Thursday, May 4, 2017

PLL 7x14 Sneak Peek: A.D. Blackmails Aria with a Secret

Aria actually gets a video chat from A.D. in this promo for Pretty Little Liars episode 7x14 “Power Play”.

Aria gets a video chat request. She accepts and the mystery caller is A.D.! A.D. is wearing a hoodie and distorts his/her voice. A.D. shows Aria the file Jessica DiLaurentis had on her. (Remember when the Liars found Jessica’s files on all of them, but there was no Aria file? A.D. had already stolen the files on both Aria and Noel).

A.D. tells Aria “Jessica DiLaurentis kept excellent records. If Ezra knew what was in your file, he would definitely choose Nicole. And she would be visiting him in jail.”

Aria freaks out. She grabs the Aria figurine from the ‘Liar’s Lament’ board game and throws it across the room, shattering a wine glass.

What secret do you think is in Aria’s file? Ezra knows so many of Aria’s secrets and he never stopped loving her. Wonder what secret could make Ezra want to marry Nicole instead of Aria? Can’t wait to find out! PLL episode 7x14 “Power Play” will air Tuesday, May 9 on Freeform.

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