Friday, May 30, 2014

PLL Season Five Spoilers: Melissa and Jason Back in Action

Its official, Melissa’s back for Pretty Little Liars episode 5x07, titled “The Silence of E. Lamb”.  Joshua Butler, director of the episode, tweeted a monitor picture of Torrey DeVitto (Melissa).

In the spring finale of PLL season four, “A is for Answers”, Melissa is surprised when she learns her dad fears Spencer killed the blonde girl buried in Ali’s grave.  Melissa leans in and whispers something to her dad.  We haven’t found out what she whispered, so hopefully Melissa’s return will provide us with some answers.   

Melissa isn’t the only one back in Rosewood.  Looks like Jason, Ali’s older brother, will be home for Ali’s homecoming.  Check out the behind the scenes photo of the gorgeous Drew Van Acker, who plays Jason on Pretty Little Liars.

Is Jason going to be happy to see Ali alive?  Ezra did have a theory that Jason is a suspect.  Jason always seems to know more than he lets on and he seems to have a lot of his own secrets. 

Who do you think we should be more suspicious of?  Jason or Melissa? 

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