Sunday, December 20, 2015

PLL 6B Spoilers: Liars Still Making Mistakes and Committing Break-Ins

The Liars may have changed during the five year time jump, but expect them to still fall back into old habits and make bad choices.  Troian Bellisario (Spencer) and PLL showrunner Marlene King talk about Spencer’s future and gave some PLL spoilers in this interview.

The Liars will have new jobs, clothes, and hairstyles (check out Spencer's new bangs), but their roles remain the same.  “Spencer is definitely leading the charge”, Troian said.  “Even though these girls are five years older, they still fall into the same roles and relationships with each other.”  There’s a wonderful moment in season 6B when the girls turn to Spencer and ask her what to do.

The Liars try to fight against these old habits.  They keep saying “I don’t do this anymore”, but they end up using bad judgment anyway.  Marlene spilled that the Liars will break into Veronica Hastings’s office.

We know Spencer will be in the world of politics when PLL returns in January.  When asked what Spencer’s alternate career would be, Troian Bellisario almost gives another spoiler.  Marlene quickly stops Troian before she can tell us what might be next in Spencer’s career path.

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