Tuesday, June 30, 2015

PLL 6x05 Canadian Promo

Here is the Canadian promo for Pretty Little Liars episode 6x05 “She’s No Angel”.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Ashley Benson Runs Emoji Academy

Ashley Benson (Hanna on PLL), Jamie Chung, and Zendaya whip Norm Macdonald into shape at Emoji Academy in Chevrolet’s new ads.

In this hilarious Emoji Academy series, Ashley Benson says “There comes a time in every man’s life when he needs to express himself through hamburgers and purple caterpillars and cats.  Today’s that day, Norm.”

In Emoji Academy Part 1, comedian Norm Macdonald learns that he will read Chevrolet’s announcement.  The problem?  He can’t read it because it’s all in emojis.  He heads to Emoji Academy and meets his teachers Ashley Benson, Jamie Chung, and Zendaya.

In Emoji Academy Part 2, the training begins.  Norm gets into Emoji shape.  He does Emoji obstacle courses and studies flashcards.

In Emoji Academy Part 3, Norm Finds His Inner Emoji.  Ashley Benson believes in him.

Norm Takes the Emoji Academy final exam in Emoji Academy Part 4.  Ashley Benson, Jamie Chung, and Zendaya were successful in teaching Norm how to read emojis.

Anyone wish this Emoji Academy was a real thing?  Ashley Benson teaching people how to use emojis?  Awesome.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Photo of the Week: Troian Bellisario Covered in Fake Blood

Troian Bellisario’s character Spencer didn’t know why she was covered in blood during the dollhouse flashbacks in “Don’t Look Now” PLL episode 6x04.

Troian Bellisario got to play with fake blood for that scene.  Troian reposted a photo of her hands covered in fake blood and captioned it “Shooting last nights episode was Bloody good fun (photocred @rebeccawherrera repost @lisah76”.

Do you think Spencer really hurt someone or do you think Charles was playing another one of his mind games?

Janel Parrish’s Song "Life Is Beautiful"

Janel Parrish released another song!  The new song, “Life is Beautiful”, was written by Janel Parrish and Vince Pizzinga.

Janel tweeted “It was time to write a happy song...Please share! Here is "Life is Beautiful" written by me and @vincepizzinga!”

Janel Parrish’s other songs include “When It’s Over” “Senseless” and “Heart Made of Stone”.  Do you like Janel’s new song “Life is Beautiful”?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

PLL Season 6B Spoilers: Multiple Engagement Rings

How many Liars will be getting married in PLL season 6B?  We have heard that there may be a PLL wedding after the five year time jump that will take place between 6A and 6B, but there may be more than one marriage proposal.  (Coincidentally, IRL Sasha Pieterse recently attended PLL costar Vanessa Ray’s wedding).

PLL showrunner Marlene King told ETonline “There are some engagement rings flying around when we come back for the premiere.” 

In a recent SnapChat, Ashley Benson (Hanna) was sporting a huge rock on her finger while she was on the PLL set.  Could that be one of the engagement rings?

Why did Marlene decide to have a time jump?  "When we ended this story it felt like such a great time to just reset and jump to five years later where our actresses will be playing closer to their age and getting to be more grown-up and make grown-up mistakes and grown-up decisions", Marlene said.

Marlene also teased that the season 6A finale “Game Over, Charles” 6x10 will be a tearjerker.  The cast and crew even cried while filming the episode.  “There were a lot of tears in this episode -- both from all the actors and then while we were making it. I was sitting at that monitor crying on multiple occasions,” Marlene said.

And fans are getting closer to figuring out who “A” is.  In fact, a lot of fans have already guessed correctly. "Some people are guessing the how and the why, so there are theories out there that are correct."  (Watch these five PLL episodes for clues to figure out who “A” is).

Which PLL couple do you want to see get married?  Haleb?  Ezria?  Are you ready to see the Liars five years older?

Friday, June 26, 2015

PLL Sneak Peek 6x05: Lesli Threatens Mona

Mona was worried that Alison might hurt her, but maybe she should have been worried about Lesli.  In this sneak peek of PLL 6x05 “She’s No Angel”, Lesli threatens Mona.

Hanna and Mona stop by The Brew before going to the police station.  Mona is surprised to see her BFF there, but Lesli no longer considers Mona her friend.

Lesli is furious that she got dragged into Mona’s fake death scheme.  Lesli is back in Rosewood because she was summoned by the police.  She blames Mona for making her an accomplice to a crime.

Lesli regrets the day she met Mona and complimented her on her Dolce & Gabbana stretch pants.  Now her fellowship, her teaching position and her reputation are in jeopardy because she saw Mona as the victim.  She never wanted perjury on her resume.

Hanna doesn’t know what perjury means, but she tells Lesli to back off.  Mona never tried to hurt Lesli. 

Mona apologizes to Lesli, but Lesli doesn’t care.  She tells Mona that she believes in payback, too.  Mona will live to regret it if she ever reaches out to her again.

It’s nice to see that Hanna has Mona’s back.  Do you think Mona deserves all that hate from Lesli?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

PLL Sneak Peek 6x05: Alison and her Dad Argue

Alison’s dad doesn’t have much sympathy for Ali in this sneak peek of PLL 6x05 “She’s No Angel”.

Alison gets upset when she hears a Rosewood cop dissing her.  Her dad doesn’t have the reaction she expects when she tells him about it.  Her dad tells her to let it go.  She has to own it.  Bad behavior has a way of catching up with you.  Alison says her dad would know.

PLL Spoilers: Handsome Doctor Heading to Rosewood

Move over, Dr. Sullivan.  There’s a new doctor in town.  E! reported that we will soon meet a handsome psychologist on Pretty Little Liars.  This new psychologist, Dr. Rollins, will “be sticking around for a little bit”.  Maybe Dr. Rollins will be able to help the Liars cope with the dollhouse torture.  Or does he have some answers about Charles?

Credit: Instagram
There's always the possibility that Dr. Rollins might start up a romance while in Rosewood.  He's described as handsome and any handsome newcomer eventually hooks up with a Liar or a Liar's parent, right?

We have seen the name Dr. Rollins before.  He was Mona’s physician.  We learned that when Dr. Sullivan was looking through Mona’s file and discovered that Mona was “A”.  Those notes, which listed Dr. Rollins as Mona's primary care physician, were about Mona’s sudden outbursts of anger and aggression. 

Is this just a coincidence?  It may be a different doctor, since Mona’s doctor was her primary care physician and the new, handsome Dr. Rollins in season six will be a psychologist.

Update: Huw Collins has been cast as Dr. Rollins.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

PLL Sneak Peek 6x05: Mona Still Scared of Alison

Mona shows up unexpectedly at Hanna’s house in this sneak peek of PLL 6x05 “She’s No Angel”.

