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Recap of PLL 7x05 “Along Comes Mary”: An Ezria Proposal

Ezra proposes to Aria in Pretty Little Liars episode “Along Comes Mary”, but will she accept his proposal? The Liars continue to dig for more clues about Elliot Rollins and end up at his “burner apartment”. Jenna Marshall, Sara Harvey and Noel Kahn unexpectedly team up. And Alison finally finds out her friends were the ones who accused her of murdering Charlotte.

Aria feels guilty that they all suspected Alison killed Charlotte, so she shows up to welcome her home with a casserole. Aria is shocked to see Alison arrive with Mary Drake. Jason couldn’t make it Rosewood right away, so Mary got Alison released from the hospital.

Unfortunately, Alison is temporarily stuck with Mary. After everything that happened with the imposter Elliot, Welby is afraid that Alison will sue. Welby is doing an internal investigation and Mary has to stay with Alison until a social worker can review her case.

Mary doesn’t seem happy to see Aria. She suggests that Aria leave so Ali can rest. Alison hopes she’ll be able to get some answers from Mary after Aria leaves.

Alison immediately starts questioning her aunt. Mary Drake claims that she’s innocent. She says Elliot contacted her in London and told her Charlotte was alive. It nearly shattered her when she found out Charlotte was murdered.

Alison doesn’t get how her own aunt could help a stranger drive another person insane. Mary says Elliot was clever and manipulative. And Mary had a bad relationship with Alison’s mom, Jessica DiLaurentis. Mary assumed Alison was just like her mom.

Mary Drake also denies knowing that Elliot wanted to kill Alison. For her it as all about the DiLaurentis money. Elliot told Mary that Charlotte wanted her to have the money. Mary regretted her involvement when Elliot started talking about vengeance. Mary wants to earn Alison’s forgiveness.

Emily oversleeps because of her date with Sabrina. They stayed up all night talking. Looks like they had a good time. They have their goodnight kiss in the morning. Unfortunately, Emily realizes that she’s late for a test at Hollis College. Emily races over to campus, but it’s too late. The test already started and the professor won’t let Emily in.

Aria needed a quiet place to work, so she hangs out at Ezra’s place. Ezra finally returns. While Ezra was in New York, he visited Nicole’s parents. He wanted them to know that he is moving forward with his life. He was relieved that Nicole’s parents were happy for him. Ezra wanted to tell Aria about his visit because it felt wrong to keep secrets from her. Aria looks guilty. After all, she’s keeping a huge secret about Elliot’s death. Aria doesn’t come clean, though. She hides the newspaper article about Elliot’s disappearance.

Spencer meets up with Hanna at The Brew. They overhear police talking about Elliot’s abandoned car at the train station. So far, things are going according to plan. The police think Elliot is alive and on the run. That’s why the police withheld details in the newspaper article.

Mona has been working on Elliot’s burner phone. She’s tracking down a location where the phone was used often. Mona found a text Elliot sent that said “Alison didn’t kill Charlotte”. They don’t know who Elliot sent that text to, though. It was probably sent to another burner phone. The Liars realize that Elliot wasn’t trying to kill Alison the night he took her out of Welby.

Aria is alone at Ezra’s apartment when his phone rings. The screen says Nicole is calling. Aria picks up. She hears a foreign language in the background, but no one says anything on the other end.

Aria freaks out over the call. It’s not like she got a call from a ghost with an international calling plan. Is Nicole alive? Is this a trick from Uber “A”? Aria calls Emily for advice. Emily invites Aria over for some day drinking. It’s a tempting offer, but Aria just wants to know what to do.

Emily thinks the call was an accident. Nicole is dead and they already had a funeral for her. What good would it do to tell Ezra about the call? Emily has some experience with this. Three months after Emily’s dad died, a cousin used Emily’s dad’s phone to call Emily’s mom. So it looked like Emily’s dad was calling. That incident really hurt her mom. So based on Emily’s advice, Aria decides to delete the call and save Ezra from the pain.

After hanging up, Emily gets a surprise from Uber “A”. Emily got a 92% on the test that she never took. Then Emily gets a message that says “Thank me later, ungrateful bitch – A.D.”. Why would Uber A help Emily like this? And what will Uber A want as repayment?

Alison gets an unpleasant surprise when she tries to withdraw money at an ATM. There is no money left in her account. Elliot took out all the money from their joint bank accounts and even took her Carissimi Group shares.  Alison races back home and tears apart her bedroom. She even smashes a framed photo of herself with Elliot.

Mary Drake comes in and denies knowing that Elliot took the money. She says Elliot got greedy and double-crossed her. After Alison storms out of the room, Mary picks up the photo of Alison and Elliot. Mary rips up the photo.

Spencer tries to find Caleb, but is unable to locate him at his usual spots. In desperation, she heads to the Rosewood police station to ask Toby for help. Spencer jokes “help me, Toby-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope”. Spencer knows Toby well, so she immediately reads his facial expression. Caleb is not staying with Toby, but Toby knows where he is. Toby’s in an awkward position, since he’s friends with both of them.

As Spencer is leaving, she runs into the guys she made out with at the bar the night they accidentally killed Elliot. Toby introduces him as his new supervisor, Detective Marco Furey. Marco is in charge of the Rollins case.  Spencer acts like she never met Marco before. Marco looks confused, but he goes along with it.

Jenna visits Alison’s house, but is surprised when Alison answers the door. Jenna was expecting to see Elliot. Jenna didn’t know Alison was already out of the hospital.

Alison asks how Jenna and Elliot know each other, but Jenna tries to leave without answering. Alison accuses Jenna of being the one who convinced Elliot that she killed Charlotte. “The next time you call Archer, tell him I said to go to hell” Alison yells at Jenna. “Maybe he’s already there” Jenna responds. Does Jenna know the Liars killed him?

