Tuesday, January 12, 2016

PLL Season 6B Fashion (After 5 Year Time Jump)

The Liars have changed a lot during the five year time jump.  They have new relationships, new jobs and new clothes.  How exactly has the fashion changed for season 6B?  PLL Costume Designer Cameron Dale gives us a tour of the updated Pretty Little Liars wardrobe trailer.  Cameron explains how the Liars changed their style based on what they’ve been through during the five year time jump.

Aria Montgomery:
Since Aria was living in Boston, her look has evolved into a Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City type of look.  Aria’s style is still funky.  She still mixes patterns and has some fun pieces.  However, her clothes now have a bit of the East Coast flair to it.

Hanna Marin:
Hanna moved to New York and works in fashion, so she’s wearing a lot of black.  Hanna also wears tons of leather and crop tops. 

Emily Fields:
Emily spent the last five years in Southern California for the last five years.  Emily is the Liar whose style has changed the least.  However, her look has a bit more of a beach vibe going on.

Spencer Hastings:
Spencer has been in Washington D.C.  For Spencer’s look, they channeled Katharine Hepburn.  Spencer now wears pleated, high-waist trousers.  Spencer is still her preppy self, just a bit more grown up.

Which Liar do you think has the best new wardrobe?

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