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Recap of PLL 7x01 “Tick-Tock, Bitches”: Liars Give Up Alison to Save Hanna

The Liars race against the clock to save Hanna from Uber “A” in the season 7 premiere of Pretty Little Liars episode 7x01 “Tick-Tock, Bitches”. The Liars only have 24 hours to save Hanna, who is being tortured by Uber “A” in an undisclosed location. The only way they can free Hanna is by finding out who murdered Charlotte. The Liars have to make a decision when evidence seems to point to Alison as Charlotte’s murderer. Do they hand over Alison to save Hanna?

The episode starts with Spencer, Emily and Aria crying as they dig a grave in the woods. They don’t know how they can live with this. Spencer says it was a well-thought-out plan. When it ends like this, it is first-degree murder.

We flashback to four days earlier. The Liars and their significant others want to tell the police that Hanna was kidnapped. Spencer asks if Toby is sure he wants be involved and put his job in jeopardy, which sets Caleb off. Hanna’s life is on the line.

Before they can go in, Mona sees Mary Drake enter the police station. They realize that they didn’t see a ghost of Jessica DiLaurentis at the Lost Woods Resort. Caleb is ready to beat the truth out of Mary Drake to find out where Hanna is.

Toby stops Caleb from throwing punches in the police station. Toby goes inside alone to get information.

Toby pulls out his police badge and introduces himself as Officer Cavanaugh to Mary Drake. Mary Drake is the new owner of the Lost Woods Resort. She wants to report a break-in. Toby tells Mary that she’s a dead ringer for someone who used to live in Rosewood.

Toby goes back to the group and tells them that Mary Drake is Jessica DiLaurentis’s twin sister. Caleb immediately thinks Mary Drake is A.D., motivated by revenge after her daughter was murdered. He wants to confront her, but they can’t. Mary Drake is reporting a break-in and the Liars are the ones who broke into the Lost Woods Resort.

The Liars get a text from Uber “A”. It reads “A lie for a lie. An eye for an eye. The bell tolls for Hanna. A.D.”

The church bell rings and the group rushes to the church. They scream when they enter. It looks like Hanna is dead and hanging from the ceiling. Caleb leads the way as the group rushes to pull the body down. Caleb realizes it isn’t Hanna after all. It was a doll with a Hanna mask.

They pull a string on the doll and in a creepy voice the doll says “You’ve got 24 hours to give me Charlotte’s real killer or Hanna dies. Tick-tock bitches.”

Spencer’s parents are on a post-election cruise celebration, so they can use her house as headquarters. Now that they are all working together, they might be able to figure out who killed Charlotte. Everyone writes down a name on a piece of paper and drops it in a bowl. There was one slip that didn’t have a name written. One person thought it was Mona. Another person thought the killer was Spencer. The rest of the four slips had Alison's name written.

So most of them think Alison killed her sister, but did she have motive and the opportunity to commit murder? Aria doesn’t know about motive, but she does think Alison had the opportunity.

The night of Charlotte’s murder, Ezra and Aria were near the church. They assumed Charlotte entered the church, but they originally thought it was Alison. The person entering the church was wearing a red jacket. Toby says that Charlotte wasn’t wearing a red jacket that night. So if Alison has the red jacket, then the Liars can confirm Alison is the killer.

Emily jumps in to defend Alison, but she’s the only one. Toby says they can’t forget Alison was once the girl who blinded Jenna. Mona wonders if Alison’s recent goody two-shoes behavior was just an act and she suddenly snapped.

Uber “A” sends the PLL group a photo of Hanna, who looks terrified. With less than 24 hours left to save Hanna, the group splits up.

Mona, Caleb, Spencer and Toby spy on Mary Drake at the Lost Woods Resort. They see her pulling big black duffel bags out of a van. Mary Drake leaves and the group decides to tail her. Caleb suggests that they split up. He and Mona will follow Mary Drake while Spencer and Toby search the motel. Spencer doesn’t look happy that Caleb chose to go with Mona instead of her, but she goes along with it.

Toby is now a pro at picking locks, thanks to a tactical lock opening class he took at the police academy. Spencer is impressed with his new skills. They look inside Mary’s duffel bags. They are filled with German and French textbooks. Spencer finds a French book about cyber warfare.

Toby finds Mary’s passport. Mary has been all over Europe and Latin America. She flew from Heathrow to Philadelphia a week before Charlotte died. That would give Mary Drake plenty of time to become A.D.

Emily goes to Welby State Psychiatric Hospital to get the truth from Alison, but she doesn’t get the chance. When she gets there, Dr. Elliot Rollins claims that Alison has suffered a complete psychotic break. He thinks Alison is consumed with shame prompted by a tragic event she feels responsible for.

Dr. Elliot Rollins rushes to Alison’s room when a code white is called. Emily watches as Alison, restrained to the bed, thrashes around and screams. Elliot injects Alison with something to calm her down.

Aria and Ezra break into Alison’s house. They find a locked storage bench, but have to hide in the closet when Elliot comes home. They watch as Elliot opens the storage bench and takes out a bag and black clothes. It’s a sweet Ezria moment, though. Aria and Ezra hold hands in the closet. They quickly sneak out of the house without getting caught.

Spencer keeps getting the cold shoulder from Caleb. None of them have eaten since Hanna’s kidnapping, so Spencer offers to bring him food. Caleb snaps that food is the last thing on his mind. Spencer tells him that she’s going to go over the Mary Drake file again. Caleb hangs up on her without saying goodbye.

