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PLL Recap of 6x20 “Hush … Hush, Sweet Liars: A-moji Kidnaps Hanna

Lots of secrets were revealed in the Pretty Little Liars season 6 finale episode 6x20 “Hush … Hush, Sweet Liars”. The finale promised an identical twin reveal, but that wasn’t the most shocking part of the episode. The Liars have been icing Mona out, but Mona wasn’t the person they should have been suspicious of. In a shocking twist, we find out Alison’s new husband Dr. Elliot Rollins has some dark secrets. There were lots of moments for Ezria, Haleb and Spoby shippers, but the episode didn’t end well for the Liars. Hanna gets kidnapped in the final moments of the finale, but not before she declares her love for Caleb.

The Liars wait for A-moji’s response to Hanna’s false murder confession. They get a text that reads “If  you’re lying, I shoot all of you”. That is followed by a text demanding that there be no cops. “This is between you and me” Evil A-moji writes. The Liars still believe Sara Harvey is the cyerstalker, so they think she took the bait. Hanna texts that she needs one more day. Evil A-moji texts back  “It’ll be your last”.

Alison’s husband, Dr. Elliot Rollins, is ready to leave for a conference in Chicago. Before he leaves, he and Alison talk about Charlotte. Elliot says Alison and Charlotte are both strong. Alison misses Charlotte every day and Elliot still feels responsible for Charlotte’s death. Alison tells him not to feel guilty. He gave Alison her sister back as a healthy person. They also briefly discuss Jason DiLaurentis, who is working at the Carissimi Group. Jason is using Carissimi money to help people as a tribute to Charlotte.

Spencer and Toby look at the Radley floor plans. (The Liars aren’t the only ones who look different after the five year time jump.  Toby now wears eyeglasses. He tells a cute story about a trip to Paris with Yvonne. Toby couldn’t read the menu without glasses, so he accidentally ordered escargot instead of an éclair. He didn't feel like eating snails for breakfast.)

Sara Harvey has checked back into The Radley and specifically asked for a room on the first floor above the Radley basement. Spencer and Toby realize that there is a secret records room that’s been sealed off in the basement.  

Spencer plans to sneak down there while Hanna is setting her trap for A-moji. Toby offers to skip Yvonne’s mom’s campaign party to help Spencer. Spencer doesn’t want to mess things up between Yvonne and Toby, but Toby insists on helping.

Ezra is emotional after finishing the last chapter of his book. He finally comes to terms with the fact that he’s never going to see Nicole again. Aria comforts him and they hold hands. Ezra thanks Aria for pushing him to finish the book. Writing the book was something they accomplished together.

Alison, who had a concussion last week, is sleeping on the couch. She wakes up and heads to her bedroom when she hears music from her jewelry box. She’s shocked when she sees her dead mom, covered in dirt like she’s clawed her way out of a grave. A second later, her mom is gone. Moments later the phone rings. Alison answers it and hears her mom’s voice say “Did you miss me?”

Emily rushes over to stay with Alison. Emily thinks the visions were caused by the painkillers Alison has been taking. Emily had a similar dream after her dad died. She dreamed that her dad came back to say goodbye.

As Spencer predicted, deciding to skip Yvonne’s mom’s campaign party causes some problems between Toby and Yvonne. Yvonne figures out Toby is doing a favor for Spencer, but Toby refuses to say exactly what he’s doing.  He just says that it is complicated, but he doesn’t want to lie to her. Yvonne leaves, saying that she won’t let Toby turn her into a woman who says “pick me, not her”.

Spencer is making calls for her mom’s campaign when Mona shows up. Mona wants to help Veronica Hastings win the campaign, but Spencer doesn’t trust Mona.  For the hundredth time, Mona tells Spencer that she isn’t her enemy.  She hasn’t been for a long time. Spencer reluctantly agrees to let Mona help make campaign calls.