Mona is back in Rosewood, but she doesn’t look like the Mona we all know.  Mona’s dressed in all black and is wearing sunglasses.  She got back from the spa late last night.  It doesn’t look like the relaxation helped her any. 

Hanna tells her about the cops that follow the girls around 24/7.  They even stand outside the bathroom at school.

Mona wishes that she never came back to Rosewood.  She doesn’t feel safe being in the same zip code as Alison.  She’s sure Alison is plotting revenge for Mona sending her to jail for months.

Hanna tries to get Mona to worry about the bigger issue: “A” is still out there.

Mona asks Hanna to take her to the police station.  She doesn’t want to go in there alone.  They might press charges against her for faking her death.  The investigation into her death cost the taxpayers more than Rosewood’s new sewer system.  She committed a crime and she doesn’t think the cops will look after her like they are looking after Hanna.

Hanna tells Mona that the cops are looking for “A”.  They all are.  They have to track down anyone who had contact with Charles DiLaurentis.  Someone who worked at Radley has to know something.

Are you glad Mona is back in town?  We know how smart Mona is.  Maybe she can help the Liars figure out who “A” is.

PLL 6x05 Promo: Mona Vanderwaal is Back

Mona Vanderwaal is back in the promo for PLL 6x05 “She’s No Angel”.  Looks like the Liars will get even closer to the truth in this episode. 

Radley Sanitarium, “that nuthouse” as Hanna calls it, holds all the answers.  So the Liars go to the now closed Radley Sanitarium and look for answers.  Hanna still isn’t convinced Charles is dead.

We see Spencer freak out when she comes face-to-face with guest star Maddie Ziegler dancing in Radley.

Mona is back in Rosewood, but she wishes that she hadn’t come back.  Just like the Liars, Mona is struggling to deal with the dollhouse torture.

Did Aria snap a photo of “A”?!  Aria is taking photos of creepy dolls when she spots someone in a dark hoodie running past.  Aria later looks at her film negatives and sees someone in a black hoodie in her photo. 

Sara Harvey tells Emily that she has seen someone in a black hoodie a couple of times.

The Liars now have a new suspect.  At Radley they find out that someone, a female, was in Radley and knew Charles.

Who do you think this mystery woman is?

Recap of PLL 6x04 "Don't Look Now"

In PLL episode 6x04 “Don’t Look Now” the Liars get more answers about Charles.   Hanna feels like Caleb is suffocating her, Emily gets closer to Sara Harvey, Spencer is afraid she killed/hurt someone and Aria’s finally opens up to her dad about the dollhouse.  Jason joins the Liars in their search to find out if Charles is really dead.  And we finally find out what Charles did that convinced Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis to institutionalize him.

Alison tells her friends that Charles is her brother.  He was born 15 months before Jason (so they aren’t twins).  Charles was troubled at an early age.  His parents took him to the best doctors and therapists, but no one knew what was wrong with him.  When Alison was one year old, her parents decided that it was too dangerous for Charles to stay in the house.  They had him institutionalized at Radley Sanitarium.

No one in Rosewood knew about Charles because the DiLaurentis family moved to Rosewood after he was admitted to Radley.  All roads lead back to Radley.  They kept Charles a secret so that Alison could have a normal childhood without the distraction.  They hoped Charles would get better at Radley.

Alison told her dad that Charles got worse.  He set her up for Mona’s murder and he kidnapped and tortured her friends.  However, Alison’s dad is certain that Charles didn’t do that.  He tells Alison that Charles is dead.

Charles killed himself by overdosing on pills when he was sixteen years old.  He never left Radley.  Alison’s dad was out of the country when it happened.  Alison’s mom had the body cremated.

Hanna thinks Alison’s dad is lying about Charles committing suicide.  With no body or no grave, there is no proof that Charles is dead.  Besides, Alison’s dad lied about Charles even existing.  Why should they start believing him now?

Alison defends her dad.  Her dad lied before because he was ashamed of what he did.  But he wouldn’t lie to protect someone who tortured and kidnapped the Liars.

Regardless of whether they can trust Alison’s dad, the Liars know that “A” responds to name ‘Charles’.  And the home movie of Charles and Jason at the Campbell farm clearly meant a lot to “A”.  They can’t rule out Charles being “A” until they can find proof of his death.  The girls want to get answers at Radley, but Radley has already been shut down.

Hanna finds Caleb waiting for her in her bedroom.  Hanna’s mom said he could spend the night.  Hanna isn’t too happy when Caleb stays up all night instead of sleeping, though.  Caleb was worried that “A” might come back.  He noticed that the police stationed outside Hanna’s house were sloppy when they switched shifts. 

There was a ten minute gap between the time the first police car left the house and the next police car showed up.  Instead of getting some sleep, Caleb goes out to talk to the cop outside.  He wants to know if that cop showed up late or if the other cop left early.

Sara Harvey is still crashing at Emily’s house.  She isn’t sure about her new short haircut, but Emily likes it. 

Emily’s mom has arranged for both Sara and Emily to see Dr. Sullivan.  Sara tells them that she has to take a shower and quickly leaves the room.

Emily’s mom can’t force Sara Harvey to see Dr. Sullivan, but she can force Emily.  Emily’s mom is extremely concerned about Emily’s state of mind, especially after Emily’s visits to the shooting range.  Emily needs to speak to someone about the kidnapping.

Aria does some Internet searches for Charles DiLaurentis’s death record and Charles Dialurentis’s obituary, but she doesn’t find anything.

Aria’s dad, Byron Montgomery, checks in on Aria.  He tells her that Lt. Tanner wants to speak to her now that Andrew has been released.  He told Lt. Tanner that Aria needs more time. 

Aria dad wants her to talk to him, but she doesn’t ever want to talk about the dollhouse.  Aria just wants to move forward and get on with her life.  Since talking is out of the question, Aria’s dad asks suggest that they catch a movie or play some mini golf.

Aria isn’t interested.  She’s planning to use the dark room at Hollis to develop her photographs.  Aria’s dad wants to drive her there, but Aria tells him that he doesn’t have to.

Spencer reads that an investment firm purchased Radley Sanitarium.  She calls to find out how to get patient records.  Some patient records were transferred with the patients who went to a new facility.  Other patient records are being shredded at a data center.

Ezra talks to Spencer about The Brew’s new baker, Sabrina.  She reeks of weed (she uses it for her migraines).  She makes great pastries, but she’s clumsy.  Sabrina spills a drink and Spencer flashes back to a dollhouse memory.
In the dollhouse, Spencer woke up covered in blood.  She panics when she sees the blood all over her hands, shirt and the floor.

The Liars formulate a plan to get Charles’s Radley patient file.  The file should say if Charles died or if he was released.  The data center where the Radley patient records are is twenty minutes away, so they can go check.  They’ll asks for Spencer’s medical records to find out if the Radley files have already been shredded. 

