Thursday, May 22, 2014

PLL Season Five: Paige, Emily and Ali Triangle

Pretty Little Liars writer and executive producer, Joseph Dougherty, has hinted at a Paige, Emily and Ali triangle for season five of PLL.  Here’s a quick recap of the bad blood between all these characters.

  • According to CeCe, Ali was afraid of Paige.  We never find out exactly why or what started their feud.  However, in a flashback scene we see a huge bruise on Ali’s back.  Ali says she fell down in soccer and “Pigskin” kicked her.  Ali says “Pigskin” is psychotic.  She calls her “pigskin” because of bumps on her thighs.
  • Paige hates Ali’s guts because Ali spent ninth grade torturing her.  Ali would call Paige “pigskin”.  Ali started off teasing her, but it got worse.  Ali was relentless and Paige had no one to turn to.   
  • Ali played a cruel prank on Paige.  Ali stole some of Emily stationary and wrote a steamy fake love letter to Paige, tricking Paige into thinking Emily loved her.  When Paige responded and left a note for Emily, Ali took the note and let Paige know that the original letter was fake.  Ali threatened to give the note to Paige’s father and yelled that she owned Paige.
  • Emily had a crush on Ali and Ali used that against her.  Ali kissed Emily and intentionally led her on with no intention of actually being with her.
  • Paige attacked Emily and held her head under water in the swimming pool.
  • Paige and Emily started dating, but things became strained between them as Emily concentrated on finding Ali.
  • Paige gave Emily and ultimatum and forced Emily to tell her the truth, that Ali was alive.
  • Paige broke her promise to stay quiet and gives an anonymous tip to the cops, telling them that Ali is alive.
  • Emily is furious when she finds out about Paige’s betrayal.  Paige admits that she doesn't care what happens to Ali.  They break up because Emily can’t ever trust her again.

With so much bad blood between Ali and Paige, Ali’s return to Rosewood must be something Paige is dreading.  Will Emily get stuck between them? 

What do you think about the Paige, Emily and Ali triangle?  Are you a Paily fan or are you Team Ali?

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