Thursday, May 4, 2017

PLL Cast Show Support for Ian Harding’s Book “Odd Birds”

Ian Harding’s memoir Odd Birds was released on May 2 and his Pretty Little Liars castmates were quick to show their support for his new book.

Shay Mitchell, Emily on PLL, shared this funny photo and captioned it “I'm not gonna lie -- I've never met an odder bird than Mr@ianmharding . He's brilliant and hilarious and I have admired him from the moment I met him almost 8 years ago. You would never look at this handsome guy and think "oh yeah he for sure has a passion for birds" and that's what I love about him...ya can't judge a book by its cover 🤓 His book 'ODD BIRDS' is available NOW and I see a hilarious YouTube collaboration in our future!💃🏻🦅🦆🐥🦉#thiswashimtryingtolooknatural#oddbirds”.

PLL actor Ian Harding's book 'Odd Birds'

Ian Harding was also very supportive of Shay Mitchell when she released her fiction novel Bliss. Both Ian Harding and Keegan Allen went to one of her book signings.

Keegan Allen, Toby on PLL, tweeted “Love this dude. So proud of you!! #oddbirds is amazing. Everyone needs to read it. INSPIRED”.

Keegan Allen also joined Ian Harding on the first stop of his book tour (check out Ian Harding’s book tour dates to see where you can meet him). Keegan Allen is no stranger to book tours. He frequently does book signings for his book

Lucy Hale, Aria on PLL, wrote this message encouraging fans to support Ian’s book: “The only and only Shmian (@ianmharding ) released his first book today #oddbirds ...I'm a very proud friend and can't wait to get my paws on a copy since Ian didn't send me an early read 😏 But seriously go out and support this hard working guy and pick up a copy of his baby. And also comment on all of his pictures with 🐔🐧🐦🐤🐣🐥🦆🦅🦉 emojis.”

Lucy Hale and Ian Harding

Before the book release, Troian Bellisario (Spencer on PLL) wrote “Who else is super excited that their friend decided to write a book and it's going to be available THIS TUESDAY for you to read? I AM!!!@ianmharding you have a weird and beautiful passion for birds and your honesty in sharing your experiences in Hollywood is inspiring and totally brilliant. Congratulations on the release of #oddbirds”.

Troian Bellisario also posted this message on the day the book was released: “Guys @ianmhardingwrote a book titled #oddbirds is OUT TODAY, you can buy it or Oder it and start to read it AND you have a whole new episode of #pll tonight SERIOUSLY WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!?”

Sasha Pieterse, Alison on PLL, was also proud of Ian Harding. She wrote “So ridiculously happy for my dear friend @ianmharding 💙 We've talked about your book#oddbirds for a while and I can't believe it's getting released tomorrow!! Time flies! Congratulations, I'm so proud of you!”.

Tyler Blackburn, Caleb on PLL, also showed some love, writing “I'm proud of this guy for many reasons but this new creation is the latest reason. It's out today....GET ONE! #oddbirds”.

Are you going to read Ian Harding's book Odd Birds? Odd Birds is available to buy now.

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