing to give her a million dollar line of credit.  He tells her that he finally figured out a way to give her something that no one else can.  Clearly, Lucas still has a bit of a crush on Hanna.  Hanna can’t accept the offer, but Lucas tells her to think about it.

In the hospital, Alison dreams about her mom.  In her dream, Jessica DiLaurentis assures her that everything will be okay.  Elliot is a good man who loves her.  Elliot will protect Alison.

Alison wakes up happy.  Elliot is ready to cancel a business trip to Chicago, but Alison tells him not to.  He’ll be gone for a week and she’ll be waiting to welcome him home.  Alison’s dream erased all her fears.  She’s okay being alone in Rosewood for a short while.

Mona meets up with Sara Harvey.  Mona tells Sara to leave the Liars alone.  Sara refuses to until she gets what’s coming to her.  Mona tells Sara that she can’t get reparations from a corpse.  No one blames Sara for what Charlotte made her do, but she’ll be responsible for whatever she does next.

Sara warns Mona that the Liars will never trust her, no matter what she does.  Mona played with the Liars too long.  (Sara does have a point.  No matter how many times Mona has helped the Liars, they always assume she's backstabbing them).  Mona denies that she’s playing games.  Sara says Mona will end up alone.

Aria finally tells Ezra that there is an Uber “A” after them.  Uber “A” was the one who burned Aria last week.  Aria tells Ezria that they are going to do something about this new “A”.  The two of them join the others at Spencer’s barn to hear Hanna’s plan.

Caleb has already started working on the plan.  The others aren’t happy about the plan, but this isn’t a democracy.  Hanna and Caleb are going through with it no matter what.  Are the others going to back them up?  Of course they are.  They aren’t going to let Hanna and Caleb do this by themselves.

“Leave my friends alone.  I killed Charlotte” Hanna texts Uber “A”.

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars “Did You Miss Me?” episode 6x19?  Do you think Hanna’s fake murder confession will trap Uber “A” or will this plan backfire on the Liars?

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