Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Recap of PLL 5x23 "The Melody Lingers On"

In Pretty Little Liars “The Melody Lingers On” episode 5x23, the Liars are desperate to help Hanna get out of jail, Jason’s secrets get revealed on the witness stand, and Alison's lies are unraveled by the prosecution at her murder trial.

Alison’s lawyer preps her for her murder trial.  Alison still wants to tell her story to the jury, but her lawyer doesn’t want her to tell a desperate story of being plotted against. 

Hanna’s mom and Pastor Ted visit Hanna in jail.  Despite Ted’s concerns, Hanna’s mom wants to attend Alison’s murder trial.  She thinks Alison is setting Hanna up.  She pushes Hanna to speak up about Alison.  Hanna gets frustrated that her mom doesn’t believe that both she and Alison didn’t have anything to do with Mona’s death.  Hanna’s mom doesn’t care about the truth.  She just wants to get Hanna out of jail.

Spencer realizes that Varjak’s pizza receipt phone number is the same number that appeared in newspaper personal ads they found in Alison's house.  If the Liars can prove Alison is not guilty, then Hanna will not be charged as an accessory to Mona’s murder. 

Spencer’s mom strongly suggests that the girls skip Alison’s trial.  She can’t force Emily and Aria not to go, but she won’t let Spencer attend the trial.  The girls realize that skipping the trial will give people the impression that Alison is guilty.  And they don’t want to turn their backs on Hanna when it’s time for her trial.  Spencer’s mom asks Spencer to promise not to go near the courtroom

Caleb and the girls meet up at The Brew.  Caleb was unable to trace Varjak’s the phone number.  No one picks up when the Liars call Varjak’s number.  Spencer uses Caleb’s burner phone to text Varjak “Did you miss me?  Love, Holly”.

Spencer sees Jason, but he doesn’t want to talk to her.  He’s now a prosecution witness because Spencer insisted that Alison murdered Mona.

Alison’s dad orders Jason to get in the car.  He blames Spencer for Alison ending up in jail.  They are neighbors, but he wants Spencer to stay away from his family.

Aria tells Andrew that her brother Mike is away with the lacrosse team.  Luckily, he’ll miss Alison’s trial.  The trial is happening fast because Mr. DiLaurentis didn’t want any motions and no delays.

Andrew is sick of everyone at school memorializing Mona.  Mrs. Horowitz, a Rosewood High teacher, acts like Mona should be nominated for sainthood.  Mrs. Horowitz considers Mona the best scholar and a martyred hero, as if Mona won every championship on her own.

Aria knows Mona was an aggressive competitor, but Andrew thinks she was vicious.  Mona kneecapped dozens of kids.  The only thing Mona likes more than winning is taking credit.  Andrew thinks they are lucky Mona didn’t go off to college and eventually run for president.

Aria doesn’t like what Andrew is saying.  It sounds like he’s saying the world is better off without Mona.  Andrew just says that there are other people on the team.

Alison calls Emily the night before her trial.  They both apologize to each other.  Alison asks if Emily will be at the trial. Emily isn’t sure, but she eventually agrees to be there.

On the day of Alison’s trial, her brother and dad sit behind her.  The twins Cindy and Mindy (girls in Alison’s army) also come to the trial.  Aria and Emily come in, but Spencer is a no-show.

The prosecutor starts with a convincing opening argument.  He asks the jury to remember high school.  Every slight seemed like an assault.  Allegiances and enemies were magnified.  It’s a world where opponents are dealt with quickly, without remorse.  He believes that describes what Alison did to Mona.

The prosecutor brings up Alison’s kidnapping lie.  He says Alison created this lie, but he also blames the Liars for perpetuated the lie.  He tells the jury that Alison killed Mona because she knew about Alison’s lies.

Aria calls Spencer, freaked that the prosecution knew the kidnapping story was fake.  They may know about New York, too.  Spencer thinks Cyrus told the cops that the kidnapping story was a lie.  Luckily, Mike is still in Harrisburg and safely away from the trial.

