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Recap of PLL "5 Years Forward" Special (6B Spoilers)

The Pretty Little Liars "5 Years Forward" November special wasn't a regular PLL episode. Instead, it was one hour of interviews, sneak peeks, relationship details and spoilers for season 6B. Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell, Sasha Pieterse, Ian Harding, Tyler Blackburn and Tyler Blackburn all took part in the special. Here are the highlights of the PLL "5 Years Forward" special.

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Liars and Their Significant Others During the 5 Year Time Jump:

Aria went to Georgia and majored in photography, but she rediscovered her love for writing. She transferred to Boston and changed majors to writing. Aria eventually started working for a publisher. Despite appearing to move on from the torture inflicted by "A", Aria is still in denial and isn't fully over what happened to her in the past. Aria hides behind her work and her relationships.

Hanna studied fashion at FIT in New York and interned for Zac Posen. In Europe, she met her current boss Claudia Greco, who she now works for as an assistant.

Spencer went to Georgetown. With "A" gone, she finally got to focus on academics and she got involved in politics. After graduating from Georgetown, she started working on Capitol Hill for a lobbyist. However, she's essentially a glorified coffee gopher. When PLL returns, Spencer will be living in the Hastings barn. Spencer will also be helping her mom run for a seat in the Senate.

Emily chose to go to school in California because she wanted to get as far away from Rosewood as she could. However, she dropped out of school when her father passed away in the army. After her father died, she didn't see the point to anything. Emily ended up bartending in California after dropping out of school. Emily comes back to Rosewood with the biggest secret that she keeps from her friends. She comes back with a lot of baggage and is the most damaged.

Alison stayed in Rosewood and became a teacher at Rosewood High. Alison has forgiven Charlotte for tormenting her and the Liars. Alison has become protective of Charlotte and will do anything to help Charlotte leave the Welby State Psychiatric Hospital.

Mona left Rosewood to major in Political Science at Duke. Mona has tried to stay in touch with the Liars. She tried to get the girls to come back for a reunion, but they weren't interested. Mona and Hanna went to Miami together over spring break. They crashed a party at Matt Damon's house. However, Mona and Alison are still the ultimate frenemies. Mona doesn't trust Charlotte, despite Alison's assurances that Charlotte has changed. Mona is pursuing a career in the public eye, so she doesn't want Charlotte to spill any of her secrets.

Ezra has a lot of emotional baggage and has been damaged from the last five years. He was following his dreams when he went to work with Habitat for Humanity, but it was all taken away from him violently and quickly. He comes back to Rosewood with no sense of who he is and what he wants to do with his life. He is a broken man and he turns to alcohol.

Toby is still a police officer in Rosewood. He also inherited a lot of money after "A" blew up his house. Toby bought three acres outside Rosewood to build his dream home. He accidently walked in on a robbery and saved a girl named Yvonne. Yvonne becomes an important person in the story and in Toby's life.

Liars Head Back to Rosewood:

The Liars have spent five years "A"-free, but they all come back to Rosewood when Alison asks them to. Alison is trying to get Charlotte released, but she needs the Liars to tell the court that Charlotte isn't a threat. The Liars don't want to help Charlotte get out, but they feel an allegiance to Alison. An event occurs that forces the girls to stay in Rosewood.

PLL Relationship Spoilers:

Hanna has a new fiancé. She met her fiancé while she was in Europe. Unfortunately for Haleb fans, it looks like Haleb is over for now. Caleb and Hanna did move to New York together after leaving Rosewood. They even shared an apartment together while Hanna attended FIT. Caleb continued in the tech world as an information risk analyst. However, Hanna went to Europe for an internship. Hanna was always traveling and didn't make time for her relationship with Caleb. She eventually got engaged to the guy she met in Europe.

Aria has fallen in love with Liam, a guy she works with. However, there's still hope for Ezria. Aria and Ezra will reconnect when they start working together.

Bad news for Spoby fans. Spencer and Toby have fallen apart. Toby stayed in Rosewood while Spencer pursued a career in politics. Toby visited her every chance he got, but they eventually grew apart. No word on whether Spencer has a new boyfriend, but it looks like Toby may be involved with a new girl named Yvonne.

Emily reconnected with Paige during the five years that the Liars were away from Rosewood. Since Emily and Paige were both in California, Emily visited Paige at Stanford. However, it is unclear if Emily is with anyone after the five year time jump. PLL showrunner Marlene King has said Lindsey Shaw (Paige) will be back on PLL at some point in season 6.

