Saturday, October 10, 2015

Watch First 4 Minutes of PLL Season 6B Winter Premiere 6x11

Watch the first four minutes of the PLL season 6 winter premiere episode 6x11 “Of Late I Think of Rosewood” to see the Liars after the five year time jump and find out why the Liars come back to Rosewood.

The episode opens with Alison DiLaurentis in her new teaching job at Rosewood High.  She’s reading Shakespeare’s Sonnet 30 to her class.

Dr. Rollins comes in after her class ends to tell her that the judge set a date for Charlotte/CeCe’s hearing.  Apparently, he’s been helping Alison in her attempt to get Charlotte released.  Dr. Rollins warns Alison that the court can compel the Liars to come, but he doesn’t think they will be sympathetic towards Charlotte.  Alison is sure her friends will back her up and support Charlotte’s release.  Alison writes a letter to her friends regarding Charlotte’s hearing.

Alison’s letter reaches the other Liars, who are all off doing their own things.  Spencer is in Washington, D.C.

Aria isn’t pursuing her photography work.  Instead, Aria is in the publishing business.  She is helping set up for an author's book signing at a bookstore.  Looks like Ezra ended up an author after all.  Aria notices Ezra’s book Ostinato at the store.

Hanna is traveling first class on a plane.  There’s an adorable little kid next to her, but it’s not her kid.  She’s just watching the kid until the mom returns.

Meanwhile, Emily is busy serving drinks near the beach.

Here’s what Alison’s letter says:

“There isn’t much time, but I wanted you to see these words on paper and not a screen.  I wanted to know you were touching something I touched, that we were connected.

We’ve been through things no other friends have experienced.  We understand each other better than anyone else in the world.

But all that connects us to someone else.  Someone I love.  Someone who needs me.

I know you’re coming back to Rosewood, to speak to the court about Charlotte being released.  I’m asking for five minutes with you.  Five minutes to explain.  Five minutes that can change the whole world.”

Pretty Little Liars 6x11 “Of Late I Think of Rosewood” will air on January 12, 2016.  What did you think of the first few minutes of PLL’s season 6 winter premiere?

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