Mona tracks the location down to a “burner apartment”. Aria and Emily decide to check it out before the police get there. The apartment manager lets them in after they give him money and Aria’s phone number. Actually, Aria gave him the number to a Chinese restaurant instead.

The apartment is a mess. Unwashed dishes are piled up in the sink. Emily and Aria pull down the Murphy bed and a plaster head rolls out. Aria hilariously runs away from the head and yells at Emily not to touch it. The head breaks when it falls to the floor, but there are photos of Darren Wilden on the wall. Someone was pretending to be Wilden.

Aria and Emily do some more sleuthing. Emily finds blank passports and plane tickets hidden under the dirty dishes. Elliot had an escape plan ready for himself and one other person. Aria finds a ledger with a detailed records of cash payments to M.D. and J.M.  It’s unclear what the payments were for, but the girls think the cash was given to Mary Drake and Jenna Marshall.

They also find a bookplate in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. “This book belongs to Archer Dunhill” it says. The girls wonder if Archer Dunhill stands for A.D.  Aria and Emily hide when the police finally arrive. Luckily for them, it’s just Toby. The girls lie about how they got the address of the burner apartment.

The police found the address of the apartment on a payment receipt they found in Elliot’s car. Elliot paid six months advanced rent for the apartment.

Detective Marco Furey will come to search the place as soon as Toby calls it in. Aria and Emily admit to touching the evidence. They show him the book, cash and passports. Toby gives them five minutes to leave before he calls it in.

Sara Harvey and Jenna Marshall meet at The Radley bar. They bond over their misfortune of knowing the Liars.

Meanwhile, Hanna does a bit of digging on Jenna. Hanna borrowed her mom’s password and looked into The Radley’s records. Hanna tells Spencer that Jenna was planning to check out that day, but she just extended her stay.

Spencer is more concerned with Caleb’s disappearing act. Hanna feels guilty that her kiss with Caleb messed up Spencer’s relationship. She asks what she can do to fix everything. Spencer tells Hanna to figure out why she’s wearing Jordan’s engagement ring when she might have feelings for Caleb.

Back at the DiLaurentis house, Mary Drake hums a song that Alison recognizes. Alison’s grandmother used to sing the song “Little Sparrow” as a lullaby to Mary and Jessica DiLaurentis. It’s a song about love, men and lies.

Alison goes to the Rosewood police station after getting a call from Detective Marco Furey. The police got a call from Alison’s bank regarding her stolen money. He says Elliot was hired to work at Welby right when Charlotte was admitted there. It looks like Elliot targeted Alison because of her money.

The police know a train ticket was purchased on Elliot’s credit card. They also know he got off the train because a rental car was charged to Elliot’s credit card. In a shocking twist, Marco says Elliot was last seen in Baltimore. His car was picked up on a traffic camera. The police are now waiting for a positive ID. Marco promises that they won’t stop until they find Elliot.

Back at The Brew, Emily grabs some coffee and asks Sabrina out on another date. Emily also sees Sara with Jenna. Jenna, who seems to know everything about everyone, already knows that Emily is attending Hollis College.

The Liars meet up and Spencer reminds them that they directed the cops to Philly. So someone else knows that Hanna ran over Elliot. Hanna freaks out. Alison doesn’t think Mary Drake is behind this. Mary was at the hospital for the last couple days. She didn’t have time to go to Baltimore.

The girls also discuss Sara and Jenna’s new friendship. Two people with the biggest axe to grind against the Liars are now suddenly BFFs. Are Jenna and Sara trying to chop the Liars’ alibi to bits? Alison admits that she had a confrontation with Jenna earlier. So Jenna knows that they are onto her.

Ezra keeps calling Aria. Ezra texts that he needs to talk to her at the Brew. Worried about the Nicole call, Aria decides to go see him. Alison seems a bit annoyed at Aria for leaving.

Back at home, Alison looks in her wardrobe. She sees the red jacket that the Liars handed over to A.D. as evidence. A.D. had the jacket dry cleaned. It has a note that says “Your friends gave me your dirty jacket but I couldn’t find a shred of evidence. – A.D.”.

Aria enters Ezra’s apartment and finds candles all over the place. She turns to see Ezra in a suit. Ezra starts his sweet proposal speech. “You told me once, a long time ago, that you couldn’t imagine your life without me, and I told you I wanted you in mine and that we’d figure something out. And then we spent years apart. A world apart. Five years later, when you walked in the door after all that time, it felt like that last flat stretch of track on a rollercoaster ride right before it comes to a stop, when your stomach’s slipping out and your knees are weak, but you can breathe again. That’s when I knew. I want you in my life Aria, for the rest of my life. I don’t ever want to let you go.”

Ezra gets down on one knee and asks Aria Marie Montgomery to marry him. Aria, shocked, stares at the ring. Aria doesn’t give him answer.

If that proposal wasn’t shocking enough, we get another twist with the unexpected return of a familiar face. Jenna’s not the only Rosewood High alumni back in town. Jenna and Sara are drinking at the Radley again, but this time they are joined by Noel Kahn. “Did you miss me?” Noel asks. Noel joins the girls in a toast.

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars “Along Comes Mary”? Are you happy with the surprise Ezria proposal? Aria’s keeping so many secrets. I would hate to see Aria’s secret about the Nicole phone call ruin their engagement. And what’s up with Elliot being seen in Baltimore? Is Elliot is still alive or is someone else messing with the Liars? Aria has been really worried about Alison’s reaction to the Liars being responsible for A.D. thinking she killed Charlotte. Now that Alison finally knows, how do you think she will react? And what do you think Noel, Jenna and Sara are up to? So glad to see Noel back on PLL! Post your thoughts and comments below!

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