Hanna says that Caleb can drive them to the data center, but Emily insists that Hanna keep this a secret from Caleb.  Emily is worried that “A” will hurt Sara if they talk to anyone.  Hanna doesn’t care, since she doesn’t even know Sara.  Emily won’t back down, so Hanna agrees to lie to Caleb.

Aria notices that Spencer has trouble opening her water bottle.  Spencer asks Aria if her anti-anxiety medication is helping her.  The pills gave Aria headaches, so she threw them out.

Spencer is so desperate for pills that she ends up digging through Aria’s trash to find the medication that Aria through out.  She can’t find the pills in the trash, though.

Alison asks her dad what he did with the ashes after Charles was cremated.  Alison’s dad wasn’t there, but Alison’s mom scattered the ashes on the lake.  They didn’t have a funeral for Charles.  Alison’s dad admits that he was relieved when Charles died.  He didn’t have to worry anymore.

The Liars sneak into the data center while a truck is being loaded with boxes.  Aria finds the Radley patient file for Charles, but it is only paperwork on him from when he was 13-16 years old.  The last thing written was that they increased his medication for severe depression.  It doesn’t say if he killed himself.
The visitors log shows that Charles was visited by his mom and Carol Ward.  Emily remembers that Carol Ward is Alison’s great aunt.  Unfortunately, it looks like that’s a dead end because Carol Ward died when the Liars were in tenth grade.

The Liars all have someone waiting to confront them when they leave the data center.  They find Caleb waiting outside to confront Hanna.  Turns out Caleb put a tracker on Hanna’s car.  Hanna is furious and demands that he take it off.  Caleb wants to protect Hanna from “A”, who is still out there and could kidnap the Liars again.  Caleb was so scared when Hanna was in the dollhouse, but there was nothing he could do to help her.

Aria comes home to find her dad panicking.  He went by the photo studio on campus and didn’t find Aria, but she also wasn’t at home.  She wasn’t picking up her phone, either.  He thought something happened to her.  It’s his job to keep Aria safe, so he is going to drive her to the Hollis photo studio tomorrow.  He has to know where she is at all times.  Aria apologizes, but her dad isn’t trying to punish her.  It’s just how things have to be from now on.

Emily’s mom found Sara Harvey on the roof while Emily was gone.  She was afraid Sara was going to jump, but Sara was just staring up at the sky.  She went up on the roof to watch the sunset.  Emily’s mom regrets letting Sara stay with them.  Clearly Sara needs help.  Sara doesn’t want therapy, but Emily’s mom doesn’t know how they can help her.

Emily is sure that she can help Sara.  Emily’s mom knows Emily hasn’t been sleeping and jumps at any noise she hears.  Sara was in the dollhouse for over two years.  Neither Emily nor her mom know what Sara really needs right now.  Sara eavesdrops on their conversation.

Spencer goes back to The Brew and introduces herself to Sabrina.  She asks Sabrina to sell her some pot brownies.  She needs something to calm her nerves.  Sabrina tells Spencer that she isn’t a drug dealer and she can’t sell pot to her.  She doesn’t mind sharing, though.  She promises to make a package for Spencer and leave it for her to pick up.

Jason is upset that his family has been lying to him for years.  His entire life he was told that something he remembered wasn't real.  It made him doubt himself.  He has a hard time believing that no one else in their family knew about Charles.  Alison tells Jason that Aunt Carol knew.  She visited Charles in Radley many times.

Jason remembers something weird about Aunt Carol’s house.  Last year, after Jason got hurt in the elevator he went to Aunt Carol’s house.  He wanted to hide there, but was surprised to see him mom there.  His mom decided not to sell Aunt Carol’s house. 

However, Ms. DiLaurentis wouldn't let Jason come into the house.  She told him that there was a plumbing issue.  Jason thought it’d be okay for just one night, but his mom told him to go back home.  He heard a banging noise coming from inside the house, but his mom said it was just the wind.

Alison and Jason wonder if Charles was living in Aunt Carol’s house.

Emily wakes up to find Sara gone.  She later meets up with Sara at The Brew.  Sara left Emily’s house after overhearing Emily’s mom talking to Emily.  She didn’t want to cause any problems.  She went back home, but things still aren’t good with her mom.

Sara knows that she needs therapy, but she doesn’t want to waste time getting analyzed.  She wants to do simple things like walk on the beach or swim in the ocean. 

Jason, Spencer, Hanna and Alison check out Aunt Carol’s house.  It doesn’t look like anyone is living there.  The electricity has been turned off in the house. 

Aria develops her photos in the darkroom at Hollis College.  Aria finds a message from “A” that says “You’re MY doll, bitch – A”.  Aria has a flashback to being in the dollhouse and we see how Aria got her pink highlights and short hair.  “A” gave her pink hair dye and a message that said “Use it or you’ll get a surprise”.  Aria threw the hair dye and yelled “I’m not your doll”.  Aria later woke up to find out “A” cut her hair while she was sleeping.  There was a new message that said “Dye it now or lose it all”.

Aria tries to leave the darkroom, but the door is locked.  She bangs on the door and screams for help.  She is rescued by Clark, a photographer who tells her that the door was wedged shut. 

Spencer asks Hanna if she remembers everything Charles made her do.  Hanna does, but Spencer confesses that she doesn’t remember everything.

Spencer could barely sleep in the dollhouse.  Every time she fell asleep a loud buzzer would go off.  One night the buzzer didn’t go off and Spencer could actually sleep.  When she woke up, she was covered in blood.  She had no idea whose blood it was and the next morning the blood was gone.  The blood had been smeared across the floor like a body was dragged out of the room.

Hanna tells her that it must have been another one of Charles’s mind games.  It was probably fake blood. 

Spencer isn’t convinced.  She is afraid that she really hurt someone, but she doesn’t know who she could have hurt.

Clark shows Aria some of his photographs.  He tells Aria not to be afraid to show her photographs and get some feedback.  She’d be surprised by how much it can help.

Jason and Alison find Charles’s grave outside.  The tombstone is engraved with the words “Charles DiLaurentis Beloved Son”.  Hanna thinks “A” could have planted the tombstone to throw them off the Charles trail.  Hanna grabs a shovel and starts digging to prove that there is nothing buried there, but Jason stops her.  Roots are wrapped around the headstone, so the headstone must have been there for years.

Spencer and Hanna wonder who “A” is if Charles is really dead.  “A” must be assuming Charles’s identity, so “A” has to be someone who knew Charles.  Charles was institutionalized his whole life, which means that “A” is someone Charles knew at Radley.

Emily takes Sara swimming.  Sara tells Emily that no one has ever looked out for her before the way that Emily does.

