Monday, March 30, 2015

PLL Season 6 Spoilers: Parents Become More Involved

The Liars have tried to protect their parents by keeping them in the dark about “A”.  After all, “A” dug up a lot of secrets about the parents.  However, in season 6 of Pretty Little Liars all the parents will finally realize that “A” has been terrorizing the Liars.

Marlene King told Yahoo!TV that the parents will finally be able to help the girls fight “A”. “Based on what you’ll see in the finale, we’ve reached this sort of critical mass on Pretty Little Liars: There’s no turning back and, without giving too much away, it’s a world where these girls are not going to have to just carry this burden around all by themselves anymore,” Marlene said.

PLL executive producer Oliver Goldstick also told TVLINE that it won’t just be the parents that realize why the Liars were always lying.  “Not just the families, but the school — everybody — will have to look at these girls differently. All of the crying wolf and strange, erratic behavior starts to make a lot of sense. So they’re thrown a big pass because of this now; there’s reason to believe these girls have been lying for a legitimate reason, out of fear and self-preservation. But that doesn’t mean they’re suddenly going to start sharing everything with mommy and daddy. There are still things you can’t tell them, as we all know.”

Looks like the Liars will finally get some much needed help taking “A” down.

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