Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Janel Parrish Brought to Tears After First Perfect Score of the Season on DWTS

Janel Parrish absolutely nailed her jazz performance last night on “Dancing With the Stars”.  Last night was Movie Night, which meant that all the dances were inspired by movies.  Janel and Val’s jazz routine was inspired by West Side Story.

Janel and Val ran into some trouble when they were told “that they couldn't legally choreograph anything even resembling West Side Story”, according to ET.  However, it turns out their dance ended up being amazing anyway.

The judges were blown away by Janel’s dancing.  Julianne “felt like she was watching a full-on Broadway show”.

The regular judges Carrie Ann, Bruno and Julianne all gave Janel scores of 10.  Guest judge Kevin Hart, who filled in for the absent Len, also gave her a score of 10.  Those scores meant Janel and Val are tied with Bethany and Derek in first place for week 3.

Janel was particularly excited to see Kevin Hart.  Before the show, Janel tweeted “Guys @KevinHart4real is guest judging tonight.  I may die of excitement for the show even starts. #DWTS”.  During the show Janel kissed Kevin on the cheek, which she said was awesome.

Here’s Janel and Val’s jazz performance:

Janel totally deserved all those perfect scores, didn’t she?

Monday, September 29, 2014

PLL Spoilers: Emily’s Mom Back for End of Season 5

Pam Fields will be back in Rosewood for the last few episodes of Season 5 of “Pretty Little Liars”.

Nia Peeples, who plays Pam Fields on PLL, tweeted “Pam is back for the last three episodes from what I understand .”

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Photo of the Week: The Girls on the Set of “Pretty Little Liars”

Ashley Benson posted this behind-the-scenes photo of herself, Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell on the set of PLL. 
PLL Behind the scenes Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell
Credit: Ashley Benson's Instagram

Ashley captioned the photo “Girls @lucyhale @shaym @sleepinthegardn”.

Can’t wait to see the episode!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Troian Bellisario’s Fan Mail Address

Troian Bellisario hates that fake addresses have been floating around the Internet, so she has given out the correct address to send letters to.  If fans want to send her a hello or a letter, send them to: 

Troian Bellisario
c/o Management 360
9111 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Troian’s one request?  Please don’t send her any live animals.

Troian Bellisario's Fan Mail Address
Credit: Troian Bellisario's Instagram

Friday, September 26, 2014

Spoilers: PLL Parents Returning – Hanna’s Dad and Alison’s Mom?

Looks like Hanna’s dad, Tom Marin, is back in Rosewood.  We last saw him in “Under the Gun” 4x06, when he confronts Ashley Marin about his missing gun.  He hasn’t had the best relationship with Hanna so far.  Maybe he’s back now to offer support to Hanna as she deals with Mona’s death?

A photo of Roark Critchlow, who plays Tom Marin, on the “Pretty Little Liars” studio lot has surfaced.  In the photo, he is driving the PLL pink golf cart.

Of course, Hanna’s mom is also still playing a huge role on the show.  Ashley Benson, Hanna on PLL, posted a video where she’s hanging out with Laura Leighton (Hanna’s mom) on the set.

We may also see Alison’s mom, Jessica DiLaurentis, returning in a flashback.  Andrea Parker, who plays Jessica DiLaurentis on PLL, tweeted “Meanwhile … Guess who got a call from #Rosewood today?”

Doesn’t look like we will see Emily’s mom anytime soon, though.  Nia Peeples, who plays Emily’s mom Pam Fields, tweeted “I have no idea when Pam is coming back to rosewood.  I miss #pll!”

Which “Pretty Little Liars” parent are you most excited to see back in Rosewood?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Janel Parrish DWTS: Week 2 “Almost Perfect”

Janel Parrish impressed the DWTS judges last night with her foxtrot with dancing partner Val Chmerkovskiy.  They danced to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”. 

Judges Carrie Ann and Bruno both gave her a score of 9.  Julianne and Len gave her a score of 8.  Those scores gave Janel and Val a total score of 34, putting them in second place among the twelve teams.

How good was Janel doing that foxtrot?  Can’t wait to see her next dance.

Monday, September 22, 2014

PLL Season 5 Spoilers: Emily Gets a New Enemy

Looks like there wasn’t enough bad blood between the residents of Rosewood, since a new adversary will be added to the “Pretty Little Liars” cast. 

Miranda Mayo, who you may recognize from the TV show “The Game”, is joining the cast of PLL as Talia, according to Deadline.  The role will be recurring.

Talia will be a chef who clashes with Emily.  Since Emily works at The Brew, maybe they’ll meet there? 

