Saturday, January 16, 2016

Lucy Hale Eats Larvae & Grasshoppers

PLL star Lucy Hale (Aria) munched on chocolate covered larvae and grasshopper tacos when she stopped by the show LIVE with Kelly and Michael.

Lucy Hale loves Andrew Zimmerman’s show Bizarre Foods.  Lucy said she will try anything once, so Michael and Kelly brought out “weird food” for Lucy to choose from.  Lucy didn’t back down and she was definitely up for the food challenge.

Michael and Kelly presented Lucy with chocolate covered larvae, ox tongue, grasshopper tacos and cold jelly fish.  Lucy immediately ruled out the ox tongue.  Kelly warned her not to eat the jelly fish. 

Lucy Hale went with the chocolate covered larvae first, since it had chocolate.  Lucy then tried the grasshopper tacos and she actually enjoyed them. 

Lucy Hale is absolutely hilarious in this video.  After eating the grasshopper taco, Lucy says “I feel like I have the legs in my teeth right now”.  Watch to see Lucy gamely eating larvae and grasshoppers:

Love Lucy Hale’s style in this interview?  In this clip, Lucy tells us that she’s wearing a Self Portrait dress, Brian Atwood shoes and “a bunch of diamonds that aren’t mine”.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

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