Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Jessica DiLaurentis had Identical Twin: Mary Drake

Last night on the Pretty Little Liars season 6 finale we found out Jessica DiLaurentis had an identical twin sister named Mary Drake. Mary Drake was a patient at Radley Sanitarium 25 years ago.

Mary Drake is actually Charlotte’s biological mother. Alison’s parents adopted Charlotte since Mary was in Radley at the time. So it turns out Charlotte is Alison and Jason’s cousin. And Charlotte is not older than Jason. She’s the same age as him.

So why was Mary Drake a patient at Radley Sanitarium? The patient file for Mary Drake read “All laboratory and test results are normal. The patient is introverted and will not speak to anyone. The patient has random violent outbursts, lashing out and throwing objects.”

Mary Drake has been working with Dr. Elliot Rollins to claim the DiLaurentis family money. By marrying Alison and then having Alison commit herself to a psychiatric hospital, Dr. Rollins is now able to control half of the Carissimi Group. (Dr. Rollins is helping Mary because he loved Charlotte.)

Maybe Charlotte knew about her mom, since Charlotte was using the name CeCe Drake. Mary Drake claims that she is doing what Charlotte would have wanted.

What do you think of the Mary Drake twist? Are you excited to find out more about Mary Drake or are you tired of the DiLaurentis family secrets?

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