Friday, August 12, 2016

PLL 7x08 Sneak Peek: Paily Reunion

Emily and Paige unexpectedly bump into each other in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars episode 7x08 “Exes and OMGs”.

Paige is back in Rosewood and she’s interested in a swim coach position at Rosewood High. Turns out Emily is also interested in the same job. Emily stops by Rosewood High just as Principal Hackett finishes interviewing Paige for the position. Emily and Paige both seem shocked to see each other.

Emily is dating Sabrina right now, but is there still a chance for Paily? Are you glad to see Paige back in Rosewood? PLL showrunner Marlene King has said Paige and Emily may have seen each over the five year time jump. Hope we get some flashbacks of that! One person that won’t be happy to see Paige back is Alison. Marlene King said Paige will bring out Alison’s inner bitch.

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