Aria stops by the DiLaurentis house to check on Alison. Emily loves the book that Ezra and Aria wrote, but Aria is nervous that her chapters are a bit too honest. She was suppose to write from Nicole’s side of the love story. Aria’s feelings for Liam weren’t cutting it, so she thought of all the things she loved about Ezra. Liam is worried that Aria still has feelings for Ezra. Looks like he might be right.

Alison wakes up to find Detective Darren Wilden, who Charlotte supposedly murdered, in bed with her.  Alison screams when Wilden touches her.  Moments later, Wilden is gone.  Aria comforts Alison while Emily calls Elliot.

Spencer and Caleb have a cute moment in Spencer’s bedroom. Caleb’s a bit jealous that Spencer will be spending time with Toby in the Radley basement.  Spencer’s dad interrupts and Caleb has to sneak out. Before he leaves, Spencer tells Caleb that she loves him. Caleb looks happy, but he doesn’t say it back to her.

Still freaking out, Alison calls Elliot. Elliot can’t believe Emily left Alison alone, but Emily will be back after she votes for Spencer’s mom.  Elliot assures Alison that her visions of dead people are caused by misplaced guilt.

After hanging up the phone, Alison sees her dead mom pointing behind her. When Alison turns around, she sees Wilden with a blood stain on his shirt where he was shot. “It wasn’t my fault” Alison yells as she tries to convince herself that her visions aren’t real.

Good news for Aria and Ezra.  Aria’s boss, Jillian, loved their book.  She even pushed up the release date.  Jillian has huge plans, including a book tour, prequel and movie rights. 

Caught up in the moment, Aria kisses Ezra. After a moment, Ezra returns the kiss. Their makeout session ends up with the two of them getting busy in bed.

Caleb and Hanna are busy setting a trap for A-moji. Caleb is determined to keep Hanna safe. He builds an electric fence around The Lost Woods Resort, which appears to be abandoned. The fence won’t kill A-moji, but it will knock him/her out. Caleb also set up motion sensors that trigger lights and a camera. If the trap fails, at least they will get a photo of A-moji.

The abandoned Lost Woods Resort reminds Caleb of a hostel he stayed at in Budapest. Hearing that triggers a flashback to the night Hanna and Caleb broke up.

Flashback: Hanna and Caleb argue about their trip to Europe. Caleb has been planning the trip for the last three months. Hanna says that she can’t go. If she goes with him, she’ll lose her job. Caleb is sick of hearing that. Hanna said it on his birthday, on her birthday and on New Year’s Eve. Hanna’s life is on a loop and he’s barely a part of it. Caleb gives her an ultimatum. If she leaves, he won’t be there when she gets back. Hanna leaves anyway, promising to call him from the cab. She’s sure they will work things out, like they always do.

Hanna calls Caleb from the cab, but he doesn’t answer. Hanna has a change of heart. She jumps out of the cab and runs back to Caleb’s apartment in the pouring rain. When she gets there, it’s too late. Caleb is already gone. Hanna tries to call again, but Caleb left his phone in the apartment. (End of flashback)

Caleb finishes boarding the window shut. He promises Hanna that she’ll be safe. He thinks she’s really brave. Hanna asks if he’s sure Sara Harvey won’t be able to get into the room. “Have I ever let you down before?” Caleb asks Hanna. He hasn’t, but Hanna admits that she has let him down.

Hanna tells Caleb that she came back for him the night they broke up. Crying, Hanna tells Caleb that things would be different if she had gotten there a few minutes earlier. “I never stopped loving you” Hanna tells Caleb. Caleb wipes Hanna’s tears away and they kiss. They quickly stop right before Ezra and Aria enter the room.

Everything is set, so Hanna texts A-moji “I’m at the Lost Woods Resort. Alone.”

Emily comes back to the DiLaurentis house, but she can’t find Alison. Elliot calls and Emily tells him that she doesn’t know where Alison is. Emily calls Spencer, who tells her to look wherever Alison would feel safe.