Aria has refused to talk to anyone about the dollhouse, but she finally decides to let her dad in.  She shows her dad a photograph she took of her bedroom and tells him that it looks exactly like the room “A” kept her in.  The only differences were the dirt wall behind the window and there wasn’t a closet behind the door.  Aria breaks down crying.  Her dad holds her close to him.

Hanna comes home and Caleb immediately starts asking where she was and why she has dirt on her clothes.  Why does she keep lying to him?

Caleb plans to stay at Hanna’s house for a while, but Hanna doesn’t want him to.  He’s suffocating her.  His constant need to keep tabs on her makes her feel like she is still locked in “A”’s bunker.  She needs some space.

Ezra catches Spencer picking up her pot cookies at The Brew and he worries that she’s using drugs as a way of ignoring her problems.  Ezra knows that it can’t be easy coping with the kidnapping.  He isn’t judging her, but the effect of the cookies will wear off and the things that are bothering her will still be there.

Spencer doesn’t take Ezra’s advice.  She can’t sleep because her mind won’t shut off.  She needs to find some way to quiet the noise.

When Alison goes home, her dad finally explains why they had Charles institutionalized.  When Alison was eleven months old, her dad put her in the crib for a nap.  He went outside to turn on the grill.  Alison’s mom was in the garden with Jason.  Alison’s dad ran back to the house when he heard Ali screaming.  He saw Alison in the tub.  The water was scalding hot and rising fast.  Charles was just standing there, watching as Alison slipped under the water. 

Alison doesn’t want to hear any more.  She just wants to let Charles rest in peace.

“A” has some sort of tracking device on the Liars.  On his computer, he can see where Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer are at all times.  (He isn’t tracking Alison?)

So do you think Charles is really dead?  Just because the tombstone has been in the ground for years doesn’t necessarily mean a body is buried there or that Charles is dead.  If he is really dead, who is “A”?  Why is Charles so important to “A”?  And how shocked were you to learn that Charles tried to drown Alison when she was a baby?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

PLL 6x04 Canadian Promo

Here’s the Pretty Little Liars Canadian promo for episode 6x04 "Don't Look Now".

Monday, June 22, 2015

PLL BTS Photos 6x10 "Game Over, Charles"

Here are behind-the-scenes photos of PLL 6x10 “Game Over, Charles”.  This episode is the summer finale.

Sasha Pieterse (Alison on PLL) having fun on set.

Sasha Pieterse (Alison) PLL 6x10 BTS
Credit: Sasha Pieterse's Instagram

Troian Bellisario (Spencer on PLL) posted this photo of her shadow and captioned it “Night shoots. (Or I wish I was this tall)”.

Troian Bellisario (Spencer) PLL BTS 6x10
Credit: Troian Bellisario's Instagram

Here's a glimpse of the script of PLL 6x10.  Looks intense.

Script of PLL 6x10
Credit: Marlene King's Instagram

Precautions were taken to make sure no spoilers were revealed for episode 6x10.  Here’s the top secret stage door.  PLL showrunner Marlene King wrote “#Repost @lslyster ・・・
Last day shooting the summer finale. It's so secret we can't even show you the stage door. #PLL #summerofanswers”.

PLL BTS 6x10 Stage Door
Credit: Instagram
Marlene King directed episode 6x10 “Game Over, Charles”.

PLL BTS 6x10
Credit: Marlene King's Instagram

Marlene King posted some abstract photos of the girls.

Sasha Pieterse (Alison) PLL 6x10 BTS
Credit: Marlene King's Instagram

Ashley Benson (Hanna) PLL 6x10 BTS
Credit: Marlene King's Instagram

Shay Mitchell and Dre Davis (Emily and Sara) PLL 6x10 BTS
Credit: Marlene King's Instagram

PLL 6x10 BTS
Credit: Marlene King's Instagram

Pretty Little Liars 6x10 BTS
Credit: Marlene King's Instagram

Marlene also posted a photo of the PLL crew with the caption “You are the best crew in the business. You bring your "A" game everyday. Your passion is making this finale the best we have ever shot. Thank you team PLL! I adore you!”

Pretty Little Liars 6x10 Crew
Credit: Marlene King's Instagram

Alison’s brother Jason will be in the episode.  Drew Van Acker was spotted on set.

More behind-the-scenes photos:

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ashley Benson is Lady Lisa in ‘Pixels’ Featurette: Sword Fights and Martial Arts

Ashley Benson plays a teenager terrorized and bullied by “A” on PLL, but she gets to be a superhero as Lady Lisa in the movie Pixels.

Ashley plays Lady Lisa, a video game character come to life in the upcoming comedy Pixels.  In this Adam Sandler comedy, aliens send down Lady Lisa and other video game characters to attack Earth.

Ashley Benson puts her sword fighting skills to use to beat up Ludlow (Josh Gad), who has a crush on Lady Lisa.

Lady Lisa is tough and nothing stops her.  Ashley Benson thinks it is important for girls to see that they can do anything guys can do. 

Ashley had to do a lot of martial arts and sword training for this role.  She had fun punching, kicking and beating up Josh Gad.

Check out the Pixels trailer before going to see Ashley Benson in Pixels when the movie comes out on July 24.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sasha Pieterse Attends PLL Castmate Vanessa Ray’s Wedding

Sasha Pieterse (Alison DiLaurentis) and Vanessa Ray (CeCe Drake) play besties on PLL, but it looks like they are also close in real life.  Sasha Pieterse and her boyfriend Hudson Sheaffer attended Vanessa’s wedding last weekend. 

Congrats to Vanessa Ray, who married musician Landon Beard at Condor Nest Ranch in Pala, California. 

Sasha posted a couple photos from the wedding.

Here's Sasha Pieterse with her boyfriend Hudson Sheaffer:

A photo posted by Sasha Pieterse (@sashapieterse27) on

Looks like it was a gorgeous wedding.

A photo posted by Sasha Pieterse (@sashapieterse27) on

Congratulations to Vanessa Ray!  And hopefully we will see Vanessa return as Cece Drake on PLL soon!

Friday, June 19, 2015

PLL 6x04 Australian Promo: There’s Nothing Imaginary About Charles

There’s nothing imaginary about Charles and Alison’s dad knows it, Emily says in the Australian promo for Pretty Little Liars 6x04 “Don’t Look Now”.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

PLL Sneak Peek 6x04: Caleb Worries About Hanna

Caleb watches over Hanna while she sleeps in this sneak peek of PLL 6x04 “Don’t Look Now”.

Caleb stayed up all night watching out in case “A” came back even though the police were stationed outside Hanna's house.  He watched the cops switch shifts.  Hanna tries to convince Caleb that nothing will happen with all the police outside, but Caleb noticed that the Rosewood police were sloppy when they were switching shifts. 
There was a ten minute gap between the time the first squad car left and the other one showed up.  A lot can happen in ten minutes.

