Sunday, August 9, 2015

Shay Mitchell and Marlene King Talk Emison and Paily

Shay Mitchell (Emily on PLL) and showrunner Marlene King talked about Emily’s love life and what to expect after the time jump.

Shay acknowledged that there are die-hard Emison PLL fans.  Marlene King said there are Emison moments in a lot of the episodes.  They don’t have to be a couple to be Emison.  They will always have a connection because Alison was Emily’s first love.

Marlene has previously said that Lindsey Shaw (Paige) will appear on PLL in season 6.  In this new interview, Marlene said there may be a story that puts Emily and Paige in the same state over the time jump. 

They also touched on Sara Harvey.  Neither Marlene nor Shay think Sara Harvey has made it to girlfriend level for Emily.  Maybe Sara will just be a friend?

Who do you think is best for Emily?  Previously, Shay Mitchell has said that she thinks Paige is good for Emily.  Do you think Emily should be with Paige, Alison, Sara or someone else?

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