Tuesday, March 15, 2016

PLL Marathon Before Season 6 Finale

Need a refresher on everything that’s been happening on Pretty Little Liars after the five year time jump? Tune in to Freeform today to catch up on the latest PLL episodes before the PLL season six finale “Hush … Hush, Sweet Liars” airs.

Starting at 11 AM today, Freeform will air PLL episodes 6x12 through 6x19, starting with “Charlotte’s Web”. That will be followed by “The Gloves Are On”, “New Guys, New Lies”, “Do Not Disturb”, “Where Somebody Waits For Me”, “We’ve All Got Baggage”, “Burn This” and “Did You Miss Me?”.

Following the PLL marathon, the PLL season six finale episode 6x20 “Hush .. Hush, Sweet Liars” will air at 8/9C.

So get comfortable on the couch and enjoy!  (Beware of the dangers of PLL binge-watching!).


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