Friday, January 15, 2016

David Coussins Cast as Hanna’s Fiance Jordan on PLL

Actor David Coussins was cast to play Hanna Marin’s new fiancé Jordan.  (In the “5 Years Forward” special, we learned Hanna met Jordan in Europe.  Hanna and Caleb broke up because Hanna was always busy with her work in the fashion world and she didn't make time for Caleb).

David Coussins is an Australian actor.  He recently credits include the movies The Wrong Side of Right and Mates.  He is also in the upcoming movie Born Guilty.

Although Caleb was the perfect boyfriend for Hanna, it looks like Jordan will also be a really great guy.  “Hanna is in the fashion industry when we meet her and they met through their worlds colliding. He’s kind of her rock. There’s an interesting quote that she says in one of the episodes — before she met Jordan, she was always spinning and twirling and she doesn’t spin and twirl now. He keeps her grounded” PLL showrunner Marlene King told Variety.

We will first see Jordan in "Charlotte's Web" episode 6x12.  (In the Canadian promo for 6x12, we see Jordan suprising Hanna in her hotel room).

Even if Jordan is a great guy, hopefully Caleb and Hanna will find their way back to each other.  Who else is rooting for Haleb?

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