Friday, July 29, 2016

PLL Season 7 Spoilers: Holden Strauss (Shane Coffey) Returns to Rosewood

Holden Strauss, Aria’s old childhood friend, is returning to Rosewood in season 7B of Pretty Little Liars. Holden Strauss is portrayed by actor Shane Coffey.

Holden and Aria pretended to date in season 2 of PLL. Aria used the fake relationship to secretly date Ezra behind her dad's back. Holden used their fake romance to secretly pursue his love of martial arts, something his parents disapproved of due to his life-threatening heart condition.

Holden also appeared in one episode of season 3 in “The Remains of ‘A’”.

Shane Coffey has been busy with other television shows. He played Tim on CW’s The Originals (spinoff of The Vampire Diaries). He also played D.J. Pierce on TNT’s Perception.

Lots of familiar faces are back for season 7 of PLL. We’ve already seen the return of Jenna Marshall. We will also see Paige McCullers and Wren Kingston back in Rosewood. And we saw Noel Kahn team up with Jenna and Sara at the end of PLL episode 7x05 “Along Comes Mary”.

Speaking of Noel Kahn, could Holden’s return have anything to do with Noel’s return? Holden used to go to Noel’s parties, as did Charlotte, Maya and Jenna. Holden and Noel might have some bad blood, though. When Aria was scared of Noel in “The Naked Truth”, Holden came to her rescue and kicked Noel.

Why do you think Holden Strauss will make his way back to Rosewood in PLL season 7B? Assuming Aria accepts Ezra’s proposal, will Holden show up at the Ezria wedding? Hope he doesn’t cause problems for Ezria. Or do you think Holden Strauss is Uber “A”? Post your theories and comment below!

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