Alison's new love is actually Charlotte's doctor, Dr. Rollins, played by Huw Collins. Actress Sasha Pieterse thinks fans will have fun to see this new relationship bloom. Dr. Rollins treats Alison well. Unfortunately, the relationship needs to be a secret because he is Charlotte's doctor. It is easy for Alison to slip back into keeping secrets and telling lies.

New PLL Bromance:

There's a new bromance on PLL. Caleb and Toby have become best friends. They even go fishing together all the time.

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New PLL 6x11 "Of Late I Think of Rosewood" Sneak Peeks:

The "5 Years Forward" episode showed a couple sneak peeks. The first sneak peek takes place three months after the Liars left Rosewood. Dr. Sullivan takes Alison and her brother Jason to visit Charlotte at Welby Psychiatric Hospital.

Another sneak peek is of Mona visiting Alison. Mona is back in Rosewood for her 21st birthday. She wants to celebrate with Alison over drinks and buttercream frosting, but Alison doesn't believe her. Alison knows that Mona applied for a summer job at Welby Psychiatric Hospital in Charlotte's ward. Mona used her mom's maiden name on the application, but Dr. Rollins recognized Mona when she was leaving. Alison and Dr. Rollins successfully blocked Mona's application. Mona admits that she tried to visit Charlotte before, but the hospital wouldn't let her.

Mona doesn't want Charlotte to be released from the hospital. Mona is afraid of what Charlotte might say or do to destroy her. Alison is sure Charlotte will be released from the hospital. Mona can talk to Charlotte once that happens. When Mona leaves, Alison calls someone on the phone and reports that Mona came by. Mona listens outside the door.

To see the Liars living their new lives, watch the first four minutes of PLL episode 6x11.

New Looks for the Liars:

The Liars will look a little different after the five year time jump. The girls will all undergo makeup, hair and wardrobe changes.

Cameron Dale is the new costume designer who is taking over this season (Mandi Line was the costume designer for previous seasons). Cameron Dale said that the one thing the girls all asked for was less jewelry and smaller jewelry. Guess they were sick of all the big earrings they had to wear in previous seasons.

Emily will come back to Rosewood with a beachier vibe. Aria has always had a colorful wardrobe, so they wanted to have Aria keep that colorful look.

Makeup artist Cindy Miguens wanted to create an adult version of the Liars. She decided to use less make up on Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson, since their characters wore a lot of makeup in high school. She created a darker look for Shay Mitchell because Emily had been living in California. And she decided to give Troian Bellisario a more sophisticated, classical look for Spencer's transformation. She wanted Spencer to wear more makeup than the other Liars, since Spencer wore the least makeup in high school. (Check out Cindy Miguens's makeup tutorial for Aria's eye makeup).

How Did the PLL Moms Escape the DiLaurentis Basement:

Holly Marie Combs (Aria's mom Ella Montgomery) thinks that Toby eventually rescued them. Laura Leighton (Hanna's mom Ashley Marin) thinks the girls eventually realized their moms were missing and went to find them. Lesley Fera (Spencer's mom Veronica Hastings) thinks Mr. DiLaurentis eventually came down to the basement to do some laundry.

Fun PLL Facts:

It was freezing cold the night the girls filmed the barn scene in the pilot episode of PLL. It was about five degrees that night and they could see their breath when they spoke. They all wore down jackets and huddled together for warmth. Troian Bellisario had to suck on ice cubes so the camera wouldn't pick up the vapor when she said her lines.

Radley Sanitarium is now a boutique hotel. If you look carefully, you can see that the arched doorways are the same.

Ashley Benson picked the PLL theme song "Secret" by The Pierces.

PLL Cast Growing Up On Screen:

The actresses who play the Liars started filming season one of PLL when they were young. The actresses who play their mothers were asked what it has been like watching the girls grow up on screen.

Holly Marie Combs (Ella Montgomery on PLL) had high praise for Lucy Hale. Holly said Lucy Hale has always been uber professional since day one. Lucy doesn't make mistake and she is kind to everyone.

Laura Leighton (Ashley Marin on PLL) said that Ashley Benson started filming the show when she was nineteen years old. The PLL cast and crew have been her family and have watched her grow over the years.

Lesley Fera (Veronica Hastings on PLL) joked that Troian Bellisario was born 80 years old. Troian is an old soul who grows lovelier each year.

Final Words About PLL Season 6B:

To wrap up the special, the PLL cast was asked to describe season 6B of PLL. Here are the words they chose: classy, juicy, edgier, spooky, dangerous, sadder, badder and sexier (get ready to see a lot more skin).

What did you think of the November special Pretty Little Liars "5 Years Forward"? Excited for the winter premiere of PLL on January 12th?

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