Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lucy Hale Describes Awkward Ezria Sex Scene & Best/Worst Kisses

After the five year time jump on PLL, the show became a bit more grown-up. We got a few more intimate scenes between the Liars and their significant others. Lucy Hale, Aria on PLL, was asked what it’s like filming those scenes with Ian Harding (her on-screen love Ezra).

Lucy was asked about the intimate Ezria scene in the season 6 finale “Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars”. Lucy said filming the scene wasn’t sexy at all. “The sheets felt like plastic, so we were sticking to the sheets.” She continued “it was sweaty and gross. And I hadn’t shaved my legs”.

Those scenes are very mechanical. She has to focus on hitting her marks and making sure her hair didn't cover her face. So it’s hard for them to be in the moment sometimes.

Lucy was also asked about her best and worst onscreen kiss. Lucy thinks both were with Ian Harding. The best kiss was their first kiss. They were both nervous and minty-fresh. One of their more sexy scenes was bad probably because they were in bad moods or they wanted to go home.

Lucy also spilled about the love triangle Aria finds herself in for PLL season 7. Lucy thinks a lot of the fans will be happy with Aria’s ultimate choice. Lucy herself is very happy with who Aria chose.

If Lucy says the fans going to be happy with Aria’s choice, it sounds like Aria and Ezra will have a happily ever after!

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