Instead of getting some rest, Caleb goes to talk to the cop outside.  He wants to know if that cop showed up late or if the other cop left early.

Hanna doesn’t look too happy with Caleb’s protective behavior.  Is there going to be trouble for Haleb?

 More About PLL 6x04 "Don't Look Now":

PLL Sneak Peek 6x04: Aria Pushes Her Dad Away

Aria doesn’t want to spend time with her dad in this sneak peek of PLL 6x04 “Don’t Look Now”.

Aria’s dad, Byron Montgomery (Chad Lowe), is protective of Aria after her ordeal.  He’s been busy dealing with the Rosewood police.  Lt. Tanner wants to speak to the Liars now that Andrew has been released.  Aria's dad told Lt. Tanner that Aria needs a few more days. 

He knows that Aria isn’t ready to see a professional yet, but he’s there for her when she’s ready to talk.  Aria doesn’t ever want to talk about what happened.  She just wants to move forward and get on with her life.

Looking concerned, Aria’s dad asks if they can do something together.  Maybe catch a movie or play some mini golf.

Aria is quick to say no.  She booked time to use the dark room at Hollis to develop her photos.  (She’s been taking more photographs lately.  It feels good to focus on something other than herself).

Aria’s dad offers to drive her to Hollis.  He doesn’t want her going out alone.  Aria doesn’t want to get a ride from him, though. 

PLL Sneak Peek 6x04: Another Session With Dr. Sullivan for Emily

Emily’s mom is adamant that Emily talk to Dr. Sullivan about what she’s been through in this sneak peek of PLL 6x04 “Don’t Look Now”.

Sara Harvey is still staying at Emily’s house.  Sara isn’t sure about her new short haircut, but Emily tells her it looks good. 

Emily’s mom has arranged for both Sara and Emily to see Dr. Sullivan.  Sara has a strange reaction to that news.  She tells them that she has to take a shower.

Emily’s mom can’t force Sara Harvey to speak to a therapist, but she can force Emily.  This is nonnegotiable, especially after Emily’s visits to the shooting range.  She needs to speak to someone about what she’s been through.

Do you trust Sara Harvey?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

PLL 6x04 Promo: Charles is Dead

Alison tells her friends that Charles is dead in this PLL preview for episode 6x04 “Don’t Look Now”.

Spencer asks Hanna if she remembers everything Charles made her do in the dollhouse.

We see Aria was given a bottle of pink hair dye with the message “Use it or you’ll get a surprise”.  Aria knocks the bottle off the table and tells Charles that she isn’t his doll.

Spencer, with what looks like blood on her mouth and shirt, yells “What did you make me do?”

Spencer is worried that she really did hurt somebody.

Alison’s dad is sure Charles couldn’t have been the one to kidnap the Liars.  According to Alison’s dad, Charles is dead.

Do you believe that Charles is really dead or is this another one of Mr. DiLaurentis’s lies?

Recap of PLL 6x03 “Songs of Experience”

In Pretty Little Liars 6x03 “Songs of Experience” the Liars uncover more clues about Charles DiLaurentis with Jason’s help.  Hanna wants her friends to talk to each other about the dollhouse torture, Aria learns more about Andrew, Emily bonds with Sara Harvey and Jason tells Spencer about his imaginary friend Charlie.

Emily and Spencer talk about Sara Harvey’s doubts that Andrew Campbell is “A”.  They realize that the police may have the wrong suspect.  Andrew was in school with the Liars the whole time that Sara was trapped in the dollhouse.  How could Andrew have been able to keep a hostage for two years while also attending classes?

Hanna pushes her friends to go back to school with her.  She doesn’t want to walk in there alone.  Mona won’t be there for their first day back at school.  Her mom took her out of town to Saratoga.

Hanna flips through a Rosewood High yearbook and tears out the page with Andrew Campbell’s photo in it.

Emily is ready to head to school, but Sara Harvey is still hanging out in her bedroom.  Emily leaves Sara with a burner phone so that she can text Emily.  It’s too hard for Emily to leave Sara alone, though.  Especially when Sara asks if she looked feral when she was taken out of the dollhouse.  She heard the news describe her as feral.  Emily says she was more like a lost puppy.  Emily reaches over to comfort her, but Sara jerks back and won’t let Emily touch her.

Freaking out, Sara regrets coming to Emily’s house.  She worries that she made Emily’s mom angry by spending the night there.  Emily assures her that no one is angry with her.  Emily decides to skip school and stay home with Sara.  Emily, Sara, and Emily’s mom can bond by making French toast.

Emily isn’t the only one ditching school.  Aria isn’t ready to go back to Rosewood High either.  Ezra tells her that she can stay at The Brew if she wants.  She shouldn’t go back to school if she isn’t ready for it.

With the case against Andrew looking anything but certain, Spencer tries to get Alison to confront her dad about Charles DiLaurentis again.  “A” hid the name Charles DiLaurentis with the intention of the Liars figuring out the name.  Spencer’s sure Alison’s dad lied to her, but Alison is satisfied with the Andrew-is-”A” theory.  “A is for Andrew”, Alison says.  Her dad would be at the police station if there really was a Charles DiLaurentis tormenting them. 

When Spencer won’t drop it, Alison kicks her out of her bedroom.  Since Alison refuses to talk to her dad again, Spencer decides to ask Jason about Charles.  Alison demands that Spencer leave Jason out of it.  He’s already messed up enough.  Spencer reminds Alison that Jason is her brother, too.  Their families are connected and tangled like the necklaces at the bottom of Alison’s jewelry box.  Jason has a right to know the truth and get unmessed up.

The real reason Alison doesn’t want Spencer to talk to Jason?  Alison doesn’t want anyone else hating her.  She’s under every stone someone turns over.  Everything is her fault.  She knows her friends were trapped in “A”’s dollhouse because of her.  Everyone would be fine without her.  Shocked, Spencer tells Alison that it’s not like that.  She doesn’t blame Alison for what has happened to her and the other Liars.

Hanna ends up being the only Liar at school, with the rest of her friends bailing on her.  She runs into Dr. Sullivan, who is at Rosewood High twice a week consulting with the school counselors. 

Hanna tells Dr. Sullivan that the thing “A”/Andrew hated most was the friendship that she shared with Aria, Spencer and Emily.  Ruining that friendship was “A”’s big win.  Hanna thinks back to the twisted game Charles made them play in the dollhouse.  (Forcing them to choose which friend to shock with the switches).

Hanna wants all her friends to have a group therapy session with Dr. Sullivan.  Dr. Sullivan can’t force the other girls to see her, so Hanna promises to get all her friends to Dr. Sullivan’s office.

