Saturday, May 31, 2014

Brant Daugherty Discusses his PLL Character Noel

Brant Daugherty, who plays Noel on Pretty Little Liars, gave an interview about his character and answered some burning questions.

What’s Noel’s involvement in Alison’s disappearance?  Brant thinks that Noel knows everything that’s happening in Rosewood.  He doesn’t know for sure if he can say if Noel had anything to do with Ali’s disappearance, but Noel knows what’s going on.

Who does Noel have the most unresolved issues with?  Brant points out that Ezra and Noel have had a rivalry since season one of Pretty Little Liars.  When Noel and Aria were dating and Noel found out that Aria was with her teacher, Noel went after Ezra rather than Aria.

Brant would love more Noel and Aria interaction.  He mentions that there was a deleted scene in season two where Noel called Aria out for everything that happened.  He says we saw a little bit in “The Kahn Game” when Noel asks Aria “Ever had sex with your teacher?”

Remember that scene?  Spencer and Aria had a lot of unanswered questions, so Noel and Aria played a truth game.  They had to answer each other’s questions truthfully for a certain amount of time.  You can watch it below:


What can Brant tease about Noel and Mona’s relationship?  Brant thinks that Noel would have had to know something about Mona being “A”, since they were going out for a while.

Seems like so long ago that Noel and Aria dated.  Can’t wait to see Noel back in action for season five of Pretty Little Liars!

Friday, May 30, 2014

PLL Season Five Spoilers: Melissa and Jason Back in Action

Its official, Melissa’s back for Pretty Little Liars episode 5x07, titled “The Silence of E. Lamb”.  Joshua Butler, director of the episode, tweeted a monitor picture of Torrey DeVitto (Melissa).

In the spring finale of PLL season four, “A is for Answers”, Melissa is surprised when she learns her dad fears Spencer killed the blonde girl buried in Ali’s grave.  Melissa leans in and whispers something to her dad.  We haven’t found out what she whispered, so hopefully Melissa’s return will provide us with some answers.   

Melissa isn’t the only one back in Rosewood.  Looks like Jason, Ali’s older brother, will be home for Ali’s homecoming.  Check out the behind the scenes photo of the gorgeous Drew Van Acker, who plays Jason on Pretty Little Liars.

Is Jason going to be happy to see Ali alive?  Ezra did have a theory that Jason is a suspect.  Jason always seems to know more than he lets on and he seems to have a lot of his own secrets. 

Who do you think we should be more suspicious of?  Jason or Melissa? 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sasha Pieterse Discusses Ali Regrets and Ali’s Season Five Challenges

Sasha Pieterse gave an interesting interview about season four of Pretty Little Liars and reflects on her character Ali. 

Sasha’s favorite episode was the black and white episode, “Shadow Play”.  The crew also joined in on the fun and dressed up in 1940s attire.

Sasha thinks the character Ali has the most beef with is Paige, but there is bad blood with Mona as well.  Ali has hurt and blackmailed a lot of people, including cops and parents.  Reintroducing Ali back into Rosewood changes the dynamic of the show.  Sasha thinks Ali is a victim, although she may not be seen that way.

If Ali could apologize to one person, Sasha thinks Ali would apologize to Aria.  Ali has more insight than Aria at the moment and we will see that. 

Does Sasha have any Emison spoilers?  Sasha Peiterse and Shay Mitchell both have no idea what will happen between Ali and Emily, but a love triangle is a possibility.  It will be hard for everyone to trust each other again.

Who do you think Ali should apologize to?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

PLL Star Janel Parish sings “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin

Janel Parrish plays Mona on PLL, but have you ever pictured her as Princess Jasmine from Aladdin?  Janel Parrish and her boyfriend Payson Lewis dressed up and performed as Jasmine and Aladdin.  Their rendition of “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin is amazing. 

Janel posted a short clip of their performance on Instagram.  Wish we could watch them perform the whole song!

