Saturday, May 6, 2017

PLL 7x14 Sneak Peek: Spencer Confronts Peter

Spencer finally gets a chance to confront her dad in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars episode 7x14 “Power Play”.

Spencer comes in and sees her dad’s briefcase. She finds a business card for Maddie Harper. She also finds her dad’s passport, which shows Peter flew into Philadelphia a week ago (the same time Veronica did).

Spencer says that Veronica isn’t her real mom, but Peter says that Veronica raised Spencer. Both Veronica and Peter love Spencer.

So where has Peter been for the last week? Peter was looking for Mary. He won’t let her do more damage to their family. He knows Spencer is confused and hurt. However, he doesn’t regret what happened because they have Spencer. Spencer is their daughter and they love her so much.

Peter is working with an investigator to find Mary. Spencer accuses Peter of planning to chase away Mary so Spencer never gets the chance to see her again.

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