Alison’s dad yells at Aria and Emily.  He blames them for Alison’s kidnapping lie.  Jason steps in to defend them, explaining that Alison lied to her friends.

Hanna and Alison are finally reunited in the prison laundry room.  Alison explains the newspaper personal ads communications.  After her mom’s death, she saw a tribute ad in the paper.  It said “Good night light and the red balloon” and a response number.  Alison recognized it from the book Goodnight Moon, which her mom used to read to her.

Alison answered the ad and two days later there was a second message.  “Good night nobody.  Good night brush.  Good night to the old lady whispering hush.”  It also had Varjak’s phone number, so Alison texted it.

Hanna is frustrated that Alison didn’t tell them that she was talking to “A”.  Alison didn’t want them to get hurt, after Aria killed Shana in New York and Alison’s mom was murdered.

Alison is sure the person torturing her with the notes wasn’t “A”.  She thinks it was Mona.  The texts stopped after Mona was killed.

Spencer’s mom admits that she knew the prosecution would bring up the fake kidnapping, but it was too late for her to do anything except warn the Liars not to attend the trial.  Someone will go to jail for Mona’s murder and her only concern is that it isn’t Spencer who winds up in prison.  As far as she’s concerned, Spencer knew nothing about Alison’s fake kidnapping story.

Caleb visits Hanna in jail.  He promises to get Hanna out of this mess.  Hanna doesn’t think things will turn out the way they hoped.  She wants Caleb to promise to leave town.  All she cares about is his safety.

The Liars don’t think Mona was the one taunting Alison about her mother’s murder.  Aria gets a call from Varjak’s number.  She hesitates to answer it, since she never called Varjak from her phone.  Annoyed, Caleb grabs the phone from her hand and answers it.  The French song "Under Paris Skies" sung by Edith Piaf plays.

The girls call Hanna and play the song for her.  Hanna recognizes the song, since she heard Mona listen to it before. 

Since Hanna found a tape hidden in Mona’s book, there is a chance that Mona hid other clues.  They need to find Mona’s hidden clues to get Hanna out of jail.

Caleb apologizes for grabbing the phone away from Aria.  If they start stepping on each other, none of them will make it out alive. 

Aria volunteers to go see Mona’s mom and search Mona’s room.  She’s the least intimidating Liar, after all.

Caleb regrets not running away with Hanna.  He knows that she wouldn’t have left Aria, Spencer and Emily behind, though.  Although Hanna told him to get out before it’s too late, he doesn’t have any plans to leave her behind.  Spencer wishes they could use Caleb to bottle the essence of ‘best boyfriend’.  They’d make a fortune.

Mona’s mom doesn’t answer the door when Aria arrives.  Emily isn’t sure there is a clue in Mona’s room.  She’s worried they are going to be dragged down the rabbit hole with Alison.  Aria jokes that they should just give up and go shopping.

Jason goes to Spencer’s house to apologize for his father’s behavior.  Jason confronts Spencer for trapping Alison when she ran from the police.  Jason let Alison run that night because he thought there was a chance that she was telling the truth. 

Spencer regrets trapping Alison that night.  She knows that she made a terrible mistake.  Jason realizes that he made a mistake by listening to Spencer when she said Alison killed Mona.

Spencer likes to be really certain of things.  She hates being in the grey zone.  Someone knows that and used it against her.  She now doesn’t believe that Alison killed Mona.

Spencer’s mom catches her sneaking off to Alison’s trial.  Her mom forbids her from going, but Spencer doesn’t listen.  She knows being afraid won’t make things better.

The prosecution shows a video of Mona being murdered.  The Liars all look down as the tape is being shown in court.  Jason confirms that he told the truth about Alison’s alibi after the police showed him that video.  Although he previously told the cops that he believed Alison was the one attacking Mona in the video, he is now sure that it couldn’t have been Alison.

The prosecutor somehow knows about Jason’s romantic involvement with Hanna’s mother.  Since Jason is suddenly changing his story, the prosecutor suspects Hanna’s mom convinced him to change his story to help the defense.  If Alison is innocent of murder, then Hanna would also be innocent.