Is Janel Parrish better as a Disney princess or as the delightfully evil Mona from PLL?   

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Toxic Book #15 by Sara Shepard

We’re all fans of the Pretty Little Liars TV show, but are you also a fan of the book series that started it all? The fifteenth book in the series is titled Toxic and is written by Sara Shepard. It will be released on June 3rd. Toxic is the second-to-last book in the series. Who’s going to run out and grab a copy?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Ian Harding Talks About Ezra

Ian Harding, who plays the irresistible Ezra, gives us some insight into his PLL character.

Ian said he was shocked when he first found out about all the scenes Ezra and Ali had together at the end of season four. He had fun shooting those scenes with Sasha Pieterse (Ali).

Ian expressed his hope that Ezra and Caleb would have a scene together in season 5, since he doesn’t really get to have scenes with guys.

If Ian could get his wish and Ezra, Caleb and Toby would hang out, what would be the ideal guys’ night out? Ian doesn’t know, since the characters are so different from each other. He thinks Ezra would probably bring a book to read, Toby would be fixing a bike, and Caleb would be emoting.

How crazy are things going to get for Aria and Ezra in season five? Ian thinks that Aria and Ezra will have to renegotiate a lot, since what they had before was based on a lie of sorts. Ian’s not sure if Aria and Ezra will get back together after everything that’s happened.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

PLL Season 5 Premiere Spoiler Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words and the pictures of the season five premiere of Pretty Little Liars is no exception.  These sneak peek photos give us hints of what’s to come for Pretty Little Liars episode 5x01, titled “EscApe From New York”.

Shana, Aria and Ezra.  When Aria gets to the hospital room, Shana is already there standing over Ezra.  What is Shana doing there?  Did she know Ezra?

Here, Ezra is whispering something to Aria.  Does he remember who he thinks “A” is?  Or is he telling her how much he loves her?

Ezra in the operating room.  Is he going to be okay?

Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Ali hanging out on what looks like a stage in a theater.  Where is Aria?

Ali and Ezra sitting on the steps and talking.  Since we know Ezra was shot, could this scene be a flashback?

What are Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Ali doing at a theater?  Why isn’t Aria with them?  Is she with Ezra at the hospital?  How well did Shana know Ezra?  All the answers will be revealed on June 10th during the season five premiere of Pretty Little Liars.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

PLL Star Troian Bellisario in Webseries “Lauren”

Photo Credit: Troian Bellisario's Instagram

With Pretty Little Liars still on hiatus, do you need a Troian Bellisario fix?  If so, check out her webseries “Lauren” while you wait for Pretty Little Liars to come back.

The show originally aired in 2012 on youtube, but you can watch the series on Hulu now.  Hulu’s description of “Lauren”: “When a soldier reports an assault, she is forced to choose between what she loves and what's right”.

Hulu has compiled the short episodes into three longer episodes.  If you prefer, you can also watch "Lauren" on YouTube.

What do you think of Troian Bellisario in "Lauren"?

Friday, May 23, 2014

Chad Lowe Directing PLL Episode 5x03

Chad Lowe’s amazing as Byron Montgomery, Aria’s dad, on Pretty Little Liars.  Not only is he a great actor on the show, but he also directs some of the episodes.  

Chad Lowe is directing episode 5x03 of PLL, titled “Surfing the Aftershocks”.  He has been credited for directing eight previous Pretty Little Liar’s episodes, including last season’s awesome “She’s Come Undone” episode where Aria went ballistic and trashed Ezra’s apartment.

Can’t wait to see “Surfing the Aftershocks”.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

PLL Season Five: Paige, Emily and Ali Triangle

Pretty Little Liars writer and executive producer, Joseph Dougherty, has hinted at a Paige, Emily and Ali triangle for season five of PLL.  Here’s a quick recap of the bad blood between all these characters.

