Friday, June 24, 2016

PLL Cast Play ‘Pretty Little Lie Detector’ on ‘The Talk’

Pretty Little Liars actresses Troian Bellisario (Spencer), Lucy Hale (Aria), Shay Mitchell (Emily), and Sasha Pieterse (Alison) stopped by The Talk to play a game of "Pretty Little Lie Detectors". Ashley Benson (Hanna) wasn't there, though. :(

Each team was read a bit of celebrity gossip. The PLL actresses had to decide if the statement is true or a lie, like if singer Ke$ha was born with a tail or if Brad Pitt used to dress up as a chicken lure customers into a popular fast food restaurant.

If you liked that game, you should also check out the video of the Pretty Little Liars cast taking a real lie detector test and being asked revealing questions about each other. Troian Bellisario told a few pretty little lies while taking the lie detector test.

Sasha Pieterse was asked which PLL memento she wants to take when the show ends. Sasha hates the yellow shirt she had to keep wearing in all those flashbacks. There were thirteen copies of that shirt. Sasha wants to take all those copies and burn them.

The PLL girls were also asked if one of the Liars is Uber “A” in this video:

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