Aria looks through her photographs on her computer at The Brew.  She stops on a photo of her doll.  She also looks at photos of Andrew Campbell and wonders who he is.  She trusted him, but she doesn’t know that much about him.  Ezra offers to help her find out more about Andrew.

Aria still hasn’t told Ezra about Charles DiLaurentis, but Ezra is willing to do anything to help Aria deal with “A”.  Ezra impersonates a detective from the Rosewood police department and calls the hospital to get any info on Andrew Campbell.  Ezra can’t get Andrew’s medical history, but he finds out Andrew’s birth date of birth and where he was born is sealed with the rest of his adoption records.

Alison runs into Lorenzo again.  He is coaching boys soccer for a church program.  He tries to convince Alison to volunteer, too.  The church lost a youth leader, so they need someone to lead the girls soccer program.  Alison doesn’t think that’s a good idea.  She’s still struggling with how people in Rosewood perceive her.  Being a leader of girls didn’t work out for her in the past.  And everyone in Rosewood knows about her lies.  The mothers in Rosewood wouldn’t approve of Alison supervising their kids. 

Lorenzo isn’t ready to give up.  He thinks it would be good if Alison could talk to younger girls about her past experiences.  He’ll handle any complaints from angry parents.  Toby doesn’t look happy as he watches Alison and Lorenzo talk.

Emily’s mom, Emily and Sara talk about clothes.  Sara’s going to have to go on a major shopping spree, since her mom gave away all her things a year after she went missing.  Emily’s mom suggests that it was hard for Sara’s mom to have her things around, but Sara thinks her mom just wanted the extra space.  Emily is quick to offer Sara her own clothes.

Emily’s mom asks why Sara ran away in the first place.  Sara couldn’t keep pretending to be happy.  She couldn’t pretend her dad would come back home and be different.

Toby asks Spencer to talk to Alison about Lorenzo.  He wants Alison to stay away from Lorenzo.  Spencer tells Toby that people can change.  Alison helped the guys find the dollhouse.

Toby thinks Alison did that for her own selfish reasons.  She needed Spencer and Mona alive.  Alison was looking out for herself, just like she always does.  Spencer doesn’t think Alison is just going to revert back to the way she was before she went missing. 

Toby wants to believe that Alison has changed.  But Alison has history with cops and anyone else she can use.  Lorenzo doesn’t know how manipulative Alison can be.  Toby is willing to drop the whole thing if Spencer says that she completely trusts Alison.  Spencer doesn’t answer.

Hanna arrives at Emily house and orders her to get in the car.  She’s declaring an intervention.  Aria drives up and tells them that Andrew Campbell was adopted.  This means that Andrew may be older than they thought.  The girls wonder if Andrew was a DiLaurentis.  Aria is still holding on to the belief that Andrew is “A”, since she can’t handle the idea that “A” is still out there and the nightmare isn’t over.

Spencer visits Jason, who tells her that his dad is deciding how many people he can sue at one time.  Spencer wants to talk to Jason about their family, which takes Jason by surprise.  He’s never heard Spencer use the words ‘our family’.

Spencer tells Jason about the name Charles DiLaurentis.  They haven’t gone to the police with that name because they still don’t know what it means.  Jason says he doesn’t know any Charles DiLaurentis.  He thinks the name is probably Andrew’s way of messing with Alison. 

Spencer gets a SOS text from her friends, telling her to meet them at Dr. Sullivan’s office.  Jason quietly repeats the name ‘Charles DiLaurentis’ and Spencer realizes that he does know the name.  Jason says that it’s just a coincidence.  He knows the name Charlie, but he says that Charlie doesn’t exist. 

Hanna, Aria and Emily wait in Dr. Sullivan’s waiting room while Dr. Sullivan takes a call. Emily isn’t on board with the group therapy session.  She thinks it’ll be better if they don’t talk about what happens.  Hanna disagrees.  The guilt is keeping her up at night.  She thinks they have to talk to each other about what happened in the dollhouse.

Spencer shows up with shocking news about Charles DiLaurentis.  Jason told her that Charlie was his imaginary friend when he was little.  Kind of like Hanna’s imaginary friend Mr. Biscuit. 

One day Mr. DiLaurentis told Jason that Charlie had to go away.  Jason never saw Charlie again.  Which makes the girls wonder why Alison’s dad didn’t just tell her that when she asked about Charles.  Alison’s dad has been lying and knows all about Charles DiLaurentis.  So what if Jason’s imaginary friend wasn’t so imaginary after all?  Clearly the DiLaurentis family is hiding a deep, dark secret.

Aria realizes that this is something they can’t keep quiet about.  They have to tell Dr. Sullivan everything.  Of course, “A” isn’t going to let the Liars expose him that easily.  Emily gets a FaceTime request that she thinks is from Sara.  Turns out it’s from “A”.  He shows Sara sleeping in Emily’s bed and pulls out a knife.  “A” sends the message “Mention me and someone dies.  You have 30 seconds to leave that room”.  A countdown starts on Emily’s phone.

Dr Sullivan finishes up her phone call and comes out to find all the girls gone.

The Liars run to Emily’s house.  They panic when Sara isn’t in the bed.  Instead, the bed is stuffed with a pillow to make it look like she was there.  Sara suddenly shows up behind them as if she’d just gotten out of the shower.  Relieved, Emily hugs her.

Aria, Spencer and Hanna go downstairs to talk about the call from “A”.  If Andrew is still locked up in jail, then who made the phone call threatening Sara’s life?  Emily’s mom comes back from the police station with huge news.  The police are preparing to release Andrew.  They decided to drop the charges.  He has an alibi for the time when Mona was kidnapped.  And he was having his appendix removed when Sara Harvey was kidnapped.  Andrew couldn’t have been the one who kidnapped them.

The Liars head to Alison’s house and tell her about Jason’s “imaginary” friend Charlie.  Alison finally realizes that her dad lied to her.  Alison remembers how Jason always said something was missing from their family.  Alison always thought he was talking about himself, since he was always left out of the family photo albums.  Maybe Jason wasn’t the one that was removed from the family.

The girls want to find proof of Charles’s existence in the DiLaurentis house.  They search the house for hiding places.  Alison and Spencer dig through the potted flowers on the porch, in case Alison’s mom hid anything there.

Alison knows Toby still hates her.  She worries that Toby told Lorenzo about the mean things she’s done in the past.  Spencer is surprised when Alison says she saw Lorenzo at church.  Alison thinks it is pointless to pursue Lorenzo.  A relationship with him wouldn’t go anywhere.  Spencer tells Alison that they could have all been killed, but they have been given a second chance.  She doesn’t know anyone that couldn’t use a second chance.  She tells Alison not to waste it.