  • According to CeCe, Ali was afraid of Paige.  We never find out exactly why or what started their feud.  However, in a flashback scene we see a huge bruise on Ali’s back.  Ali says she fell down in soccer and “Pigskin” kicked her.  Ali says “Pigskin” is psychotic.  She calls her “pigskin” because of bumps on her thighs.
  • Paige hates Ali’s guts because Ali spent ninth grade torturing her.  Ali would call Paige “pigskin”.  Ali started off teasing her, but it got worse.  Ali was relentless and Paige had no one to turn to.   
  • Ali played a cruel prank on Paige.  Ali stole some of Emily stationary and wrote a steamy fake love letter to Paige, tricking Paige into thinking Emily loved her.  When Paige responded and left a note for Emily, Ali took the note and let Paige know that the original letter was fake.  Ali threatened to give the note to Paige’s father and yelled that she owned Paige.
  • Emily had a crush on Ali and Ali used that against her.  Ali kissed Emily and intentionally led her on with no intention of actually being with her.
  • Paige attacked Emily and held her head under water in the swimming pool.
  • Paige and Emily started dating, but things became strained between them as Emily concentrated on finding Ali.
  • Paige gave Emily and ultimatum and forced Emily to tell her the truth, that Ali was alive.
  • Paige broke her promise to stay quiet and gives an anonymous tip to the cops, telling them that Ali is alive.
  • Emily is furious when she finds out about Paige’s betrayal.  Paige admits that she doesn't care what happens to Ali.  They break up because Emily can’t ever trust her again.

With so much bad blood between Ali and Paige, Ali’s return to Rosewood must be something Paige is dreading.  Will Emily get stuck between them? 

What do you think about the Paige, Emily and Ali triangle?  Are you a Paily fan or are you Team Ali?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lucy Hale’s Radio Disney Interview

Lucy Hale stopped by Radio Disney to promote her new songs.  Lucy’s a southern girl.  She’s originally from Memphis and she moved to Los Angeles originally for music.  The first audition she ever went on was for Hanna Montana.  She tried out for the part of Lilly, which eventually went to Emily Osment. 

Lucy Hale’s favorite item in her closet is her leather jacket, but sweatpants are a close second.  She admits she’s worn both together. 

Lucy Hale always knew she wanted to make a country album.  She writes on a lot of the tracks on her album. 

What does the Test of Randomness tell us about Lucy Hale?  She hates cheese, her favorite color is turquoise and second favorite color is teal, she gets stumped when she tries to remember her best friend Annie’s middle name, she plays a little guitar, she’s never been on a skateboard before and her favorite southern food is fried pickles with ranch.  And all that talk about fried pickles makes her hungry for some.

Anyone else hungry for fried pickles?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

PLL Season 5 Spoilers: Ali’s Rosewood Return Causes Problems

Pretty Little Liars writer and executive producer, Joseph Dougherty, has explained how Ali’s return will change the show.

Season five will be completely different from previous seasons because Ali’s return will bring a newness and freshness. Ali was a disruptive figure for the liars when she was gone. Now that she’s back in town, her presence will affect the girls in different ways. Spencer will be affected because of her ascendency. Hanna, Emily and Aria will be affected because they are not the same as they were before. They’ve all changed.

Ali might want to return to the same Rosewood High that she remembers from before. However, that’s gone. Things have completely changed. Ali needs to find her new role.

How will Paige react to Ali’s official return? Well, she certainly won’t be happy about it. Paige is a major reason why Emily isn’t the same person she was when Ali left. Dynamics have changed. Paige is threatened by Ali’s presence. Ali, Paige and Emily will be the most interesting triangle of season five.

Are you excited to see Ali come back to Rosewood High?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Lucy Hale on the Red Carpet at Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) 2014

Photo Credit: Billboard Instagram

Lucy Hale attended the Billboard Music Awards as a presenter.  On the red carpet, she talked about her outfit, her love of Britney Spears and her new album.