Seems like the Liars are constantly making enemies with everyone in Rosewood.  The Liars already have problems with Alison, Melissa, CeCe, Noel, Jenna and Sydney.  Maybe they should focus on making some allies instead of enemies?  What do you think of Emily having a feud with a new character?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Janel Parrish Has Got the Moves

Janel Parrish, pumped up from being voted back next week on DWTS, celebrates with some champagne.  She’s also got the choreography in the bag.  Janel sings and dances around her house in this video and jokes that she’s got the moves for next week. 

Janel captioned the video “Hey V.  Don’t worry about next week’s choreo.  I got it.  @iamvalc #foxtrot #backtowork #teamjanelskiy #dwts”.

Good luck on the foxtrot Janel!

Photo of the Week: Lucy Hale Cools Off During Heat Wave

Lucy Hale posted a photo of her creative way of beating the summer heat.  

Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Lucy captioned the photo “Gotta beat this heat somehow.  When in doubt, head in the mini fridge.  Struggle is real”.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

PLL Season 5 Spoilers: Welcome Back, Andrew Campbell

Guess who is back in Rosewood?  Andrew Campbell, the smart guy who always seems to have a crush on Spencer, is back for upcoming episodes in the second half of season 5.

In the past, Andrew always seems to have scenes with Spencer.  Andrew’s the guy Spencer goes to when she needs pills or someone to do landscaping work and dispose of a dead possum.  Surprisingly, it looks like Andrew will be spending some quality time with Aria in future episodes. 

Brendon Jones (Andrew on PLL) tweeted this photo of himself with Lucy Hale (Aria).  He wrote “Good times on set today with @lucyhale #PLLfamily”.

Lucy tweeted back “@brandonwjones despite the vertigo, memory loss on dialogue … fun times !  Ha see u soon”.

Can’t wait to see what kind of relationship develops between Aria and Andrew on “Pretty Little Liars”.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Keegan Allen in “The Hazing Secret” Lifetime Movie

With PLL on hiatus, are you craving some Keegan Allen? Keegan is starring in The Hazing Secret, which is a Lifetime movie. The movie also stars Shenae Grimes, who starred on 90210 and Degrassi: The Next Generation.

The Hazing Secret is a psychological thriller. This is the official synopsis from LMN: “Everyday Megan Harris wakes from the same horrific dream about a pledge dying in a hazing ritual only to have her memory wiped clean. Determined to kick her Anterograde Amnesia and discover what happened to the girl who haunts her dreams, Megan joins her former sisters at a Greek-wide reunion. Her head reels as jealousies and misplaced loyalties begin to simmer, sending her on a downward spiral that has her wondering whether she can even trust herself... Megan fights for her life and battles time to find the truth before her memory is erased again.”

The Hazing Secret airs on Sunday, September 21st at 8 PM on LMN. Who’s going to watch?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ian Harding and Julian Morris are DJs in “Funny or Die” Video

Check out Ian Harding (Ezra on PLL) and Julian Morris (Wren on PPL) in a “Funny or Die” video titled “DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Debate”.  (Troian Bellisario also appeared in a “Funny or Die” video about Instagram addiction).

DJ Mag hopefuls compete against each other.  Julian and Ian compete together as “Jul-Ian”.  When asked how they respond to the criticism that they are just actors and not DJs, Ian and Julian show just how cool they really are.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

PLL Christmas Episode Spoilers: Sneak Peek Video

Don’t want to wait until December to watch the first “Pretty Little Liars” Christmas episode?  Lucky for us, they released a sneak peek of “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas” PLL 5x13.   

The code word to access the PLL Christmas video is “icemaze”. Head over to pllsneakpeek.com to watch the video.

The Christmas sneak peek video is full of Ezria and Paily cuteness.  The Liars are at the Shady Days Nursing Home, busy spreading Christmas cheer.  Paige, Emily, Lucas, Sydney and Jenna are singing Christmas songs with the choir, while Aria passes out Christmas cookies.  Emily and Paige are holding hands while singing.

Ezra’s also at the nursing home and he looks adorable wearing a Santa hat.  He and Aria agreed to have a low-key Christmas, but he’s a Fitzgerald.  So that means he goes all out with Christmas presents.  After all, in the Fitzgerald house when you ask for one pony for Christmas, you get two ponies.  Ezra hands over two Christmas gifts for Aria.  Aria wonders if her first present is an Ali decoder ring.  Instead, Ezra got her a pair of gorgeous earrings.  Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until the episode airs to find out what the second present is.

No Hanna in the video.  Maybe she’s too torn up over Mona’s death?  Spencer is not there either, which makes sense since we last saw her getting arrested.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Janel and Val’s Jive on DWTS

Janel Parrish and Valentin Chmerkovskiy rocked it on the dance floor last night on DWTS with their jive dance. 

Did you catch Janel’s “shh” as an ode to “Pretty Little Liars”?  She does it around 0:16 in the video.

Janel and Val got a total score of 29 for their dance.  The judges thought some of Janel’s moves were out of control, but they all seemed to agree that she is a great performer.  Carrie Ann thought Janel has a lot of potential.  Carrie Ann gave them a 7, Bruno gave them an 8, Julianne gave a 7 and Len also gave them a 7.  That score leaves them right in the middle, putting them in seventh place out of the thirteen teams.

What did you think of Team Janelskiy’s first dance?  Did you vote for them?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Ashley Benson Asks PLL Fans to Vote for Janel Parrish on DWTS

Ashley Benson (Hanna on PLL) completely supports Janel Parrish (Mona on PLL) on DWTS.  Ashley’s seen all the behind-the-scenes videos on Janel’s Instagram and thinks Janel looks awesome dancing.  Ashley definitely wants to go see and support Janel. 

Ashley thinks it will come down to Bethany Mota versus Janel Parrish.  Ashley really thinks Janel has a shot at winning the whole thing.  She asks PLL fans to vote for Janel on DWTS, 'cause she’s awesome and deserves it. 

Love seeing the PLL stars supporting each other.  Don’t forget to vote for Janel Parrish on "Dancing With the Stars" tonight!

Lucy Hale’s Fall mark. Photo Shoot

Here’s a behind the scenes glimpse of Lucy Hale’s photo shoot for the fall cover for mark. Magalog.  During the shoot, Lucy stayed alert with her Starbucks coffee.

Lucy explains that the makeup look she always goes for is a bold lip or a cat eye, since it’s a classic look that doesn’t go out of style. 

Everyone on set had a great time working with Lucy, who they describe as funny.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Photo of the Week: Brant Daugherty Visits Janel Parrish on DWTS Set

Janel Parrish has been working hard rehearsing for “Dancing With the Stars” and her friend Brant Daugherty (Noel on PLL) stopped by to show his support.

Brant Daugherty Visits Janel Parrish on DWTS
Credit: Janel Parrish's and Brant Daugherty's Instagram

Janel captioned the photo “Loved having @brantdaugherty come visit me at rehearsal today!  You give me so much love and confidence.  Love you Branty!  Hope to follow in your footsteps”.
Brant posted the same photo and captioned it “Look who I found at the #DWTS rehearsal studio today!  I can’t wait to see you dance next week @janelparrish”.
DWTS rehearsals are nothing new to Brant, who competed on "Dancing With the Stars" in season 17.  He made it to seventh place with his partner Peta Murgatroyd. 
Hope Brant had lots of helpful dancing advice for Janel.  Does this photo make anyone else nostalgic for the days when Noel dated Mona on PLL?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mona Vanderwaal Flashback Photo

Mona Vanderwaal may be dead, but we haven’t seen the last of her. Here is Janel Parrish (Mona on PLL) hanging out with Ashley Benson (Hanna on PLL) on the set of Pretty Little Liars.

BTS Photo of Ashley Benson and Janel Parrish as Hanna and Mona on PLL

Credit: Joseph Dougherty's Instagram
Excited to see flashbacks of former besties Mona and Hanna?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Janel Parrish Meeting DWTS Partner Val

Want to watch Janel Parrish meeting her “Dancing With the Stars” partner Val Chmerkovskiy?  They seem to have great chemistry with each other.  Janel rubbed Val’s abs and Val was thrilled that Janel’s clearly got some good dance moves.  (Janel started dancing at the age of six, but she’s never danced with a partner or done any type of ballroom dancing before).

In her blog on People, Janel wrote “[Val] makes me laugh all the time, and that’s what it’s all about.  Even if I don’t do something right, he makes a funny joke about it and makes me laugh at myself and then we start again”.  Seems like they're the perfect match!

Make sure to watch Janel and Val’s first dance on September 15th.  The dance will contain an ode to “Pretty Little Liars”.  Go Team Janelskiy!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Troian Bellisario’s “Funny or Die” Instagram Addiction Video

Troian Bellisario has a hilarious “Funny or Die” video, where her friends stage an intervention when Troian’s Instagramming spirals out of control.  After all, Troian’s gone too far when she Instagrams a mugging instead of helping the poor old lady who's being mugged.

Her friends take her phone away for one day, so she can prove that she doesn’t need it.  Of course, without her phone she sees so many things she wants to Instagram.  Dogs getting married, nuns riding a tandem bike and a sad clown are just a few of the things worthy of Instagramming.

