Friday, July 22, 2016

Why Aria & Ezra were Chosen for First PLL Proposal

We got a shocking twist with Ezra proposing to Aria in Pretty Little Liars “Along Comes Mary” and it ended on a cliffhanger. (It was PLL co-executive producer Bryan Holdman’s idea to have the proposal as a cliffhanger). We’ll have to wait until the next episode to find out Aria’s answer. PLL showrunner Marlene King explained how the writers chose Ezria for first PLL proposal. She spilled lots of details about the beautiful proposal scene.

So why was Ezria chosen instead of the other PLL couples like Haleb or Spoby? “We plotted this out when we first started this year, and we just thought because they were the first couple, we thought they should be the first to get engaged” Marlene King told ET.

In fact, this wasn’t the first time the writers considered an Ezria proposal. Ezra almost proposed to Aria in season 5. “I will say there was almost a proposal in season five and we pulled back from that story, but, yes, it was going to be Aria and Ezra.”

Marlene King also discussed the appeal of Aria and Ezra. She attributes some of that appeal to the on-screen chemistry between Lucy Hale and Ian Harding. “I think there's just sort of that forbidden love that is just so appealing. Lucy and Ian have such great chemistry and I think they're just so much fun to watch. As they've grown in this show, and their characters have grown up, it's sort of just one of those relationships that's undeniable, I would say.”

One thing Marlene really wanted in the proposal scene was for Ezra to wear a vest, just like the vests he wore back when he was still a teacher at Rosewood High. “I specifically asked for him to wear a vest, so it was sort of a classic season one-Ezra when he used to wear those cute vests with his suits. It was a surprise to Aria -- it's unexpected and very beautiful and very romantic, and I think Ian Harding did such a wonderful job in the scene.”

Although Aria didn’t give Ezra an answer right away, the question won’t be dragged out over season 7. We will find out Aria’s answer in episode 7x06 “Wanted: Dead or Alive”. Aria’s initial hesitation in accepting the proposal is due to the secrets she’s been keeping from him. Ezra still doesn’t know that the Liars buried Elliot Rollins in the woods. And will Aria tell Ezra about the phone call from Nicole? (In the official promo for PLL episode 7x06, we see Aria wondering how she can accept the proposal when she may go to jail for her part in Elliot’s death and cover-up.)

Marlene left the door open for other PLL proposals on future episodes of the show. After all, Marlene has promised season 7 to be the most romantic one yet. “There's many, many happy endings waiting for our characters and fans. We just have to wait and continue on in this winding path as we move forward. There's still much romance to be had,” Marlene promised.

Were you happy with the Ezria proposal? It really was a beautiful proposal scene. Ezra’s speech was sweet and Aria looked so surprised. I’d love to see Aria and Ezra’s wedding in the second half of season 7. Which other PLL couples do you want to see get engaged?

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