Lucy chose between a couple outfits for the BBMAs.  She decided one dress was a little too “showgirl”.  (Love the lace dress she ended up choosing!)

Lucy Hale also talked about how great it was to see Britney Spears performing in Las Vegas over the weekend.  Lucy admitted that she cried during Britney’s show.  Her favorite part of the show?  Britney Spears singing “Baby One More Time”.  She says that the outfits and the dancers were amazing.

Lucy confessed that she gets nervous when she presents awards, especially when there are so many people there that she looks up to.  Who was she most excited to see at the Billboard Music Awards?  Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood.

Looks like she got her wish.  Lucy Hale posted a picture she took with Miranda Lambert.


Photo Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Lucy Hale is really excited for the release of her album "Road Between".  She’ll be working that day (June 3rd), so she’s not sure how she’ll celebrate the big day.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

PLL Filming: Fun on the Set

Lucy Hale posted a cute behind-the-scenes video from the set of Pretty Little Liars.  Between takes, Shay Mitchell looks over her lines.  Troian Bellisario has a different way of killing time on set.  Lucy Hale cracks up as she watches Troain Bellisario playing with a Shake Weight dumbbell.


How much do you love getting a glimpse of what happens on the set of Pretty Little Liars?

Saturday, May 17, 2014

PLL Stars Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn Dancing

Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn, who play Hanna and Caleb on Pretty Little Liars, have been filming together for season five.

Director Norman Buckley with Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn Photo Credit: Ashley Benson's Instagram

How do they spend time between takes?  Dancing.  Check out these videos of Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn dancing on the set of Pretty Little Liars.

Credit: Norman Buckley's Instagram

Nice dance moves, Ashley and Tyler!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Spoilers for Pretty Little Liars Season 5: 100th Episode

Photo Credit: Shay Mitchell's Instagram

The 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars is a huge deal, so there’s been tons of buzz about the upcoming episode and even an awesome cake for the occasion.  Here’s what we know so far. 

  • The title of the episode is “Miss Me x100”
  •  Caleb’s back!  Question is, will Hanna and Caleb become Haleb again?  Or will Hanna still be into Travis?

  Photo Credit: Ashley Benson's Instagram

  • Jenna returns to Rosewood.  Last time we saw Jenna, someone tried to kill her.  The girls found her unconscious, floating in the lake.  Jenna got taken to the hospital, but we haven't seen her since then.
  • Toby won’t be in the episode.  So where is he?  Still in England after tracking down Melissa and telling her that Spencer needed her?
  • Ezra makes an appearance.  Last time we saw him, he was shot and it wasn’t clear if he was still alive.  Ian Harding was at the table reading for the 100th episode, so Ezra plays some role in the episode.  We also know one of his lines is “You stopped at Paulas?”.  

 Photo Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

  • Hanna, Caleb and Ezra are all working together on something.  Don’t think we’ve seen this group working together before.  What are they up to?
Photo Credit: Marlene King Instagram
  • New character alert:  Chloe Bridges, who you may recognize from the Sex and the City prequel The Carrie Diaries on CW, joins the cast as Sydney.  Sydney will be a member of the Rosewood High swim team.  Since Emily and Paige seem to be over, could this newcomer be Emily’s new love interest? 

 Photo Credit: Chloe Bridges Instagram
  • Ashley Marin, played by the wonderful Laura Leighton, is back.  Maybe Hanna’s got some mother-daughter bonding time going on?  Laura Leighton posted some pictures from filming for the episode.  See Travis in the background?  Wonder if Hanna’s mom has some love advice for Hanna.  Possible love triangle with Hanna, Caleb and Travis?

Random facts: Someone eats a Twinkie, someone says “Why would you care if I’m okay?” and someone says “That’s not going to fix this"

So much juicy gossip about the hundredth episode of PLL.  Judging from the spoilers, the episode looks like it’s gonna be A-mazing!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lucy Hale Presenting at the Billboard Music Awards 2014

Photo Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Lucy Hale is having a busy month.  Lucy Hale will be a presenter at the Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs), which will take place at the MGM in Las Vegas. 

