Monday, September 22, 2014

PLL Season 5 Spoilers: Emily Gets a New Enemy

Looks like there wasn’t enough bad blood between the residents of Rosewood, since a new adversary will be added to the “Pretty Little Liars” cast. 

Miranda Mayo, who you may recognize from the TV show “The Game”, is joining the cast of PLL as Talia, according to Deadline.  The role will be recurring.

Talia will be a chef who clashes with Emily.  Since Emily works at The Brew, maybe they’ll meet there? 

Seems like the Liars are constantly making enemies with everyone in Rosewood.  The Liars already have problems with Alison, Melissa, CeCe, Noel, Jenna and Sydney.  Maybe they should focus on making some allies instead of enemies?  What do you think of Emily having a feud with a new character?

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