Tuesday, May 20, 2014

PLL Season 5 Spoilers: Ali’s Rosewood Return Causes Problems

Pretty Little Liars writer and executive producer, Joseph Dougherty, has explained how Ali’s return will change the show.

Season five will be completely different from previous seasons because Ali’s return will bring a newness and freshness. Ali was a disruptive figure for the liars when she was gone. Now that she’s back in town, her presence will affect the girls in different ways. Spencer will be affected because of her ascendency. Hanna, Emily and Aria will be affected because they are not the same as they were before. They’ve all changed.

Ali might want to return to the same Rosewood High that she remembers from before. However, that’s gone. Things have completely changed. Ali needs to find her new role.

How will Paige react to Ali’s official return? Well, she certainly won’t be happy about it. Paige is a major reason why Emily isn’t the same person she was when Ali left. Dynamics have changed. Paige is threatened by Ali’s presence. Ali, Paige and Emily will be the most interesting triangle of season five.

Are you excited to see Ali come back to Rosewood High?

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