The BBMAs is looking like it’ll be a fun night.  Some of the performers for the show are Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Lorde, Carrie Underwood, Miley Cyrus, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Imagine Dragons, John Legend and OneRepublic.

Fans can vote for the 2014 Milestone Award until 10PM ET on the night of the award show.  Vote for the Milestone Award finalists Ellie Goulding, OneRepublic or Carrie Underwood.

If you’re interested in the red carpet show and want to check out what the stars are wearing, Yahoo will stream the red carpet show, which will be hosted by Lance Bass, Jordin Sparks and Ted Stryker.  Cher Lloyd will perform “Sirens” on the red carpet. 

The Billboard Music Awards will air Sunday May 18th at 8/7c on ABC.  Check it out to see Lucy Hale as a presenter.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hanna’s Funniest Moments on PLL

The season five premiere of Pretty Little Liars is still about a month away and waiting can be brutal.  To pass the time until June 10th rolls around, check out this compilation of Hanna’s funny and memorable moments.  Let’s face it, Hanna always gets the best lines.  Which Hanna line is your favorite?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

PLL Season 5 Spoilers: Returning Characters

Season five of Pretty Little Liars is shaping up to be a reunion in Rosewood.  Lots of characters we both love and hate are all coming back to Rosewood in time to see Ali’s big return home. 

Check out the picture Lucy Hale (Aria) took with Janel Parrish (Mona), Tammin Sursok (Jenna) and Brendon Robinson (Lucas). 

Can’t wait to see how Mona, Jenna and Lucas all take Ali’s return to Rosewood.  They all certainly have a complicated past with Ali.  Lucas and Mona were bullied by Ali.  Ali blinded Jenna with the firecracker.  And Ali knows that Mona manipulated her into leaving Rosewood in the first place.  Hard to imagine they will welcome Ali back with open arms. 
Are you excited to see these characters return to Pretty Little Liars? 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sasha Pieterse’s Single “R.P.M.”

So many Pretty Little Liars are also singers. Lucy Hale sings country music, but did you know that Sasha Pieterse (Ali on PLL) also sings country? Check out the video for her second single titled “R.P.M”. This song was released last June.

How awesome is that music video?

Also take a look behind-the-scenes at the making of the music video.

What do you think of Sasha Pieterse’s music?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lucy Hale Sings Along to “Let It Go” from Disney’s “Frozen”

Disney’s movie “Frozen” has been a huge hit and Queen Elsa singing the song “Let It Go” is a huge reason why.  Listen to the song once and you can’t get it out of your head.  Youtube is filled with covers of the song “Let It Go”, which is sung by the very talented actress and singer Idina Menzel in “Frozen”.

Lucy Hale joins in on the fun and has her own sing along with guitarist Kyle Rife and country music singer Joel Crouse.  The result?  An adorable video that’ll inspire you to do your own cover of “Let It Go”. 

Photo Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

What do you think of Lucy Hale singing “Let It Go”?

Friday, May 9, 2014

Spoiler Alert for Pretty Little Liars Season 5: Noel, Melissa and a Desperate Kiss

As we inch closer to June 10th, hints about Pretty Little Liars season five keep leaking out.  Bryan Holdman, television writer for PLL, tweeted that episode 5x07 will have a “hungry, desperate kiss”.  With so many liars, it’s anyone’s guess as to who is kissing whom.

Could Melissa and Noel be causing trouble in season five?  Bryan Holdman hints so in his tweet.  One of them is sneaky.  Maybe both?

So what do you think?  Who is gonna get kissed?  And who’s more sneaky, Melissa or Noel?  Can Spencer trust her own sister?  Can Ali really trust Noel?    In Rosewood, you can’t trust anyone.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lucy Hale’s Photo Shoot for mark. Saint Barts Collection

Photo Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Lucy Hale looks absolutely gorgeous at the mark. Saint Barts collection photo shoot.  In this video, Lucy talks about her love for the beach.  At the beach you can get a nice glow from the sun (wearing sunscreen, of course) and that salt water hair look that’s so stylish.

