Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ezria Not Getting Back Together Soon

Don’t expect to see Aria and Ezra back together anytime soon.  PLL showrunner Marlene King told Yahoo!TV that Ezra and Aria’s breakup was a decision she feels strongly about.

"Some of our older, more mature viewers [agreed] that if you’re ever going to succeed you’ve gotta take a break and come at this relationship again post-college, or at least after Aria has a chance to go experience young adult life. The younger fans were really upset about it. It was a group divided. But we really still feel strongly about that creative choice and that it’s important. If Ezria does ultimately get back together, it will be because of this decision" Marlene said.

Do you agree that Aria and Ezra need to take some time apart from each other?  Do you eventually want to see them get back together?

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