Monday, June 27, 2016

PLL 7x02 “Bedlam” Sneak Peek: Aria, Emily & Spencer Argue with Dr. Elliot Rollins

Aria, Emily and Spencer beg Dr. Elliot Rollins for five minutes to speak to Alison in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars episode 7x02 “Bedlam”.

Elliot says Alison needs time and space to heal. Spencer immediately challenges Elliot. He is Alison’s doctor and husband, so he may be lacking objectivity.

Elliot fires back at Spencer, saying he spent five years taking care of both Alison and Charlotte. So maybe he’s lacking the clarity that Spencer has from being away from Rosewood and Alison for so many years.

Aria says this isn’t a competition about who cares for Alison the most. They all want Alison to get better.

Elliot assures the Liars that he has consulted other doctors. He’s even spoken to Jason DiLaurentis, who approves of Alison’s treatment.

The Liars asks about Mary Drake, who is Alison’s aunt. Elliot claims he’s worried about Alison seeing someone who looks so much like her dead mom.

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