Saturday, July 23, 2016

PLL Star Keegan Allen Talks Awkward Dates & Kissing James Franco (Video)

Keegan Allen, Toby on PLL, spilled some personal details about bad first dates and on-screen kisses during a recent interview. The interview took place on the PLL set and his PLL co-star Ashley Benson snuck up behind him to scare him during the interview. “She’s terrible. That’s awful,” Keegan said before saying how much he loves Ashley Benson.

Keegan was asked about his most awkward date moment. Keegan described a horrible first date. The girl brought her entire family with her. Her parents, siblings, cousins and grandparents all showed up at the restaurant with her to meet Keegan. Keegan thought it was weird and creepy, so he didn’t have a second date with her. That first date was a “run for the hills” moment.

When asked about his best on-screen kiss, Keegan initially said it was with Troian Bellisario (Spencer on PLL). Keegan then added that there are two best on-screen kisses. He said actor James Franco is an incredible kisser. (Keegan Allen and James Franco kiss in their movie King Cobra.)

Keegan said the weirdest rumor he has heard about himself is that he is dating Brett Dier. (Canadian actor Brett Dier starred on the short-lived Pretty Little Liars spinoff Ravenswood. Brett Dier is currently on playing Michael Cordero on Jane the Virgin). Keegan and Brett are best friends, but there’s nothing romantic going on. Keegan joked that he wishes they were dating, but their girlfriends wouldn’t be cool with that. Keegan said that he and Brett do hold hand hands, which can be seen in this photo Keegan posted on Twitter.

Keegan had a very diplomatic answer when asked who in the PLL cast he would swipe right for. Keegan knew that was a dangerous question, so he said he would swipe right for all the cast members. Including the boys, specifically Ian Harding and Tyler Blackburn.

Some other random facts about Keegan Allen:

Keegan Allen’s first celeb crush was Katharine Hepburn. His favorite setting the mood songs are by Billie Holiday, Radiohead and Ray LaMontagne. The first thing he notices when he meets someone is their eyes. Keegan doesn’t have a go-to pickup line. Keegan cooks vegan food. He just learned how to make kale chips.

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