Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ashley Benson on Fave PLL Fan Theories

Ashley Benson, Hanna on PLL, was recently on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In this web exclusive video, Ashley discusses her favorite Pretty Little Liars fan theories.

Favorite PLL Fan Theories:

  1. Hanna’s mom, Ashley Marin is “A”. Laura Leighton, the actress who plays Ashley Marin, hasn’t been on the show for a while. Ashley Benson misses her, so she’d like her to come back on the show to kill her daughter.
  2. It’s always a possibility that Hanna is “A”. Ashley Benson is always telling the producers that.
  3. Caleb and Hanna have child together. Ashley Benson thinks it would be fun if Hanna was pregnant because she could eat whatever she wants, even though she already does.
  4. Emily and Hanna get together at some point.
Ashley Benson also shared her own favorite theory. She wants Emily to be straight so that she can make out with a guy, since Shay really wants to do that.

Ashley Benson and Jimmy Fallon also did a Snapchat simultaneously on the show. Watch the video below to see them "Simul-Snap".

What’s your favorite PLL fan theory?

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