Thursday, March 17, 2016

PLL Actress Andrea Parker a Series Regular for Season 7

Pretty Little Liars actress Andrea Parker, who plays Alison’s mom Jessica DiLaurentis on the show, has been promoted to series regular for season 7.

Although Jessica DiLaurentis was murdered on PLL, we found out in the season 6 finale that Jessica had an identical twin sister named Mary Drake. Mary Drake is working with Dr. Elliot Rollins to take control of the Carissimi Group.

We have a lot to learn about Mary Drake in the upcoming season, so expect to see a lot more of Andrea Parker on the show now that she is a series regular.

Andrea Parker didn’t always play the role of Jessica DiLaurentis, though. Back in the pilot episode of PLL, Jessica DiLaurentis was portrayed by Anne Marie DeLuise. The show later recast the role and they hired Andrea Parker, who first appeared in season 2.

Andrea Parker didn’t expect to play such a large role on PLL. “When I was hired [back in Season 2], I thought this was going to be an episode or two, maybe. I had no idea that the character was going to recur,” Andrea told TVLine.

Are you excited to see more of Andrea Parker on PLL?

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