Saturday, May 13, 2017

Get Alison's ‘You're The Avocado To My Toast Boyfriend Tee’ In PLL 7x14

In Pretty Little Liars episode 7x14 “Power Play”, Alison DiLaurentis wore this adorable 'You're The Avocado To My Toast' Boyfriend Tee by Emi-Jay. Alison’s tee was in heather grey, but it is also available in black and white.

Alison was wearing this tee when Aria came over to spend the night.

PLL Alison DiLaurentis 7x14 'You're the Avocado to my Toast' Boyfriend Tee

This tee is really cute! Personally, I really like the heather grey one that Sasha Pieterse wore in this episode. You can buy the ‘You're The Avocado To My Toast Boyfriend Tee’ by Emi-Jay here.

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  1. I can’t stand eating avocado, but I like the shirt. Alison is finally wearing better clothes now. Hated what she was wearing last season.

    1. I also really like the shirt. And I like avocados, too :)