Caleb and Mona are still spying on Mary Drake. They see her loading bleach, charcoal, vinegar and tarp into her van. All the materials needed to cover up a murder. Caleb and Mona think Mary Drake is on her way to kill Hanna.

Meanwhile, Hanna is locked in an isolated shed. The torture begins when someone blasts Hanna with water. Hanna begs Uber A to stop as he/she electrocutes her.

Caleb and Mona tail Mary Drake, but she doesn’t lead them to Hanna. Mary ends up at Spencer’s house. Caleb warns Spencer, but she doesn’t see his text.

Spencer doesn’t remember meeting Mary before, but they actually did meet when Spencer was young. Mary wants to speak to Spencer’s parents. She says they used to have a lot in common. Spencer’s parents are out of town, so she invites Mary in for tea.

Spencer thinks it’s strange that her parents never mentioned Mary Drake before. Mary says Spencer’s parents are excellent secret keepers. Mary explains that she didn’t have a good relationship with her sister. Jessica poisoned all Mary’s friends and family against her. Mary was born first and Jessica was born jealous.

Mary decided to return home when she found out Jessica died. Spencer, usually the smart one, slips up and asks Mary if she has kids and if she’s all alone at the Lost Woods Resort. Mary evades the question about kids, but asks how Spencer knew she was at the Lost Woods Resort.

Spencer says she heard it from her ex-boyfriend cop. Mary finds that odd. She can’t seem to be friends with any of her ex-lovers.

Emily goes back to the Welby State Psychiatric Hospital to talk to Alison. Alison is asleep, but Emily begs her to wake up. She asks if Alison killed Charlotte. Alison suddenly wakes up and says “Please God, forgive me.” Emily thinks Alison is admitting to murdering Charlotte.

Aria and Ezra haven’t figured out their relationship after their spontaneous hookup in “Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars”. Was it just a mistake, are they friends with benefits, or are they a ‘we’ again?

As Aria is leaving Ezra’s place, she runs into Emily at the Brew. Emily lies to Aria and says that she couldn’t see Alison at Welby.

Sabrina notices Emily is upset, so Emily confides in her. Emily thinks a friend did a bad thing and another friend is paying the price for it. Sabrina closes the Brew early and offers Emily some lemon bars.

Mona listens to Mary Drake’s phone conversation. Mona realizes Mary’s accomplice is someone with a British or Australian accent. The call originated from Snookers bar.

Aria knows where Snookers is (that’s the bar where she first met Ezra), so she volunteers to go. By the time Aria gets there, the mystery guy is gone. When someone selects B-26 on the jukebox, Aria hears the song that played when she and Ezra first met. (Aria and Ezra’s song is "Happiness" by The Fray).

Aria races back to Ezra’s place. She doesn’t need to figure out their relationship right away. She just needs to be with him.

Hanna, in her traumatized state, imagines that Spencer is in the room with her. She tells Spencer that this Uber A is smarter than the others. Spencer tells Hanna that she can survive this. If A.D. can come in and out, then Hanna can too. If there is a way in, there is a way out. Hanna asks Spencer to stay with her until she falls asleep. Spencer sings the lullaby “Hush Little Baby” to Hanna.

Meanwhile, Emily goes back to Alison’s house. Emily sneaks past Elliot, who is sleeping on the couch. In Alison’s room, Emily remembers all the Emison moments over the years. She remembers the kiss they shared when Alison came back to Rosewood.

At the bottom of a Goodwill box, Emily finds a red jacket. Now Emily is convinced that Alison killed her sister Charlotte.

The PLL group meets back up at Spencer’s house. Spencer found out details about Mary Drake’s past. Mary was forced into Radley Sanitarium after a child she was babysitting died. No charges were filed, but Mary was held in Radley until she was 18. Mary was readmitted several times until she left Rosewood, which was 23 years ago.

Emily comes in with the red jacket. She tells her friends that Alison confessed to killing Charlotte. Emily shows them the red jacket she found in Alison’s room.

Still, Emily doesn’t want to hand Uber A a friend in exchange for another friend. Aria says it is different because Hanna is innocent. Spencer doesn’t think Alison is a cold-blooded killer, but that it was self-defense. Regardless, it is still murder. Caleb, frustrated that everyone is wasting time when there are only a few minutes left before Uber A’s deadline, takes off with the red jacket.

With less than one minute left, Caleb leaves the red jacket at the Lost Woods Resort and texts A.D. that the jacket proves Alison killed Charlotte.

A.D. comes back for Hanna, but she’s gone. She escaped and is running through the woods. Hanna flags down a passing car and is shocked to see Mary Drake is the driver. Coincidence?

A.D. picks up the red jacket at the Lost Woods Resort and puts it in a plastic bag.

Back at Welby State Psychiatric Hospital, Elliot checks in on Alison. He tells Alison that he’s going to make sure she lives a long life … rotting away. Elliot slips into his British accent. Elliot whispers that he knows she killed Charlotte. Alison’s eyes widen in shock as he jabs her with a syringe. “Just like you Alison, karma can be such a bitch” he says.

What did you think of the PLL season 7 premiere “Tick-Tock, Bitches”? Any theories on whose grave the Liars were digging at the beginning of the episode? Hanna is free from Uber A’s clutches, but now the Liars have to save Alison from Elliot. Any thoughts on what Mary Drake’s involvement is? Comment to share your theories!

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