Aria used to hide her candy money from her brother Mike, so she’s pretty good at finding secret hiding places.  She looks inside the DiLaurentis button jars and finds a photo of Alison’s mom with two young boys at the Campbell farm.  It looks like it was taken on the same day as the home movie Charles had in his soul room. 

Alison’s dad will be home any minute, so the Liars leave.  They head towards the Rosewood police department right when Andrew comes out.  Aria tries to talk to him.

Andrew is understandable pissed off and tells Aria to stay away from him.  He knows Aria lied about seeing him in the dollhouse.  For the three weeks that the Liars were missing, Andrew was out searching for them.  He was going to be the hero and rescue them.  Instead, he got arrested and thrown in jail.  The police investigated his parents and tore up his uncle’s farm.  All because he wanted to help Aria and he didn’t believe the bad things other people said about the girls.

They’re all going to graduate in three weeks, so the Liars just have to stay out of his way until then.  Hanna doubts she and her friends will graduate, but Andrew assures them that they will graduate with honors.  The school wants them gone as much as everyone else in town does.  “Other towns have nice toxic dumps.  Rosewood has you,” Andrew tells the Liars.

Spencer decides to trust that Alison has really changed and isn’t the mean queen bee that she used to be.  She introduces herself and her friends to Lorenzo as Alison’s friends.  Toby looks unhappy that Spencer isn’t against the Lorenzo-Alison relationship.

Aria’s friends try to convince her that Andrew won’t hate her forever, but Aria thinks this is all her fault.  Spencer reminds her that Andrew was set up by “A”.  They were all set up.  The girls realize that no one in town will ever believe what they say.  They are more cut off than ever.  “A” wanted to make them feel alone and isolated.

Hanna can’t take the guilt anymore and finally brings up the huge incident that they have all been trying to avoid talking about.  She tells her friends that Charles made her play a game with switches.  It was a game about hurting people.

Aria thought she was the only one who played that game.  She was never shocked, though.  None of the Liars were shocked.  They realize that Charles tricked them.  Even though they never actually hurt each other, the point was that they thought they did.  Charles wanted them to know that they could reach a point where they were all willing to hurt each other.

Emily comes home and is surprised by Sara Harvey’s new haircut.  Emily’s mom helped Sara cut it short.  Does Emily like the new haircut?

Spencer’s mom has been worried about Spencer’s safety.  Now that Andrew has been released, the police patrols will be back for her protection.  She wants to know where Spencer is at all times. 

Spencer’s mom heard something interesting about Andrew’s interrogation.  Andrew told the cops that the Liars tricked him into helping them.  She asks if that’s true.  Spencer says that it is made up of facts, but that doesn’t make it true. 

Spencer knows that her mom wishes the kidnapping never happened.  However, it did happen and it isn’t something that she can forget.  While she was in the dollhouse, she thought that everything would be all right if she survived and came home.  Now she is home, but she doesn’t see a happy ending coming anytime soon.  Spencer goes up to her room and takes the anti-anxiety pill she stole from Aria.

Back in her bedroom, Aria snaps a photo of herself in her mirror.  She also takes another photo of the doll in her room.

Alison places the photo of Jason and Charles in the family photo album.  She shows the photograph to Jason when he comes home.  Jason realizes Charlie wasn’t an imaginary friend.  He was real.

Alison and Jason confront their dad when he finally comes home.  Their dad immediately gets defensive and attacks Jason for everything he’s put the family through.  Alison tells her dad to stop.  He’s not going to get out of this by picking a fight with Jason.  They demand to know who the other boy is in the photo that Aria found.

We can’t hear his answer, but we see that Alison looks upset.  Outside, “A” watches them through the window.

Do you think Emily should believe everything Sara Harvey is telling her?  The Liars don’t know much about her, but they seem to trust her already.  And do you believe that Andrew was searching for the Liars the whole time they were missing?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

PLL “Inside Out” Synergy Promo

How does Fear from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out react when Charles sneaks up on Spencer?

Shay Mitchell’s Fruit Popsicles Recipe

Shay Mitchell (Emily on PLL) shows how to make summer paletas (healthy frozen popsicle desserts) in her cooking video. They seem easy to make, but you’ll need a popsicle mold.
Shay goes through the steps for making Cucumber and Grape Paleta, Pineapple and Lime Paleta, Watermelon Paleta and Coconut and Blueberry Paleta.

If smoothies are more of your thing, check out Shay Mitchell’s recipes for the smoothies that she drinks on the set of PLL.

These paletas seem easy and fun to make.  Anyone going to try to make these fruit popsicles? They look like a great way to cool off in the summer!

Monday, June 15, 2015

PLL Sneak Peek 6x03: Alison and Lorenzo Talk About Soccer

Alison spots Lorenzo coaching boys soccer for a church program in this sneak peek of PLL 6x03 “Songs of Experience”. 

The church lost a youth leader, so they don’t have a girls soccer program.

Lorenzo asks Alison to volunteer for the program.  Alison isn’t interested.  Being a leader of girls didn’t work out for her in the past.  Plus, the mothers in Rosewood wouldn’t appreciate Alison supervising their kids. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Happy 26th Birthday Lucy Hale!

Lucy Hale, Aria on PLL, turned 26 today!

Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Lucy Hale used her birthday to promote a good cause.  Lucy dedicated her birthday to the kids at St. Jude and asked people to join her and donate to St. Jude.

This isn’t the first time Lucy Hale has shown her support for St. Jude.  Lucy Hale visited St. Jude Children’s Hospital and performed a show benefiting the hospital in the second webisode of “The Road Between With Lucy Hale”.

Lucy Hale didn’t stop there, though.  She spent her birthday at the Children Mending Heart’s 7th Annual Empathy Rocks Fundraiser.  Shay Mitchell (Emily on PLL) posted this photo of herself and Lucy at the event.  She captioned it “HAPPY BIRTHDAY @lucyhale! Thank you so much for coming out on your day to support me and this amazing organization, it means the world. #EmpathyRocks @childrenmendinghearts”.
Shay Mitchell and Lucy Hale on Lucy Hale's Birthday
Credit: Shay Mitchell's Instagram

Ashley Benson (Hanna on PLL), Keegan Allen (Toby on PLL), Janel Parrish (Mona on PLL) and Ian Harding (Ezra on PLL) tweeted birthday wishes to Lucy Hale.

Lucy Hale’s dressing room on the PLL set got some birthday love.

Lucy Hale's 26th Birthday
Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Lucy started her birthday celebration the day before her birthday with horseback riding. 

Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Lucy Hale was appreciative of all the birthday love sent her way.  Lucy wrote “I am blown away by all the birthday love I've received today form family, friends and all of you. Thank you for making a gal feel special.
This past year has been one that brought some prayed for clarity and light into my life. There are countless things to be thankful for and I'm constantly humbled by the people and opportunities that come my way. This year was also one of personal growth. One that brought some speed bumps and struggles, but through darkness comes light and I can honestly say I am proud to turn 26! Excited to see what this year brings. As always, thank you for lifting me up and being all around kick ass. Happy Sunday!!”.

Happy 26th Birthday Lucy Hale!

PLL 6x03 Australian Promo: Alison Blames Herself

In the Australian promo for PLL 6x03 “Songs of Experience”, Alison blames herself for her friends getting kidnapped.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

PLL 6x03 Sneak Peek Photos

Here are some sneak peek photos of PLL 6x03 “Songs of Experience”.  Looks like Dr. Sullivan is back.  (Check out BTS photos of the PLL cast on set filming 6x03).


PLL Teen Choice Awards 2015 Wave 1 Nominees

The Teen Choice Awards 2015 nominees have been announced and Pretty Little Liars has five nominations total.  You can vote for Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Ian Harding, Keegan Allen and the show Pretty Little Liars.

Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell and Ian Harding
Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Here are the categories that PLL is nominated in:

Choice TV Show: Drama (#ChoiceDramaTVShow)
Grey's Anatomy
Pretty Little Liars
The Fosters

Choice TV Actor: Drama (#ChoiceDramaTVActor)
Ian Harding- Pretty Little Liars
Jake T. Austin- The Fosters
Jussie Smollett- Empire
Keegan Allen- Pretty Little Liars
Nathan Fillion- Castle
Terrence Howard- Empire

Choice TV Actress: Drama (#ChoiceDramaTVActress)
Hayden Panettiere- Nashville
Kerry Washington- Scandal
Lucy Hale- Pretty Little Liars
Maia Mitchell- The Fosters
Shay Mitchell- Pretty Little Liars
Taraji P. Henson- Empire

Voting ends Friday, June 26 at 12:00 PM PT.  PLL fans can vote once each day per category, per platform user ID, for “Wave One” nominees at TeenChoice.com, or post a category hashtag with their nominee’s name to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Too bad the PLL actors are running against each other.  Who are you going to vote for?  Ian Harding or Keegan Allen?  Lucy Hale or Shay Mitchell?

Friday, June 12, 2015

PLL BTS Photos 6x09

Here are behind-the-scenes photos of the PLL cast on the set filming episode 6x09.

Ashley Benson (Hanna) and Laura Leighton (Hanna's mom Ashley Marin) raid the fridge at the Marin house.  Laura Leighton wrote "How to stick to your diet: Keep a photographer in your fridge."

Ashley Benson (Hanna) and Laura Leighton (Hanna's mom) PLL fridge BTS 6x09
Credit: Laura Leighton's Twitter

Ian Harding (Ezra) catching up on some sleep on set.  Shay Mitchell (Emily) snapped this photo and captioned it “MonDAZZZZZZZZZE...”

Ian Harding (Ezra) PLL BTS 6x09
Credit: Shay Mitchell's Instagram

Ian Harding (Ezra) and Keegan Allen (Toby) showing off their sweat pants.  Troian Bellisario snapped this pic and captioned it “Hey @ianmharding & @keeoone When did tapered sweat pants become a thing?? @hairferry is terrified.”

Ian Harding (Ezra) and Keegan Allen (Toby) tapered sweat pants PLL BTS 6x09
Credit: Troian Bellisario's Instagram
Troian Bellisario (Spencer) looking cool on top of a car in Rosewood.  Troian captioned this “@keeoone took this of me yesterday. I'm posting it in celebration of the last day to buy a Spoby Tshirt. We have already sold over 5,000! That's awesome you guys we are so beyond thrilled. Thank you so much for helping us give to @racetoeraseMS and if you haven't already... LAST CHANCE!”

Credit: Instagram
Troian Bellisario, Keegan Allen and Ian Harding taking an awkward prom picture.  Troian wrote “Somebody said to take the most awkward prom photo in our "SPOBY" shirts and I think we nailed it. Especially you @ianmharding you're a special kind of awkward. Well guys It's the last week to get your SPOBY shirt so if you're just a fan of Spencer and Toby's relationship or you want to support @RaceToEraseMS which strives to find a cure for MS everywhere help us raise some money for a good cause OR BOTH. Only available for a few more days. Get yours here: represent.com/spoby (link to buy in bio!)”

Keegan Allen, Troian Bellisario and Ian Harding Awkward Prom Photo PLL BTS 6x09
Credit: Troian Bellisario's Instagram

Sasha Pieterse (Alison) on set.

Credit: Instagram
All the PLL moms are back for episode 6x09.  Looks like they have a lot of scenes together.

Here's a group photo of Nia Peeples (Emily's mom), Holly Marie Combs (Aria's mom), Laura Leighton (Hanna's mom) and Lesley Fera (Spencer's mom).

Nia Peeples (Emily's mom), Holly Marie Combs (Aria's mom), Laura Leighton (Hanna's mom) and Lesley Fera (Spencer's mom) PLL BTS 6x09
Credit: Nia Peeples's Instagram
Nia Peeples, Laura Leighton and Lesley Fera.  Nia captioned this "What's wrong with their pic? @lauraleighton is good in on set with @lesleyfera and mama fields #Pll @abc family".

Nia Peeples, Laura Leighton and Lesley Fera PLL BTS 6x09
Credit: Nia Peeples's Instagram
The PLL moms (Holly Marie Combs and Lesley Fera) busy texting.  Laura Leighton tweeted “Like daughters, like mothers...”

Holly Marie Combs and Lesley Fera PLL BTS 6x09
Credit: Laura Leighton's Twitter

Nia Peeples, Holly Marie Combs and Lesley Fera.

PLL BTS 6x09 Nia Peeples, Holly Marie Combs and Lesley Fera
Credit: Laura Leighton's Twitter
Nia Peeples getting her hair done.  She wrote "Notes from network: pam's hair is too hip. Make it flat. Nice to know my work is being paid attention to up top. Ha! #pll".

Nia Peeples (Emily's mom) PLL BTS 6x09
Credit: Nia Peeples's Instagram

PLL moms Nia Peeples and Lesley Fera in the makeup trailer.

PLL BTS 6x09 Nia Peeples and Lesley Fera
Nia Peeples's Instagram

Unfortunately, the PLL moms didn't have their own chairs.  They had to tape over Hanna's name to personalize Laura Leighton's chair.  "I hope you don't mind, @AshBenzo , it looks like I will be sitting in your chair today" Laura Leighton tweeted.

Credit: Laura Leighton's Twitter
Troian Bellisario and Lesley Fera had a little fun on set with dubsmash.

Check out more funny PLL dubbed videos here and here.

More behind-the-scenes photos: