Thursday, September 11, 2014

Troian Bellisario’s “Funny or Die” Instagram Addiction Video

Troian Bellisario has a hilarious “Funny or Die” video, where her friends stage an intervention when Troian’s Instagramming spirals out of control.  After all, Troian’s gone too far when she Instagrams a mugging instead of helping the poor old lady who's being mugged.

Her friends take her phone away for one day, so she can prove that she doesn’t need it.  Of course, without her phone she sees so many things she wants to Instagram.  Dogs getting married, nuns riding a tandem bike and a sad clown are just a few of the things worthy of Instagramming.

Troian breaks down and begs for her phone back.  Just when her friends think she’s learned to live without her phone, she shoves them aside to snap some more Instagram photos.

How awesome is Troian in this hilarious “Funny or Die” video?

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