Troian breaks down and begs for her phone back.  Just when her friends think she’s learned to live without her phone, she shoves them aside to snap some more Instagram photos.

How awesome is Troian in this hilarious “Funny or Die” video?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Elizabeth McLaughlin Joins PLL Cast

Elizabeth McLaughlin, who played Massie in the movie The Clique, is joining the cast of Pretty Little Liars. It looks like the PLL family is thrilled.

Elizabeth McLaughlin tweeted “So happy to be heading back to work. Hope to see the lovely @JanelParrish on the set!” Janel Parrish (Mona on PLL) tweeted back “Yes lady! Welcome to Rosewood! @BzMcLaughlin”.

Julian Morris (Wren on PLL) tweeted “My wonderfully talented friend @BzMcLaughlin is joining #PLL !!”. Elizabeth responded “@Ju1ianMorris – you are the sweetest! Thank you! So excited to be here. Miss you! #PLL”.

Julian Morris and Elizabeth McLaughlin have both worked together on the show Hand of God, where Julian Morris played a preacher and Elizabeth McLaughlin played his girlfriend.

Looking forward to seeing Elizabeth McLaughlin on PLL!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Photo of the Week: Ashley Benson Poses with Lucy Hale Poster

Have you seen all the Lucy Hale Hollister posters?  Ashley Benson saw one and took a photo next to it. 

Ashley Benson Posing with Lucy Hale Poster
Credit: Ashley Benson's Instagram

Ashley captioned the photo “Oh Heyy @lucyhale”.  Lucy Hale responded by tweeting “@AshBenzo oh hey bebe lovvvveeee”.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sydney Penny Discusses Role as Mama Vanderwaal

“Taking This One to the Grave” PLL 5x12 introduced us to Leona Vanderwaal (Mona’s mom), played by Sydney Penny.  Sydney talked to ABC Soaps in Depth about her role on PLL and how working on the show was sort of like a reunion.

There were certainly times when the Liars thought of Mona as the devil.  How does Mona’s mom view her daughter?  According to Sydney, “she sees her daughter in the way that parents see their children: in the very best light and in a protective way.”  Sydney sheds light on how Mona’s relationship with her mom is different.  “It’s a young woman and her single mother making their way together … there’s a different flavor to it than it would be if there was a man in the household.”

Sydney Penny also discussed working with the PLL cast.  This wasn’t the first time she had worked with her television daughter, Janel Parrish.  The two worked together on an episode of “Home & Family” last year.  And she and Ashley Benson go way back, too.  Ashley Benson is the granddaughter of a family friend.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Janel Parrish Joins “Dancing With the Stars”

It’s official, Janel Parrish will be dancing in season 19 of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars”.  Janel’s dancing partner will be pro dancer Val Chmerkovskiy.

The “Pretty Little Liars” family has been supportive of Janel’s dancing news.

Lucy Hale (Aria on PLL) tweeted “Get it baby girl!  So happy for you !!!!”.

Brant Daugherty (Noel on PLL) tweeted “You know what to do @ABCFpll fans!  We need to get @JanelParrish that mirror ball trophy this year #DWTS”.  (Brant was on "Dancing With the Stars" in season 17).

Brendan Robinson (Lucas on PLL) tweeted “Can’t wait to see janelparrish kill it this season on #DWTS!!!  GO TEAM #JANELSKIY!!!”

And Marlene King (PLL creator) tweeted “In it to win it janelparrish!  Congrats baby.  PLL fam cant wait to watch u on #DWTS xxxooo”.

With Mona Vanderwaal dead on PLL, at least we can get our Janel fix by watching her dance moves on “Dancing With the Stars”.  The first episode will air on September 15.  Good luck Janel!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario Cuteness

No wonder Sparia is so popular among PLL fans.  Here’s Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario having some fun.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Justin Willman Performing Magic on the Set of PLL

Are the pretty little liars fans of magic?  Magician Justin Willman dropped by the set of Pretty Little Liars to perform some tricks for Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario and Lucy Hale.  (Note: this video is from last year, but it’s pretty awesome to watch if you haven’t seen it yet.)

Before performing his tricks, Justin gets a quick tour of the set.  Troian Bellisario shows him a jar of granola that’s been sitting on the counter since season one.  It’s so old that the granola has hardened into a brick. 

For his tricks, Justin makes a glass bottle shatter and figures out the name of the first guy Troian ever kissed.  Best part of the tricks?  Ashley Benson jumping back before the trick even starts and screaming as the bottle shatters. 

And if you ever get the chance to visit the set of Pretty Little Liars, don’t go hungry.  Justin tried to raid the fridge, but he found out everything inside was glued down.

Would love to see some more magic on the set of Pretty Little Liars!