Monday, January 11, 2016

PLL 6x11 Sneak Peek: Aria & Dad Talk About Ezra & Liam

Is Aria going to be torn between her new boyfriend Liam and her old boyfriend Ezra in the second half of season 6?  In this sneak peek of PLL 6x11 “Of Late I Think of Rosewood” Aria talks to her dad about Liam and Ezra.

Aria’s new boyfriend, Liam, is making a good impression on Aria’s dad.  Aria hands her dad (Byron Montgomery) a gift from Liam.  Liam wanted him to have the James Tiptree book of short stories.

Aria’s dad is surprised that Aria plans to meet up with the rest of the Liars at The Brew, instead of at the new Radley.  Aria had no idea that Ezra was back in Rosewood.  Apparently, Ezra still owns The Brew and he moved into the apartment above it.

Are you excited to see Aria in a new relationship or are you supporting Ezria?

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