Tuesday, March 15, 2016

PLL 6x20 Sneak Peek: Alison Sees Dead Mom Again

Alison sees her mom, Jessica DiLaurentis, back from the dead in this creepy sneak peek of the season 6 finale Pretty Little Liars episode 6x20 “Hush … Hush, Sweet Liars”.

Alison wakes up on the couch and goes to her bedroom when she hears music from her jewelry box. She’s scared when she suddenly sees her dead mom, covered in dirt, behind her. A second later, her mom is gone. 

Then the phone rings. When Alison answers it, she hears her mom’s voice say “Did you miss me?”

In the last episode, Alison thought her mom came to her in a dream. This time it doesn’t seem like a dream. Alison may be going crazy or maybe Alison’s mom had an identical twin?  We know an identical twin will be revealed in the season six finale.

Do you think Alison’s mom has an identical twin or do you think Alison is imagining things?

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