Jason’s dad kicks him out of the house after learning about his involvement with Hanna’s mom.  Spencer asks if he was really involved with Hanna’s mom, but Jason doesn’t think it is anyone’s business.  Spencer offers to let him stay with her, but he declines.  Jason knows that Spencer wouldn’t like it if she ended up on the witness stand, either.

Spencer tells her friends the truth will set you free, but first it turns you inside out.  Now, Spencer is more determined than ever to find clues in Mona’s room.

Hanna’s mom reconsiders her relationship with Pastor Ted after her night with Jason became public information.  Ted is already getting calls from women in his congregation.  Pretty soon the news will report about the affair. 

Ted doesn’t want to leave her, since he made a promise to her when he asked her to marry him.  He thinks they can get through this rough time, but Hanna’s mom doesn’t think it will change who they are.  She doesn’t think it’s possible to have a clean slate. 

Spencer, Aria and Emily desperately pound on Mona’s front door.  They suspect Mona's mom left to avoid the trial.  They are about to leave when they hear the French song "Under Paris Skies" coming from Mona’s bedroom.  The girls find the front door unlocked and they race upstairs.

Mona’s room is ransacked.  Her room is a mess and the heads of her dolls have been pulled off.  Emily finds a “Finders keepers, losers weepers” note from “A” tucked in one of the heads and they think “A” is taunting them about beating them to Mona’s clue. 

Aria realizes that the note could be “A” way of tricking them.  “A” may have left the note to discourage them from searching in Mona’s room.  Maybe “A” wasn’t able to find Mona’s secret hiding place.

Emily wants them all to think like Mona to figure out her hiding place.  Spencer looks at a handheld mirror.  Underneath the mirror is a card that says “Chandelier’s rituals.  Sister launched lair.  A ruler’s list chained.”

Unknown to the Liars, Andrew stares at Mona’s house before leaving.  As the girls leave, we see that someone broke into Mona’s house by smashing a window with a screwdriver.

Aria runs into Andrew at The Brew.  Andrew wants to make it clear that he doesn’t think Mona deserved to be murdered.  He saw the look on Aria’s face when he talked about Mona earlier.  He doesn’t ever want her to look at him like that again.

Aria jokes that her face does things without checking with her.  She knows he didn’t mean that Mona got what she deserved. 

Andrew tells her that he is available if she needs to get a ride out to a roadhouse or needs him to help her study.  He kisses her on the cheek, but she pulls away.  Andrew jokes that he surprised her face again.  Aria smiles as he leaves.

Hanna’s mom feels awful about her night with Jason.  She’s made so many mistakes.  Hanna reminds her mom that she was just being human.

Hanna’s mom worries that Hanna got the ‘bad decision’ gene from her.  Hanna hopes that she got all of her mom’s DNA.  That would mean she’ll be smart, brave and will sing her daughter the best lullabies when she’s scared.

Jason finally visits Alison in jail.  Alison says her lawyer remains confident, except when she doesn’t know that Alison is looking at her.  Jason asks if he can do anything for her.  Alison thinks he should get out and leave now. 

Jason tries to convince Alison that he believes her.  Ever since the night the police came and she tried to get away, he could see in her face that she didn’t kill anyone.  Alison admits that she let a lot of things happen that she shouldn’t have.

At The Brew, Emily sits at the secret machine Johnny built.  She listens to the secrets of strangers.  Suddenly, she hears the "Under Paris Skies" song playing.

A lab technician takes out evidence to test, which turns out to be a screwdriver from Boo Boo’s Ice Cream.

“A” shreds documents and a ‘Paul Varjak’ social security card.  “A” puts the shredded papers at the bottom of Tippi’s (the DiLaurentis parrot) birdcage.


  1. anyone knows who sings the 'Under Paris Skies' song?!

    1. Hi. In the episode, Hanna says it's sung by Edith Piaf. PLL writer Joseph Dougherty thinks the song was called "Under Paris Skies". However, some PLL fans think the song might be "Non, Je ne regrette rien" sung by Edith Piaf.