Wednesday, July 20, 2016

PLL 7x06 Promo: Will Aria Accept Ezra’s Proposal?

Aria isn’t sure how to respond to Ezra’s marriage proposal in this promo for Pretty Little Liars episode 7x06 “Wanted: Dead or Alive”.

Hanna’s freaking out over the possibility that Elliot Rollins is still alive. The only way for the Liars to know for sure if Elliot/Archer is dead is to dig up his body.

The Rosewood police seem to be doing a better job than usual now that there’s a new detective in charge. Detective Marco Furey has already realized that Elliot’s real name is Archer Dunhill.

Hanna gets a call from a British man who says “Next time you bury someone, make sure they’re dead”. Do you think Elliot/Archer is alive?

And it seems like Jenna is suspicious of the Liars. “Maybe the cops should ask you where he is” Jenna tells Emily.

Someone is a police uniform attacks Alison. Alison is able to pull off his mask during the struggle.

And is Aria going to accept Ezra’s proposal? Aria is having trouble saying yes because she and her friends might end up in jail for Elliot/Archer’s death. “I can’t promise Ezra forever when my future could be spent behind bars” Aria says.

We will have to wait two weeks to find out what happens next. Pretty Little Liars “Wanted: Dead or Alive” will air on Tuesday, August 2 on Freeform.

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