Tuesday, June 21, 2016

PLL Spoilers: Lindsey Shaw as Paige Returns in Season 7

Lindsey Shaw will return to her role as Paige McCullers on PLL in season 7. The last time we saw Paige, she was moving to California with her family. PLL showrunner Marlene King has hinted that Paige and Emily may have interacted during the five year time jump, since they were both in California at that time.

Credit: Lindsey Shaw's Instagram

Lindsey Shaw will be in a couple of episodes, beginning with episode 7x08 according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Are you happy that Paige will be returning to Rosewood? It doesn’t look hopeful for Paily fans though, since it looks like Lindsey is only in two episodes. What do you think will happen when Paige comes back to town?

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