Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mona’s Secret Message Anagram for Charles or Rachel DiLaurentis?

Mona left the Liars a cryptic message in PLL “The Melody Lingers On” 5x23.  The Liars find a hidden card in Mona's room with the message “Chandelier’s rituals.  Sister launched lair.  A ruler’s list chained.”

Interestingly, those sentences are all anagrams for “Charles DiLaurentis”.  However, they are also anagrams for "Rachel S. DiLaurentis". 

PLL showrunner, Marlene King, retweeted this theory.

Do you think this anagram is a clue about the mysterious twin we’ve heard about?

Mona was always fond of secret messages and codes.  Remember when Mona created a secret way to communicate with Hanna in “Crazy” episode 3x07?  She told Hanna to take the first letter of each word to spell out a new word.  She used that to secretly give Hanna the message “Maya knew”.

What do you think Mona’s secret message means this time?

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