Emily finds Alison in church, which is the one place she thinks the dead won’t follow her. Alison thinks she’s being punished. She believes Wilden and her mom came back from the dead to take her straight to hell. Emily tells Alison that it’s all in her head, but Alison can’t tell what is real anymore. She needs help.

Spencer’s mom holds her campaign party at The Radley hotel. Melissa doesn’t come, but she constantly calls to offer her support. Spencer’s dad makes a speech and Spencer’s mom thanks them for making sacrifices and working hard for her campaign.

Spencer slips away and meets up with Toby in the Radley basement. Toby hammers through the drywall and Spencer saws through the plywood. They successfully break through the wall, but are startled when someone joins them. Toby draws his gun and tells Spencer to get behind him.

Turns out it’s Mona, who asks what they are looking for. Spencer, still not trusting Mona, accuses her of stalking them. Mona joins them as they enter the old Radley record room.

The room is empty except for Mary Drake’s patient file. Mary Drake was a Radley Sanitarium patient 25 years ago. She had a child, named Charles, while in Radley. Charles was adopted by Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis.

So it turns out Charlotte wasn’t really Alison and Jason’s sister. She’s their cousin. Also, Charlotte was the same age as Jason.

Spencer doesn’t think Charlotte was the one who hid the file. Maybe Charlotte’s biological mother, Mary Drake, was the one who hid the patient file.

Back at the Lost Woods Resort, someone finally approaches. Hanna waits in the room as bait. Caleb, Ezra and Aria run to catch A-moji at the electric fence. The light flashes, blinding them. They don’t see anyone around, though. They run back to Hanna, but Hanna’s already gone. There’s now a huge hole in the floor that A-moji must have used to kidnap Hanna. Caleb blames himself for not checking the floor.

Alison decides to voluntarily check herself into the same hospital that Charlotte was treated at. Although Alison is voluntarily admitting herself for treatment, she will not be free to leave if the doctor deems it necessary for her to stay in the hospital. Despite Emily’s concerns, Alison thinks she needs to be under psychiatric care until she gets better. Alison has to remove her engagement ring, so she asks Emily to give it to Elliot.

Alison thanks Emily for taking care of her. They say they love each other before Emily leaves.

Veronica Hastings won the Senate election. Spencer and Toby quickly leave the celebration party and rush to the Lost Woods Resort after learning Hanna was kidnapped.  Mona sees them leave and follows them to the motel. Caleb is furious at Spencer and Toby for bring Mona with them. Before they can argue more about Mona’s presence, they see something shocking on the surveillance camera Caleb set up.  The person outside the motel looked like Alison’s mom, Jessica DiLaurentis.

At the DiLaurentis house, we see Wilden. Only it’s not really Wilden. He peels off a mask and we see that it is Dr. Elliot Rollins! Elliot, who actually has a British accent, says that he got a call from the hospital. Alison signed the papers. Now Elliot controls 50% of the Carissimi Group. Who is he talking to? Mary Drake, aka Jessica DiLaurentis’s identical twin.

Elliot says that he loved Charlotte. He would have done anything for her. Mary Drake says Elliot proved that by marrying Alison. Now Mary can take back what is supposed to be hers. That’s what Charlotte would have wanted, according to Mary.

Back at the motel, the Liars get another text from A-moji. “Thanks for giving me Hanna. You’re free to go. – A.D.”

Someone drags Hanna’s body to the church bell tower. Hanna is unconscious and has blood on her face.  There are flowers in her hands as if she’s a dead body at a funeral. Will Hanna be okay?!

The season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars brought up some new questions. If Charlotte was using the name CeCe Drake, does that mean she knew about her real mom? Who is A.D.? What did you think of PLL 6x20 “Hush … Hush, Sweet Liars”? Were you shocked by Dr. Elliot Rollin’s betrayal? What do you think of Jessica DiLaurentis having an identical twin?

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