Wednesday, March 11, 2015

PLL 5x24 Trailer: Caleb and Ezra Dodge Arrows

Get ready for some Ezreb action.  In the trailer for Pretty Little Liars “I’m a Good Girl, I Am”, Ezra and Caleb are finally working together.

Caleb finds an arrow stuck in the windshield of his car.  If that wasn’t bad enough, an arrow later gets shot near his head as he and Ezra do some sleuthing. 

Aria freaks out over something (does that look like a piece of raw meat?).

The jury has reached a verdict in the Alison DiLaurentis murder trial.

Do Hanna and Alison have a plan?  Alison burns her hand, and then slams a washing machine door on Hanna’s hand.

Do you think the jury will find Alison innocent or guilty of murder?

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