In this video, get a behind the scenes look at the hair styling and makeup process as Lucy gets ready for her mark. photo shoot.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Spoiler Alert: Andrew Campbell’s Back for Pretty Little Liars Season Five

We already know Lucas will be back for Season 5, but now it seems like Andrew will also be back at Rosewood High.   

Remember Andrew (played by actor Brandon Jones)?  He and Spencer played strip trivia when Spencer desperate to stay on the Academic Decathlon team after Mona tried to kick her off.  He also gave Spencer those pills when she was desperate for something to keep her awake while tracking down "A".  

Andrew’s obviously into Spencer.  Any chance that he might cause some problems between Spencer and Toby?  Can’t wait to find out.


Are you excited to see Andrew back in Rosewood or do you think he should stay away from Spencer?

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lucy Hale Plays “Jar of Random” at RDMAs

Lucy Hale at Radio Disney Music Awards, Photo Credit: Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons

At the Radio Disney Music Awards, Lucy Hale and others played the Jar of Random backstage.  They pulled activities out of a jar and had to do whatever was written on the paper.  Lucy didn’t want to do the first activity she pulled out, so she tried for a different activity.  She ends up having to say “toy boat” five times fast.  Check out the video.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Alison’s Return Spells Trouble for Spencer on PLL

Troian Bellisario, who plays Spencer on Pretty Little Liars, has hinted at trouble on the horizon for Spencer and Alison.  While she doesn’t know exactly what will happen in season five, she points out that Alison and Spencer have always been frenemies at best.  There has always been a certain amount of competition between the two of them.  And the Hastings and DiLaurentis families are intertwined in very bad ways.  So Troian doesn’t think it’ll be smooth sailing for Spencer when Ali comes back to town.  Ali’s return will probably cause some problems for Spencer.

Ali and Spencer’s families do have a lot of history together.  Peter Hastings, Spencer’s father, had an affair with Ali’s mother.  Ali’s mother then became pregnant with Jason, Ali’s older brother.  Spencer cares about Jason, since he is her half brother.  However, Jason seemed angry at Spencer in “Unbridled”.  He was determined to keep Spencer away from his mother.

Spencer and Ali have been competitive in the past.  Remember when Ali and Spencer were fighting over Melissa’s boyfriend, Ian Thomas?  And in flashbacks, we’ve seen that there was a time when Ali was interested in kissing Toby.  (Way before she got Toby sent to juvie).  Since Toby is with Spencer now, let’s hope Ali doesn’t cause problems between Spencer and Toby.

Do you think Ali’s return to Rosewood will mess with Spencer’s family and her life?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Possible Pretty Little Liars Movie in the Future

Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell
Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell Photo Credit: JJ Duncan, Creative Commons  

Love Pretty Little Liars so much that you’re dreading the end of the show and want it to live on?  According to an E! News article, creator of Pretty Little Liars Marlene King says that a PLL movie is a possibility.  She wants the possible movie to be a theater film and the goal is that Pretty Little Liars ”ends its life in one medium and starts another life on film”. 

And back in August, Marlene King tweeted her interest in making a PLL movie.

This isn’t the first time rumors of a Pretty Little Liars movie have surfaced.  In a Teen Vogue interview in 2012, Ashley Benson mentions that the producers have talked about making a PLL movie after the show ends.  They want to make a movie happen for the fans.  With a movie, the possibilities are endless.  No longer confined to Rosewood, the girls could travel the world with “A” following their every move.  “To be followed around by A in a whole other state or country could be really exciting,” Ashley says.

So what side are you on?  Are you on board with a Pretty Little Liars movie or do you think it should end after the final season?